The importance of SEO and abiding by these SEO rules could never be denied. More so, with the recent announcements made by Google changing the way the search algorithm operates. In fact, being a marketing manager at the essay writing service, I can say that these changes incorporated in the Google algorithm coupled with the way Google is handling page rankings recently – stressing more on local listings, and real-time-based personalized searches; have paved the way for more interesting avenues in online marketing, social media, etc. Also, In the present scenario, an urgency for new and unparalleled approaches to SEO is observed.


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Changes incorporated in the Google algorithm are forcing us to better optimize our SEO strategies. This article focuses on some SEO rules and techniques we can use.


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SEO techniques drastically help in improving a website’s visibility. And, it involves spirited changes run through a range of metrics to optimize a site, which has multiple layers. So, each layer in the SEO occupies a unique position in the website hierarchy, and by fine-tuning some or all of these layers, some of the best websites in the world can be designed.

To be ahead of their competitors in this outpaced world, businesses need to be willing to make changes and value any SEO rules and techniques that can significantly improve their rankings.

Furthermore, writing content for the web, whether it’s an article, blog, or website page should be written in a manner that attracts Internet users. And, that’s where SEO comes in. It’s a style of writing that optimizes certain words or phrases that people are searching for. These words and phrases are known as keywords.

SEO rules

Using Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

Keywords are the actual words that Internet users type into a search engine to find what they’re looking for on the Internet. And, most people that search on the Internet know that using more words will narrow their search. For example, if someone is searching for homebrew beer kits, they normally wouldn’t type in the word “beer.” Therefore, by searching for the keywords “homebrew beer kits” their search is narrowed to the exact product they’re looking for. Moreso,  Niche markets are much better for keyword SEO than a broader market.


Applying Keywords for SEO on a Web Page

Search engine companies computers (a.k.a. spiders) search the Internet for keywords that are embedded in web pages. Not only that, each page of a website is treated as a separate website by the spiders. As a result, specific web pages may show up on a search other than the home page (a.k.a. index), depending on the keyword usage on a specific web page. Therefore, to get better SEO page rankings, the spiders give priority to specific keyword placement.

  • Bold-faced keywords separated from the main text like titles, subtitles, and headings.
  • Keywords placed in the first few words of the text main body.
  • Also, keywords placed in the URL name of the web page and website.
  • Keywords placed within the caption of a photo or image.

Choosing the Right Keywords for SEO

This is one of the most important SEO rules. To choose the right keywords that an Internet user will use, the webmaster has to think like a common Internet user. For instance, in the home-brewed beer example, the common Internet user that wants to learn how to make their beer might use words like “how to brew beer at home.” Similarly, another way they might phrase a word is “instructions on home brewing beer.”


Natural searches are the searches that the spiders pick up and list for free. Contrarily, sponsored searches are searches that are listed and the advertisers are charged. Advertizers are billed every time an Internet user clicks on the ad or pays per click. The Internet search engine companies call them cost-per-click or CPC. The sponsored ads are generally listed on the top, on the side, and the bottom of the search page. They will also be listed with the word “sponsored links”.

A business website must use both SEO for natural searches and CPC sponsored searches to get Internet traffic. Therefore, it is important to learn how to use sponsored searches to get Internet traffic. With natural searches, the webmaster has little control over how the website will be placed or how it will appear on search engines. But, with sponsored searches, the webmaster has complete control over how the ad will be placed and how it will appear on a search engine.


Social Media Marketing and Social Networking

Social Networking is gaining prominence. Real-time and location-based updates are flooding the markets. Companies have realized the importance of Social media for multiple reasons. Reasons such as brand building, recruiting, competition management, reputation handling, identifying potential prospects, and also learning about new technologies. In addition, regular Professional updates on Facebook and Twitter encourage more people to follow, and consequently more page hits.


Focus on Web Hosting service

Page load speed is an important factor in maintaining website rankings. Google can measure page load speeds very easily. They use this mechanism while indexing pages. In fact,  Information about page load speeds is reported to Google whenever a page loads in Google. It is, therefore, very important to find a better web hosting service for your website to maintain website ranking.


More Stress on Reviews and Citations

Reviews and citations are also part of the important SEO rules. Reviews, either good or bad, largely improve the page rankings. Certain popular and niche websites which can improve the company’s rankings should be paid more attention to. Many customers leave online feedback about their experiences with a service, person, or product. And, there have been numerous case studies when even a single good review had a major impact on sales and rankings.

A positive online presence is mandatory for success in an online business. In like manner, a single negative review can jeopardize the success. All negative and positive reviews should be handled well. Customer satisfaction should be the key.


Local search should be stressed. Google has been rebranding its local business center to become Google Places. So, it is becoming increasingly important that all other major search engines having more location-aware applications.

Consumers prefer to look at city-based results for their product or service requirements. Thus, local listings will take the forefront of SEO efforts.


Blog submissions

Blogs are the face that connects the user to the actual website. This is one area in SEO that has changed tremendously in the past few years. They need to be updated more frequently. Also, they should contain all of any updates or information relevant to the end consumer. Blogs help in website promotion which is one of the SEO techniques which most search engines appreciate.


Social Media Optimization

If you abide by the SEO rules, social networks can help you drive an increasing amount of traffic to an increasing number of websites. Websites such as Comedy Central and Forever 21, amongst others, seem to get greater traffic from social networks than Google. The intensity of social referral varies with the interest generated in the content. And, also how manageable the content is – how easily can it be shared across various networks.

If your content can enthuse attention in a person, there are more chances of their friends being interested in that. This leads to increased interest among a well-targeted audience, which leads to improved SEO.


Keyword search plays a very important role while assessing the quality of a website. It can increase or decrease page rankings. All web pages should have targeted keywords. It is very hard to have successful search engine optimization without proper keyword research. Optimized Keyword search helps improve the website rankings, which in turn benefits a project or business.


Quality Information Submission

The Copyscape tool, which assists in finding and removing mirrored information, has pressed people to improve their content quality. Posting the same stuff on multiple sites does not improve a page ranking. Quality content submission is required on top-rated websites, which have more strenuous submission guidelines.


Video Marketing

Frequent use of video content on the internet creates a constant flow of potential subscribers to the target website. This helps to promote the products and the service offerings. A professional video posted on YouTube and other sites can help connect to their prospective leads. It can also considerably improve their rankings.

In short, it can be rightly said that Google is changing the way it works. i.e. the way it searches, delivers more personalized, and local searches with more result-oriented information. This, in turn, is making website handling more competitive. To be successful in this scenario, and to consistently stay on top, you must abide by the SEO rules. Also, the used SEO techniques need to be more fluid and real-time than ever.


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