How to get verified on Facebook page? Getting verified on Facebook is simple but not easy. This post is designed to guide you through the step-by-step Facebook verification process. Today’s social media landscape is full of fake accounts. Therefore, social media platforms like Facebook must allow certain accounts to become verified.

Facebook blue verification check is a way to signal that your account is the real deal, and not fake or a copycat. The company uses the Facebook verification service to show that a company or person of public interest has been authenticated. If you want to get your account, whether a business page or personal account verified on Facebook, there are things you need to do.


Before you start your Facebook verification process, you must ensure your Page is in order. Although Facebook does not have a strict list of requirements, ensuring your Page is top-notch is an added advantage. It makes your Page look great and credible.

In order to get verified on Facebook your page needs the following:

  1. A website
  2. Your contact information
  3. An “About” and long-form description
  4. Enough native content
  5. A Large Enough Following & Notability

You should note that only certain pages can be verified on Facebook. Such pages include public figures, local businesses, Companies, and Organizations.

Before you can get verified on Facebook, you will need to use the desktop version of Facebook. If you need to verify a page, then the Page needs to be set to “public figure.”

Here is how to get your Page verified on Facebook:

get verified on facebook

Go to your Facebook Page’s settings and then go to “General.” There, you will see the option for “Page verification” if you have the option to get your Facebook blue verification check.

After that, you will have the option for instant verification or a more lengthy Facebook verification process. The instant verification allows you the option to have Facebook call your Page’s publicly listed phone number. You will be given a Facebook verification code which you will enter into the box that Facebook provides. After that, Facebook will give you the grey mark and, eventually, the Facebook blue verification check.

You can choose not to go with this process; instead, you upload documents that prove you are the business’s legal owner. Such documents include business licenses, tax files, certificates of incorporation, etc. You need to know that Facebook will have to review them manually before approval.

verified on facebook page


It is a lot trickier to get your personal Facebook profile (where you have friends instead of fans) verified on Facebook. Most times, it is only people with celebrity status that get their profiles verified. However, almost all of the qualification requirements for getting verified are pretty much the same. You will need to have a lot of followers, which is not required for pages.

Once you have submitted your personal Facebook profile for verification, Facebook will contact you to provide them with all relevant documents.



Several factors influence how long it takes to get verified on Facebook. Such factors include the type of Page you want to get verified, the schedule of the Facebook team, and your number of followers. It takes a long time to verify a business page more than some celebrities. For the Facebook blue verification check, it can take between 48 hours to 45 days. The grey check takes much less time to acquire.

How to Get Verified On Facebook Page: Blue + Grey Verification Badges


Facebook has two different colored checkmarks that can be seen next to pages and profiles on Facebook. The Facebook blue verification check authenticates a Facebook page, public figure, and business/brand. It confirms that this is an official account for a brand, business, or person. The blue verification check is available for both Pages and personal profiles. 

How to Get Verified On Facebook Page: Blue + Grey Verification Badges

On the other hand, a Grey verification check is an indication of a confirmed location for a particular business. Although it is quite easy to obtain, it can help your business gain good credibility on Facebook. If you have a business that involves a big chain, franchise, or corporation, your main marketing team can be with the blue checkmark. You can use the grey checkmark for other local locations.



get verified on facebook page

Theoretically speaking, anyone can get verified on Facebook, but in reality, it is a different ball game. Certain pages can be verified. If you have a location, it is easier since the grey verification mark is location-based and much easier to obtain. Local businesses, Corporations, Companies, and Public Figures are Pages that can be verified on Facebook.

Getting Facebook verification for your profile is a bit harder. To scale through the hurdle, you need to have a great number of friends and meet other essential criteria. 


how to get verified on facebook page

If Facebook rejects your submission to be verified, you have to identify the missing link and get it sorted out. Follow the guides here to identify where you have defaulted. Once you have seen your error, get it solved and then reapply for your verification.

Ensure your Page contains all the needed information that will prove you are credible and authentic. On the other hand, you can reach out to Facebook support for more clarification on the reason your verification request was rejected. Depending on the feedback you got, you can act accordingly to ensure you get verified on Facebook the next time.

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There are lots of people who put a lot of work to build their social media presence. Working to get your Page verified is a good way to ensure you strengthen your social media presence. Getting verified on Facebook ensures your customers know you are the authentic Page for the business.

We have helped you to highlight the simple steps necessary to verify your Page or a personal profile on Facebook. Have you been verified on Facebook? If your answer is yes, kindly share your experience in the comment section provided below.


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