Has your marketing team completely run out of creative content ideas and online campaigns to put on top of your current strategies? Do you simply want to shake things up and stand out in your industry? Or do you not have the budget for a huge online marketing campaign—but still want to reach a lot of people? Well, in this article, you are going to learn about the best ways to get more leads using custom stickers to attract your target audience. Don’t forget after gettings these leads to nurture them using a custom relationship management (CRM) software.

Many marketing departments have forgotten that offline marketing used to be the way things got done and that it is still relevant in today’s world. Maybe even more relevant, as more and more people are putting their phones down and soaking up the environment they’re in. Talk about living in the moment.


Even if their faces aren’t buried in a screen, you can still grab their attention. You just need to be at the right place and have the right visual to catch their eye. What better way to do that with custom stickers?


We’re not talking Instagram or WhatsApp stickers here, but the old school ones—the ones we used to stick on backpacks, laptops, hands, and bathroom doors. It’s time to get those creative juices flowing and use this ‘old-fashioned’ marketing tool and adapt it to modern times. In this article, you’ll get some inspiration on how to do just that—with examples. Ready to get sticky?


3 Reasons why stickers (still) work in marketing

Still on the fence about stickers? Here are three reasons you should consider stickers for your next lead generation campaign.


     1. They’re unexpected

Let’s face it: a lot of consumers aren’t impressed easily anymore by a great video on Instagram or a laser-targeted ad on Google. Been there, done that, and then they got the T-shirt, or whatever that company was selling.


Consumers are watching more and more online content, but that doesn’t mean that makes it easier to grab their attention and convince them. On the contrary, we’re tired, constantly scrolling and swiping, giving brands mere seconds to convince us to spend our lunch breaks watching their content.


Then there are stickers: they can catch your eye by surprise – when walking in the street, or when opening a package. With a cool message or design, they make people curious, and they might even be inclined to make and share a picture if it’s funny enough.


With personalized stickers, you can create fun guerrilla marketing campaigns that trigger people to take action. You could even go as far as to make stickers with *common) names from your target group. An ‘Hey Anna!’ sticker followed with your message under it will certainly make people look twice—whether they are or know an Anna.


     2. They’re cheap

Let’s say you can get 1000 stickers for about $80. That’s a fraction of what you usually spend on an online marketing campaign. Plus, one sticker can be seen by multiple people, as opposed to campaigns where you pay per impression.


     3. You can place them very strategically

Even with all the parameters that Google and Facebook give you to reach your target audience, it can still be hard to hit the right spot—meaning you might be paying to show your content to people who aren’t necessarily part of your target group.


With stickers, you minimize the risk of that happening—mostly because of their price. Say your target audience is women in their twenties living in the big cities. It’s relatively easy to find out where they hang out in their free time, and stick your smart offline content in areas and places they often pass – with consent of the owner’s property, of course.


One company that understood the assignment is Demolition Magazine. Where do you reach people who are keen on surfing or other extreme sports? Probably at an airport, headed for their next sunny destination. So, the magazine added surfboard stickers to elevators for travelers to stand on. Highly shareable on social media and a great way to grab the attention of possible readers.

5 Ways to Get More Leads Using Custom Stickers to Attract Your Target Audience



5 Creative ways to use stickers for lead generation

Wonder what other ways there are to bring your business to the attention of a lot of consumers, just with a sticker? Here are some ideas.


     1. Use QR codes connected to landing pages

We’ve all been scanning QR codes more than we’d probably ever imagined, but there lies a huge opportunity in that. If you are using stickers for lead generation, a QR code is the best way to seal the deal and get your lead’s contact details.

If you add a QR code to your sticker, you can directly lead people to a landing page with an offer they can’t resist.


You just need them to scan the code first, so there needs to be an incentive. A little bit of mystery that makes them want to find out more, or an offer that they don’t want to let pass. Here are some calls to action that you can wrap in a creative design combined with a QR code:

  • Scan me for a discount
  • Scan me for free advice
  • Scan me for a surprise
  • Scan me for your next adventure
  • Scan me to learn a secret
  • Scan me for a free coffee


How do you make sure your QR sticker campaign is a lead magnet? The landing page is just as important as the sticker and the location you choose. Make sure that landing page is optimized for mobile because that’s how most people—if not everyone—will be watching the page.

5 Ways to Get More Leads Using Custom Stickers to Attract Your Target Audience


     2.  Create a buzz with custom stickers for events

If your goal is to get more visitors to your next event, stickers can be a great way to create a little hype.

Stick them in places where your target group hands out. Say you’re organizing a new music festival, and your target group is people at university. Design fun stickers that stand out with daring messages or quotes that are fun to share, and don’t forget to include a link to the website (or another QR code!) For instance,


  • Wanted: people who can shake their hips
  • Take February 15th off. Trust us.
  • You look like you need a party.


     3. Let people take a picture with a sticker to connect on social media

A lead is not just someone who visited your website, a follower on IG could also be a lead—if you create your funnel the right way.


But how do you get people to follow you on social media, using just a sticker? You could turn it into a game or competition. Create a campaign in which people can upload a picture of them with the sticker and let them tag you in it, and of course give a prize at the end. This will be an extra incentive for them to follow you, and once they’re on your social media, you can keep building the relationship with relevant content. This shows again that the sticker is just the first interaction—what you do after that, is just as important.


     4. Put stickers on the packaging of products that have similar target groups

Team up with brands that sell different products or services, but to a target group that’s similar to yours. Find out if you can have a joint campaign in which you for instance add stickers to their packaging materials, or get even more creative with it like Gillette did.


They made tiny stickers that they stuck to posters with men on them. The stickers looked like bloody tissue, and made it look like the person in the poster had a rough morning shaving their beard.


Keep in mind that you don’t want these kinds of campaigns to backfire, so make sure you have permission to do this.


     5. Create shareable stickers

If you want to get more leads, chances are you could get them through your current customers who have friends, family, or colleagues who are also in your target group. Use them as a way to distribute stickers and generate a buzz, to get more leads.


You can do this by creating stickers that are fun to share, for instance with a funny or meaningful message on it. Then, the ball starts rolling.


The popular platform Reddit did something similar. Now, they have over 1.7 billion unique visitors visiting their website, but that wasn’t always the case. In fact, when they started out, their advertising budget was only 500 dollars.


With limited budget but unlimited creativity, they started a sticker campaign—which they spread as much as they could. They even handed out stickers and asked them to ‘’please sticker responsibly’’, which a lot of people did—helping them become the gigantic platform they are now.

5 Ways to Get More Leads Using Custom Stickers to Attract Your Target Audience


3 Tips for creating effective lead-gen stickers

Can’t wait to head out and start spreading your stickers? The enthusiasm is great, but don’t go out there without keeping these tips in mind for effective lead generation campaigns using stickers.


     1. Stick to your branding

It can be tempting to go all in and create a really fun and daring sticker campaign, but it only works if it matches your brand. You want to make sure you’re still easy to recognize and people don’t confuse you for another brand. These kinds of tactics should suit you.


     2. Create a full plan

We’re not talking about the glue, but the campaign around it. Don’t just think about the sticker itself, but put it into a bigger plan. What are the following steps, and how will this generate actual leads to your business? Start with that, and then start designing.


     3. For lead generation, add a call to action

Last but not least – without a call to action on your sticker, you’re only working on your brand awareness. While that’s also great, you’re going to need to give people a follow-up step if you want to bring them in as a lead.


Go forth and get sticky

If you’re seeing the world of opportunities that lie ahead in stickers, it’s time to get brainstorming. Gather your marketing team around and discover how stickers could give your lead generation the boost it deserves. In conclusion, we hope that you’ll take advantage of this guide to get more leads using custom stickers to attract your target audience.


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