There’s no gainsaying it. Video marketing has been on the rise over the past few years, budding ever more accessible and popular for brands. While official sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and even your website are great places where you can invest, YouTube seems to be the dominant platform in the space, with over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos being watched by users every day.

According to some very napkin calculations, that’s around 8.4 minutes every day per human.

YouTube is often denoted to as the world’s “second largest search engine,” and as a beginner, it can help your content to be quickly found and thoroughly engaged with. Its high popularity comes at the expense of increased competition.

Want to know how you can launch and optimize your first YouTube campaign to stand out from the crowd? Read Below, to find out How! 

1. Build Videos Around a Single Topic/Keyword

This may seem too apparent, but one of the best ways to optimize your campaign, grow your audience and get the traffic you desire is to build your video around a single keyword/topic. Some people who’re not familiar with SEO best practices try to skip this step, but it’s essential if you want your video to attract the maximum amount of viewers.

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You can consider using specifics tools like to look out for the most searched keyword in the niche you’re targeting.

It’s vital to select your keywords even before building your video because it’ll help you to carve out the best information around that precise niche.

With that, you’ll also remember to naturally include your keyword throughout the content so that YouTube can pick it when closed captions are added.

After you’ve chosen your keyword, you can consider checking out the videos that are currently ranking top for that topic to ensure that you’re on the right track in terms of intent. Also, remember to optimize your title and descriptions.

Despite the common myth, the most successful videos on YouTube are usually at most not more than 5 minutes long. Therefore, don’t feel you need to write a novel or make a film. Keep it sweet and simple.

2. Reformat Existing Quality Content

Yay. One of the great ways to optimize your YouTube channel is to build excellent and quality contents- even though you don’t need to build them from scratch necessarily. Some of your best and perfect videos can be produced from engaging useful, actionable and valuable content that you’ve created already.

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Most users go to YouTube to look out for answers and how-to lectures to their problem, so it would be great to build contents that solve problems. Take a look at the guides, blog and every other high-performing pieces that you currently have and think about how to transform them into great videos.

3. Engage with Your Audience

No matter what, try always to remember that YouTube is a social media channel and it demands social interaction. If you’re uploading videos without inspiring discussion or comments, then you’re missing out on a trick.

Generally, YouTube offer rewards to channels that have great engagements, including watch time, likes and dislikes, overall time spent on the channel and ultimately, comments. Try as much as possible to respond to every comment you receive and ask your user to engage with visual/audio prompts.

4. Get Branded

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Now that your content is excellent, is your channel visually appealing and attractive? If you want your users to take your YouTube channel very serious and subscribe to it, then you need to make it look proficient and professional. When you brand your channel, your users can easily recognize your content.

If you have a website or blog, you’d certainly have some feel and look that you use to differentiate yourself from other companies. It’s therefore sensible to carryover that branding to your YouTube channel.

In addition to the visual branding, you can also consider adding custom URLs to your channel header and writing an interesting bio about what your video entails and who you’re.

5. Promote Your YouTube Videos on Other Social Channels

Promoting your YouTube video on other social media channels can increase your YouTube video’s views, and gaining subscribers is important because once you have enough subscribers, you can also monetize your channel

What channels are you currently on? LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook? There are many platforms from which you can choose. If there’s a particular channel on which you wish to post videos directly, you can do a brainteaser for the complete-length video on YouTube so that you have optimal engagements on all channels. You can also post your videos on your blog.

6. Show Up

If you’re running YouTube as part of a small organization or you’re doing it yourself, it’ll be great for you to put your face on screen- with this, your audience can easily connect with you as an individual.

This is particularly essential for bloggers; life, business, fitness coaches and solopreneurs. It’s not a necessity to always include your face in every video you make, but then try as much as possible to personally reach out to them in every few videos or so.

Furthermore, if you’re this type of a YouTuber, then you can consider using a photo of yourself on your channels (instead of your logo). Below is an example from marketing guru Adam Erhart.

7. Post-Great Thumbnails

Even though thumbnails might seem like a small thing, they can have an enormous influence. YouTube uses a thumbnail to advertise other videos on its sidebar, and we’re aware that you’ll also want yours to stand out amongst the pack. The same applies to YouTube search.

Videos with appealing thumbnail and catchy title usually rank higher because they tend to have higher click-through-rate(CTR). If you want to get your CTR where it needs to be then, you can consider using tactics such as large texts, arrows, highlighted areas, and unusual or unexpected images.

8. Leverage YouTube Cards

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Earlier on, we were able to establish the fact that YouTube offers a reward to channels that have high viewer session time on their channel.

A longer average watch time means that people find your content engaging (actually, you can use YouTube Analytics to get an insight into how people are staying on your video).

By incorporating YouTube Cards, you can include additional suggested videos at the precise point where your users are currently dropping off. Even though they may abandon the video, they’ll be taken to your other content and by that, stay on your content and increase the ranking of your channel.

9. Push For Subscription

One of the ways to be sure that your viewers are actively engaged with your channel is when they eventually “subscribe” to see any new videos that you post. You can tell your viewers to subscribe to your channel in every video that you upload and keep them engaged with your already existing subscribers (you can see your list of subscribers here).

In doing that, never pay for subscriptions because that will end up hurting the authenticity of your account and bringing down your engagement. Consequently, if you don’t ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel, then you might be missing out on a lot of potential followers.

10. Increase your Uploading Capacity

At first, this tip might sound threatening. But then if you’re looking to optimize your YouTube campaign, then you need to increase the number of videos you post say in a week

Don’t feel uneasy. It’s not like you have to design a fancy or firm advertising budget to accomplish this. The smartphones of today offer superb video recording ability, and with tools like Animoto, video editing becomes very seamless.

The main decisive factor here is consistency. No matter the frequency you choose, try as much as possible to post at the same time every day and also keep your subscribers updated about when new videos will be posted then try to stick to your schedule.

Take note; it’s the combination of quality content and driving engagement that develops engaged followers. Be true to yourself and your brand, also try always to keep your audience in the loop.

Do you have further questions about how to launch and optimize your first YouTube campaign? We’d be happy to hear from you; leave us a comment below.

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