Instagram is a visual world where over 1 billion around the globe participate actively. As a result, this makes it a fantastic avenue to showcase yourself, promote your brand and talent. Nevertheless, you need to first expand your audience, and you can grow your following on Instagram using ads.

Your sphere of influence is as large as you want it to be. There’s no limitation or restriction by race, nationality, religion, or any sort. However, on this global platform, you might have just a few followers. So, how will you showcase yourself to the world at large and create awareness about your brand?

You’ve gone through hell in a bid to get more followers but can’t seem to get them? Despite your catchy posts, you muster only ten likes? You just haven’t discovered the right tactic. If you sit, have a rethink, retrace your steps, and re-strategize, you’ll achieve the desired result.

Furthermore, you can have millions of followers; yes, it’s possible! And relatively easy too. That said, we’ll tell you how to grow your following on Instagram using ads.

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Steps to Grow Your Following on Instagram Using Ads

Key Takeaways

There are many ways by which you could grow your followers and promote your brand on Instagram. The most effective of them all is to grow your following on Instagram using ads. You may have considered going to extreme lengths for views, such as paying for followers and likes. But, to be honest, that’s trash because it never turns out well.

You could lose your money as well as the fake likes. The reason is that the Instagram algorithm regularly fishes out low-quality accounts with fake followers.

Therefore, why not invest in something better. For instance, you could grow your following on Instagram using ads. This can be done with simple steps such as targeting your audience, scheduling the time for your ads to appear, partnering with popular brands, using the right hashtags, engaging user-generated content, etc.


5 Steps to Grow Your Following on Instagram Using Ads

grow your following on Instagram using ads

As with everything, you have to think, strategize and plan. So here are steps to incorporate into your strategy for using paid Ads:


1. Targeting the right audience:

With Instagram ads, you are opportune to target your audience precisely, so your ads appear on the feeds of your chosen audience. This increases your chances of more followers as it lets you target those you know will be interested in your content.

In addition, you are in charge of customizing your audience targeting. As a result, if you aren’t sure what audience to target, you could try out various and see what works for you.


2. Gain Visibility:

Paid ads get you more followers by creating and promoting awareness. Your post and videos will be shown to not just your followers but a wider audience. This helps you gain recognition and fame if you showcase your talent.

Furthermore, if you’re out to promote your brand, you would gain more customers, thus yielding high ROI from Instagram Ads. When you keep posting engaging content, followers gained become active on your page and stick around for what you offer. Embed Your Instagram Feed on your website to increase your organic awareness & drive traffic to your socials.


3. Schedule the time for your ads to be displayed:

This won’t be difficult if you’re familiar with your target audience. You should know the times of the day they are often present online. You should target your ads for such times.

For example, If your target audience is bankers, your ads should pop up anything from 8 pm. They would most likely be unwinding from the day’s stress by that time.


4. Use the Right Hashtags:

Hashtags are beneficial to ads when used rightly. They enable your posts to be discovered by people other than your existing followers. Due to this, be sure to employ a hashtag that’s user-friendly and not too popular.

A popular hashtag would have too many posts, videos, and reels attached to it, thus making yours challenging to locate. However, hashtags go a long way in spurring user-generated content.


Get popular brands to share your ads as they already have large, established, and engaged followers. Followers are potential customers. If you give them their desired content, they’ll reward you with diligent patronage.



The Instagram advertisement refers to the medium by which one reaches a broader range of users by paying for sponsored content. Instagram ads have been tested, tried, and trusted in both brand promotion and generating website traffic. When you grow your followers or following on Instagram using ads, you gain exposure and patronage. Paid ads could sponsor your rise to stardom.

Instagram advertisements bring opportunities to your doorstep.  With more followers, you have the opportunity of becoming an Instagram influencer or a brand ambassador. So why not utilize this opportunity to monetize your Instagram account?

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