Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platforms by normal users, influencers, celebrities, organizations, etc. People all around the globe make use of Instagram to socialize themselves (posting pictures/videos, chatting with friends, making online friends, etc.). Hence, the importance of an attractive Instagram profile cannot be overemphasized.

According to Statista, there are around 1.35 billion active users in 2023, and this figure is expected to reach 1.44 billion. And all these users share a common which is to get recognized by the crowd.

That’s why you will often see many Insta users spending time and effort in making their profile stand out among the crowd. If you also want to do so…then keep reading this blog till the end. In this article, I am going to discuss some effective ways that you can adopt to make your Insta profile appealing to the eyes.

Why You Should Make Instagram Profile Attractive

Before heading towards the ways, I think it would be good if you first understand why, it is necessary for Insta users to make their profile attractive.

When you make the profile attractive, you will be successful in grabbing the attention of the maximum number of users, resulting in an increased number of followers. And when your profile has a good number of followers, you will be considered a “Social media influencer.

And there is a strong chance that local or even international brands may approach paid promotions. Besides this, you can also consider participating in the Instagram content monetization program and start earning a handsome amount of income by creating content.

Moreover, when you have an attractive profile, there is a strong chance that other people will often see it either in suggestions or search results.  

For all these reasons, it is recommended to make your Instagram profile as attractive as possible.

How to Make Your Instagram Profile Appealing

There are numerous ways that you can use order to make the Insta profile appealing to the eyes, some of the major ones are discussed below:

1. Make Your Insta Profile Name Understandable And Searchable

HOW DO I MAKE MY INSTAGRAM PROFILE ATTRACTIVE, Make Your Insta Profile Name Understandable And Searchable

We all know that your name is your online identity, it tells who you are. So, to make the profile attractive, you should care about the name first. But wait…do not make the name cool like “TrendyGuru,” or “AloneWarrior,” this will make you look cheap/creepy instead of attractive.

Instead, you should go with a name that is understandable and easy to search for. This will make your profile real and professional. As per my observations, Insta users often feel attracted to profiles that are simple to understand and searchable.

For instance, “Alex James,” or “Alex Carey,” names like these are considered more attractive as compared to the cool ones.

Moreover, when your name is easy to understand and search, the search algorithms of Instagram can easily crawl it and may reward it with higher rankings.

2. Make Username Different From Others:

To make the Insta profile attractive, you have to make the username different from others. This is so because there are numerous other Insta users as well that have the same username as you. A username is basically a unique name that is used to identify a person on an online platform.

There are multiple ways through which you can make the username different from others. For instance, you can make use of numbers (either date of birth or lucky no.) like this one “Alex_James09”.

Apart from using numbers, you can also make use of “dot.” to make the username different. For example: “Alex.Carry.”

Suggestion: It would be good if you use both numbers and dots in the username unique from other users. But remember, your username should be relevant to the profile name.

3. Make Bio Unique:


As an Instagram user, your bio plays a key role in deciding whether other users will find you attractive or not. This is so because a bio tells the readers:

  • Who you are?
  • What do you do and love?
  • Your experience, profession, or achievements

You should explain the answer to all these questions in a brief yet attractive manner. Most people get successful in keeping it brief and stuck on how to keep it attractive. So, let me tell you, there are trainer ways through which you can make the bio appealing.

One is by making use of relevant emojis according to bio. For instance, if you are a fitness/gym enthusiast, then you can write a bio like the ones below:

“A professional 🥇 gym trainer 🏋️♀️

💪 workout exercises tips and trick”

Besides this, you can also make use of special symbols/characters to make the bio more attractive. Take a look at the example below:

“A profe$$ional gym tr@iner”

orkout exce ṝises tips and tric

Another way to make a bio make is by writing it in reverse style. It will not only make it unique but also greatly help in grabbing user attention. But keep in mind that the only way to write in reverse style online is by utilizing a reverse text generation tool that quickly generates a reverse version of the given text. Check the example below:

“reniart myg lanoisseforp A”

4. Adding Special Moments In Your Highlights

HOW DO I MAKE MY INSTAGRAM PROFILE ATTRACTIVE, Adding Special Moments In Your Highlights

Instagram offers a special feature that allows users to add special moments like images and videos in their highlights (images or videos). This will eliminate the need for other Insta users to scroll through your entire profile to get familiar with your recent activities.

This feature can greatly help you to make the profile attractive. For instance, if you are participating in any kind of social campaign or recently visited different places, then you can add pictures and videos to let other people know about your recent activities.

5. Add A Beautiful Profile Picture:


Having a beautiful profile picture can also greatly contribute to making an Instagram profile attractive. You should add the most attractive profile picture (with a good background) of yours. If not, then don’t worry, you can easily find numerous appealing-to-eye profile pictures for both boys and girls.

Final Thoughts

Making your Instagram profile attractive is necessary if you want to get recognized in the crowd and increase your followers list. There are many ways you can take to make the profile attractive. In this article, I have explained those in complete detail.

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