Instagram has been one of the most popular apps downloaded on mobile devices since its launch in 2010. It’s no surprise to see some users having multiple accounts. This is especially true for marketing agencies. It is the same for large companies where whole teams manage the social media accounts of many different brands. The IP address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy. if you believe this to be incorrect, please visit You’ll learn about how to evade an Instagram IP ban for multiple accounts in this article.

The internet and many apps, particularly Instagram, are becoming more necessary. As a result, people will need something to protect themselves while using multiple accounts simultaneously. Luckily, there are solutions, like this one, to use not only to protect personal information but to evade any Instagram IP ban. You know, the kind where you get a message like this: “the ip address you are using has been flagged as an open proxy. If you believe this to be incorrect, please visit”.  So, how can someone evade an Instagram IP ban and use a proxy to manage multiple accounts?


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What Is an Instagram IP Ban?

Instagram IP Ban

Instagram has very specific policies in place to try and keep its content original and relevant to users. One of these policies is a restriction on the number of accounts that can be created and managed from a single IP address. This limit is kept to four accounts to allow a single household to be able to create, use and manage their accounts from the same IP address.

While this restriction means well, it makes it very difficult for marketing agencies responsible for managing multiple Instagram accounts. As soon as you try adding more than the four allowed accounts, your IP address will get an Instagram IP ban for that particular account.

As such, marketing agencies need to use different tactics such as residential proxies with a pool of IP addresses that can be rotated, in order to evade this ban.


What Is a Proxy?

A proxy can be defined as an intermediary server between two devices on a network. There are many different types of proxies available, depending on what your needs are. Some proxies are used to change your IP address, thus masking your real identity and location. Others can be used to authenticate users on a wi-fi network.

Then there are also those that can be used to bypass geo-restrictions by making it appear as though you are located in the country where you wish to access geo-restricted content. Most relevant to this topic, a proxy can be used to manage multiple social media accounts.


The most popular types of proxies include:

  • Residential proxies
  • Datacenter proxies
  • Anonymous proxies
  • Transparent proxies

Why Use an Instagram Proxy?

Proxies are effective ways to evade the Instagram IP ban. In fact, various proxies work well with Instagram, especially when it comes to managing multiple accounts. Certain proxies such as residential proxies, or those specifically geared towards Instagram offer users a pool of real IP addresses. Agencies can use these to link up to four accounts to an IP address and rotate between the available IP addresses from the pool. This would then appear to Instagram that accounts are being created and managed from various IP locations, thus not breaking the IP restrictions that are in place.

While using a proxy for Instagram bots, it’s best to do these two things- use residential proxies for Instagram and have proxies with a set location. The best proxies for Instagram bots are the ones with real IP addresses to everyday internet users which is why residential proxies are the way to go.


What’s More?

This means a proxy needs to be associated with an internet service provider (ISP). Instagram is one of the few sites that consistently checks every user’s IP address in databases; this shows ISP information. Marketing agencies should use a residential proxy because they are the only proxies to have this type of information included in the available IP addresses.

A marketing agency’s proxy must also have a set location. For example, if an agency has an Instagram account based in San Francisco, then the agency will need more proxies from San Francisco for more precise geographical targeting.

A great thing about an Instagram proxy is targeting various cities and countries for every account. Certain proxy providers will allow users to target any country and significant city for its Instagram bot to manage hundreds of accounts worldwide without being detected. However, to evade an Instagram IP ban for multiple accounts, you must make sure your proxy provider offers this feature.

Proxies for Instagram Bots

What does every marketing agency want more than anything? They want to reach as many consumers as possible all around the world. It’s not easy to reach out to consumers manually on one account, though. It takes a lot of time and effort to grow a following on an Instagram account.

It can also be difficult to get your content shared on other users’ feeds as Instagram has a complex algorithm that makes sure only sought-after content gets shown. To have sought-after content, people need to interact with your content a lot. This has to be in the form of likes, comments, shares and more depending on the social media platform.

That is where it may become useful to use bots with your Instagram proxies. You can use these bots to start sending more traffic to your content on Instagram automatically. However, the platform frowns upon the use of bots, so you have to be smart when using them.

For one, make sure that you start slowly. Don’t just start sending thousands of bots to the content right from the get-go. Start small and grow the number of bots you send exponentially over a few days. This is very important to avoid suspicion from Instagram and get hit with an Instagram ban.

Another thing to bear in mind is that there has to be quality content for you to send your bots to. Sending many bots to content that hasn’t been optimized and doesn’t provide quality to viewers will be another red flag to Instagram. It’s a good idea to provide quality content in any case to ensure sustainable growth, which should be another priority.

How to Evade an IP Ban by Using Proxies for Instagram

It’s safe to say that proxy bots are essential to use for evading an Instagram IP ban. After all, no one wants to be excluded from accessing one of the most popular apps in the world. That would be bad for businesses and individuals alike.

So, what is the best way to evade an IP ban by Instagram? How can a marketing agency market to consumers while using multiple accounts at the same time? Proxies help a marketing agency reach out to as many consumers as possible while using multiple accounts simultaneously.

The first step is to get a quality proxy provider and choose a residential proxy network. After selecting a network, an agency should copy proxy credentials from the dashboard into the bot software you are using. Then you should add tasks to the bot for what you want them to do and which accounts they should interact with. Luckily most reputable proxy providers and bots provide easy to follow steps and support to get you set up and using the software in next to no time.


Residential proxies are necessary for anyone who has to manage multiple social media accounts. They are essential in order to avoid issues such as being banned from the site. The effective use of residential proxies along with Instagram bots can drive traffic to your site, improve network performance and even protect valuable assets.


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