Own a small business? Want to use social media campaigns for marketing your product and for reaching a larger audience? You have come to the right place; in this article, we will guide you on how to start a social media strategy that will boost your reach.

With so many popular social media networks and social channels out there, such as Instagram, Tik Tok, Fb, you need to come up with a solid social media marketing strategy. You have to use ads, post, comment on your posts, interact with the users, etc.

social media marketing strategy

As a beginner, it can be slightly overwhelming, but you don’t have to worry. With the help of a few tips and tricks, you can learn about marketing, and you can get started with a hitch!

Step 1: Understand your customers

No matter what your goods and product are, it caters to a specific demographic group. Knowing the needs of your customers and what they want, helps you make ads and posts that will appeal to them. Think about your product from the point of view of the customer. With social media posts, you can take your product to the right people easily.

Create an image, a persona of your clientele in your mind. Then, with the help of these personas, find out what images, videos, and words would fascinate the customers. Key performance indicators show that using free social media networks via digital marketing and content marketing in a way that adds to user experience, boosts your business.

Step 2: Understand Social Media Sites

In order to understand how to use social media marketing, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of each social platform & its use cases. Each platform has its own specific demographics & content styles that play into the social media marketing strategies.


Since the 2000s, Facebook has been around and is one of the biggest social networks nowadays. You can form pages on Fb, where customers can get all the information regarding your goods and products. Moreover, there are various CTAs that are designed to accomplish your Facebook social media marketing goal.

You should share a lot of content, including pictures, videos, etc. Use Fb’s ad system to reach a new audience and boost your reach.

social media marketing strategy


Twitter is another social media platform that you use to promote your products. However, you need to use it only for generating discussion. Never simply post a link to your site or product without engaging with the people on Twitter first.

If you are not conversing with your potential clients, you will not be able to market effectively using Twitter. Make polls, post-thought-provoking content, and question-based tweets that will likely generate responses and retweets.


Pinterest is slightly different from other great social media platforms. The focus on Pinterest is to save content instead of distributing it. It is something halfway between an inspiring vision board and a personal wish list.

On Pinterest, you can find everything from painting your bathtub to making cupcakes for your kids. If you place the right keywords in your description of your profile, in the title of your pins and boards, you can easily draw traffic and share your products, ideas, and content with the viewers.


Even though it is owned by Facebook, Instagram is quite different from it since it is a predominantly visual social media platform. There are various features on Instagram that you can use to give your products a boost, such as stories, newsfeed posts, hashtags, etc.

Take appealing and aesthetic photos of your products and then write an equally enticing caption to capture the attention of your customers!

social media marketing strategy


If you are a B2B company, then the first thing you should do is create a profile for your company. Whether you want to promote your business or whether you want to hire new employees, this platform is an excellent resource.

This is where the professionals go to share and discuss industry news, and it can be a place where you can attract quite a few clients. Post content that booth your peers and the potential customers would find actionable, thought-provoking, and valuable.


YouTube has been around for a long time and is the largest video-sharing social media platform. While it is full of cute monkey videos, it is also an excellent marketing tool if you use it correctly. Similar to Pinterest, keywords are important when it comes to YouTube marketing.

Place the keywords correctly in your video’s description, title, and tags. Moreover, you can create videos that provide value to your audiences, such as tutorials and how-tos.


Although the usage of this social network is declining collectively, it is still very popular among users under the age of 25. Therefore, if your goods and product are oriented towards Millennials, then it is an excellent marketing platform for you.

Final Word

Unlike other tools and techniques for promoting your product and brand, social media marketing is easy, accessible, and doesn’t cost a lot. Moreover, social platforms have diverse and enormous audiences, and you can use them to build an online community, nurture relationships, and garner the trust of your customers.

Ensure that you maintain and monitor the online presence of your brand. Start small and slow, and then you can take it up from there. You should know that you will not see results in a single night. With consistency in your work, you will see improvement over time.

Here’s to a successful you!

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