For most people, when they start a blog it starts off as a place to share their passions & ideas. it isn’t until their blog traffic starts to grow that they realize the strength & power a blog has. 

The problem is that most people never get to the point where they have enough traffic to earn a decent income and blog full-time. That’s why just below, we are going to take a look at how you can get more traffic to your blog and build a following

Content Table
  1. Make Your Blog Visible on Search Engines
  2. Blog Content Matters
  3. Post Blog Content Consistently
  4. Choose the Right Blog Topic
  5. Update Old Blog Post
  6. Promote Your Blog with Influencers
  7. Create Multi-Media Blog Content


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How to Blow Up Your Blog Traffic in 7 Proven Steps

Thousands of websites pop up daily, so the first thing you want to do is to ensure that all the major search engines can find you. Apart from getting your SEO up and running, you also need to ensure that the search engines verify your site. 

In your privacy settings, make sure that it is set so that your page is visible to all search engines. You can also verify your site through several search engines. You should also consider telling the Google Search Console to help you position your site if you have a niche that you are catering to in your blog. 

2. Blog Content Matters

If you want to increase your blog traffic, you need to make sure that the content you post is what people want to see. A recent study showed that infographics list posts received more shares than any other content type. 

If you thought that video is the way to go, then you should re-evaluate your strategy, seeing that videos get shared the least. Part of the problem with videos is that they need to be watched in their entirety. They cannot be skimmed for relevant info as well as infographics, which means that your reader needs dedicated time to watch a video. Text is still king, but with a bit of flair.

3. Post Blog Content Consistently

If there is one thing that will boost your blog traffic, it is fresh and authentic content. You need to churn out regular blog posts with a couple of handy tags if you want to see your number s increase daily. Nothing in life that is worthwhile is easy, so blogging is not for you if you want to get rich quickly. 

Blogging needs time and a good amount of effort. If you are a student blogger who lacks time, the easy solution would be to get your writing work done from professional writers. If you want to assess the quality, you can check your essay for plagiarism with this tool by EduBirdie. What’s even more wonderful is that it can also be used to scan through your articles and blogs to ensure that the content is 100% unique.

This is where glue on the bum or just plain grit comes in handy. If you push fresh content regularly, you will generate a fanbase much quicker. Word will get out and before you know it, your numbers will rise. You could have all the best SEO strategies lined up, but people will go elsewhere if there is nothing new on your site. 

4. Choose the Right Blog Topic

If your blog has a very specific niche, then you need to make sure that anything that you post is current and well-researched. People want to know what is happening in the world today and you should be able to shed some light for them. 

If you are stuck in a rut or are new to blogging, you could use some help in the form of Google Trends, SEMRush or BuzzSumo. These tools tell you what is trending where and you can then tailor your blog according to the trends. The only thing you need to do is to make sure that the topics you cover are in line with your niche. 

5. Update Old Blog Post

If you have been blogging for a while, you will probably have a decent library of blog content in your archive. These posts don’t have to be relegated to the past forever. You can use them to good effect if you update the content. It is one of the easiest ways to increase blog traffic, seeing that these are posts that your followers are familiar with. 

Keeping your content fresh and updated will ensure that people will come back because they know that your stuff is current, even your older posts. It will also give you the chance to make your content more user friendly and boost their experience. 

6. Promote Your Blog with Influencers

The internet is not as cut-throat as everyone makes it out to be. Sure, it is a tough field and you need to stand strong, but scratching someone else’s back could boost your numbers nicely. When you write your posts, you could add links to other influencers and let them know about your good deed. 

In most cases, influencers will increase the traffic for your blog by returning the favor. If they can see that your content is legit, it means that a healthy relationship could mean better traffic for your site and theirs. 

If you want to let them about what you shared, look up their contact details. Twitter, Facebook, or even their comment sections are ideal platforms to get into contact with them. 

7. Create Multi-Media Blog Content

When you have a post that does really well, you don’t want to lose the momentum. Don’t just look at it and see how its popularity fades, repurpose it for a different audience. Not everyone prefers the same type of content, so if you have a creative infographic that is doing well, nothing stops you from turning it into a list article (listicle) or even a video. 

The point is that you don’t have to settle for just a particular group of viewers. You can attract a whole different crowd by using the same content, but in a different format. 


This list of tips is by no means exhaustive, but if there is something you can take away from these tips, you are still going to have to put in the effort to make a success out of your blog. The payoff on the other end is worth the effort and you could soon be on your way to quitting your job and blog full-time.  

Author’s Bio:

Sandra Larson is a digital marketing expert with rich experience in the online marketing field. She currently works for an online fashion store and a part-time essay writer for an assignment writing service. In her free time, she likes to check her tech vlogs performance, take her dogs for a walk, and prepare Thai food for her kids.

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