As the old adage goes: first impressions last. So, you need to grab the attention of your visitors from the first time they visit your site. By doing so, you’ll generate more interest in the product or service you offer, and more people will become your customers. But if your website isn’t well-optimized, you could lose potential customers by setting a bad first impression.

Not only is a website design important to get a good first impression, but it also affects how a visitor could become your customer. But if you don’t have the proper skills to optimize your site’s design, you could opt to use site-making agencies or templates for example those found at Squarespace Themes and other online resources that offer this kind of service. It’s still important to learn more about website design so you can have more of an idea of how to improve your revenue.


How Website Design Can Boost Your Sales

Having a good web design plays a very important role in increasing your business’ revenue and increasing your sales. So, how does it do this exactly?

When people visit your website, they’ll think it’s credible mostly on its design. If you’re still rocking a design that harks back to the early 2000s, people won’t think you’re worth trusting and some would just leave immediately. So, you’re going to miss many opportunities to boost your business’ sales and revenue.

As soon as you redesign or build a website that follows the latest trends, you’ll also improve its authority. People will also feel more comfortable navigating a clean and sleek website that could encourage them to purchase your offerings or browse longer. The increased credibility that you get from improving your website’s design will also lead to more sales for your business. 


Ways To Improve Your Sales By Improving Web Design

Now that you know why your website’s design is important in improving your sales, you need to know what aspects you may need to change. Here are some of the most common things you should look out for:


1. Incorporate Responsive Design

When you recognize the effect that web design has on your revenue, you’ll understand why you need to have a properly functioning site that will have a good impression on your target audience. So, you need to incorporate a responsive design that guarantees that your website could adapt to every device that your visitors use.

If someone stumbles upon your website by using their smartphone, your website will adapt to work better on a smaller screen if it utilizes a responsive design. Your visitors will also have a good experience if they’re using their desktop to access your site. So, it could improve your revenue and sales since customers wouldn’t become frustrated when browsing through or shopping on your website.


2. Your Call To Action Should Stand Out

If the information that’s present on your website convinces people to take advantage of your offerings, the next thing they’ll do is look for a way to buy them. So, you need to highlight your Call To Action (CTA) on each page, to guide them to where they should go. If you fail to make your CTA stand out on your homepage or any pages for that matter, they won’t know how to get to the next step, and you’ll miss the opportunity to increase your sales. This would then lead to a decrease in revenue.

You can make your CTA stand out by:

  • Highlight it through boxes with bold colors with a link that will take customers to the correct page.
  • Insert a descriptive CTA instead of merely stating ‘click here’.


3. Make Use Of High-Quality Graphics

Your website’s graphics or visuals also play a crucial role in maintaining people’s engagement. So, when you have blocks of texts on your pages with nothing to spruce them up, it’s highly likely that more people won’t even bother to stay on your website. These blocks of text could make them feel overwhelmed by information, so they instantly leave your site. 

Also, if you’re using low-quality images, your target audience won’t be able to see your products clearly. It could also lead to them having a negative view of your site since they might think your website is suspicious and not worth risking their hard-earned money. 

To have high-quality visuals for your website, you need to use photos, videos, or graphics that could help improve visitors’ experience with it. But it’s better if you use original photos and videos as stock photos could make your website seem detached. There’s also a chance that your visitor might have seen them somewhere else on the internet. 

web design

4. Make Your Website Organized And Easy To Navigate

Making your website easy to navigate is one of the most important factors that could affect your website design and your revenue to a greater extent. So, you need to prioritize making your website organized and easy to use. By improving this aspect, your visitor can easily find your products or services and it will make purchasing them a lot easier. 

You can make your website easier to navigate by:

  • Creating a Cohesive Website Plan & Design Guide
  • Ensuring that you sort your pages in a way that your customers can easily find the relevant information they are looking for.
  • Using comprehensive categories and organizing the associated subheadings under them.


5. Utilize White Space

There are a few businesses that mistakenly assume they need to fill every nook and cranny of their site with texts and visuals. But the truth is, making your website cluttered can make it very distracting for your target audience. Having white space is vital in improving your website’s design. 

White space can also make your website look cleaner and steer the attention of your visitor to the information you need them to see. This way you can have a better chance of convincing them they need your products or services.


6. Ensure Website Speed

If your website is loading slowly, you could be missing the chance to convert a visitor to a customer. By optimizing your web design, you could vastly improve your site’s loading times and get more sales for your establishment. 

If you want to see if your site’s loading time is up to par with the current standards, you can check it through Google’s PageSpeed Insights. The program deems if you need to improve your loading times, and also gives suggestions on how you can make it load faster.


Final Thoughts

By taking the time to improve your website design, your business may just experience an increase in sales and revenue. A well-designed, properly optimized website will also keep your visitors interested and help them to trust your website even more. Stay in line with current trends and keep your target audience’s needs at the forefront of your mind always. 


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