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By purchasing a service from Your Charisma | Digital Marketing Consultancy, you are hereby acknowledging that you understand and accept the risks associated with having a third-party application manage your social media profile. You hereby agree to release Your Charisma of any liability in the event your social media account is restricted, banned, or disabled for using any third-party applications.
Your Charisma promises to always handle our clients account(s) with the utmost care and treat them as one of our own. We will never intentionally do anything to put your account in jeopardy. We truly value our client’s accounts.

Where are the likes from and are they real?
Our team drops your account in different Network groups which vary each day to get your page maximum exposure. These groups contain Models, Fitness-guru’s, Personal pages, Instagram influencers, brands and business owners. All the likes generated are real.
What is your refund policy?
Our policy lasts 30 days for physical products. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange. For service packages that were purchased, we can’t offer a refund as our systems have already entered you into our system, and started delivering on the service. We will be happy to refund you if you are not already in our system, in which case that decision is entirely decided upon by the staff working at Your Charisma. However if you are not thrilled with the product or are not enjoying the experience, then we have no interest in forcing you to stay an unhappy member.
Can I upgrade after signing up?
Yes, you can upgrade at any time after signing up. Just send us an E-mail!
How do I Cancel my Subscription?

We are sad to see you go!

Instead of cancelling right of the bat you could also consider asking us for help.

The reason you’re not getting the results you were expecting might have to do with the fact you’re currently not using the right package for your brand or account.

Our consultants would love to take a deep dive into your account, compare it with the package you have and instruct you which of the charisma packages will give you the maximum results according to your Growth goals.

For this option, please book a call for consulting, or simply reply to this email!

If you still wish to cancel your subscription for the following months go to: www.yrcharisma.com/cancel


When do my Commissions get paid?
Your Commissions will be paid every 20th of the Month.
How to I proceed after purchase?
After Purchase you will be send an email by the Your Charisma staff asking you to let us know when your available.

We will need 5 minutes of your time to get your account in.

Don’t worry, we need you for the verification process, as we use proxies for each of our clients.

Why is my Password needed for the Entrepreneur and CEO Powerlikes?

To get more in depth about the password requirement: We will add your account into our Elite Charisma Powerlikes Groups.

Only the most active and big accounts like yourself are able to enter. Your account will engage with other High quality accounts like yourself. This is how our Powerlike Network is created.

My password got reset and I lost access to my account, what now?

When adding an account to our server, Instagram might once in a while reset the account it’s password through e-mail verification. Intagram does this from time to time to ensure your safety. When they see a login from another IP (ours) and alot of activity coming from it, that’s when they sporadically reset the password due to safety measures.

Don’t worry, press the forgot your password key and change your password through email. After this, login again.

Note: Make sure to send us the new password so we are able to continue boosting your account.

I want to adjust my targeting, which options do I have?

To get more in depth about the targeting, we can either target location or niche.

If we target niche growth Will be best. As These Will be people interested in your page.

If we target location growth Will be smaller But you’ll only get followers that visit the county or city you want to target.

So you can pick one of those two or we can try to combine it.

If we are trying to combine For option three I’ll need a local influencer(within the niche). With a lot of local followers So we can target their audience.

To get more in depth about the Targeting. We have These Parameters to work with.

– We can target people their followers

– We can target people followings

– We can target people by hashtags

– We can target people by interactions

  • We can combine all the above

– Targeting people their Active followers (Target audience) has proven to get the best results.

Within people their active audience(Followers) we have the following parameters which unfortunately exclude gender, nationality or age.

– Post activity (Posted … days ago)

– Amount of posts posted

– Follower amount

– Following amount

Note: We are also able to Blacklist certain words, biographies or captions to narrow our targeting.

Please let us know your preferences through email or our contact form.

What is Charisma Growth?
  • Growth Service 

We’ve been studying Instagram’s Algorhitm for a while now and figured out a few ways we could tremendously increase your followers in a short amount of time (About 500 – 1500 on a Weekly base).

* What we want to do:

Let our team Manage your Instagram account (Like, Follow, Unfollow, Comment, Direct Message) from your account on a daily base (Even when you’re asleep) –> Will tremendously boost your account’s exposure.

* How will we be targeting: 

Our team will be targeting famous people within your niche and focus on their ACTIVE followers.. So the ones actually commenting and liking every single day.

Expose your page to them 24/7, increasing your follower count and engagement per picture bigtime, as the users targeted will actually be Active, Engaging Instagram users who tend to like and comment on your pictures frequently.

  • Added Entrepreneur Powerlikes (Optional)

Your account will be dropped in big network groups three times a day at Instagram peak times.

Choiches – (2PM, 5PM, 8PM, 11PM, 02AM And 11 AM GMT).

These likes will arrive between 5 And 40 minutes After drop times. Try posting at **:59 – **:15. This way the likes will be more effective and thus give you a bigger chance of reaching Expore page.

When uploading pictures, try to look for viral content. These pictures increase your chance to go viral with 30%.

  • Added CEO Powerlikes ++ (Optional)

These likes Will arrive at Any given time during the day within 5 minutes After you posting. These set of likes contain are Biggest, strongest And most prestigious likes that have proven to work most effectively.

* What we need from you: 

1. Your account details (Username and Password)

We will not store your password after this sign in process. The password is required to establish a connection with Instagram.

Our packages and a video which explains the service are found at www.yrcharisma.com/charismagrowth

Not in for the Growth but love to take a shot at reaching the Explore page?


After we’ve received payment and your account details we will start boosting it within 12 – 48 hours.

What are Charisma Powerlikes?

Automated Rounds (Shy Start up)

We’ll be using our network of over 50 million followers combined to help boost your pictures right into the Instagram explore page. This will happen three times a day at Instagram Peak Times (2, 5 and 8 PM GMT). The accounts liking your account will vary from 0 to 100.000 and will like your account 5-45 minutes after drop time.  (No Follower Requirement)

Regular Powerlikes (Entrepreneur)

Next to our automated rounds we have the possibility to add Powerlikes from our Network of Millions. These are Medium size Instagram accounts (1-20k) liking your pictures within 10 minutes after you posted at any given time during the day. (1K Follower Requirement)

CEO Powerlikes ++

These set of likes contain our most prestigious, biggest and strongest likes that have proven to work the best. These are Huge, Quality, Influencer Instagram accounts (20K – 500K) liking your pictures within 10 minutes after you posted at any given time during the day. (20K Follower Requirement)

NOTE: All Packages Have Shy Start up Rounds included if chosen for.

Is this a Monthly Recurring subscription?
Yes. All Charisma Services are Monthly recurring and will be automatically withdrawn from either your Bank, or Paypal account every month if you authorised us to at the start of your subscription.

Buying a service automatically authorises us to continue charging your account every single month until you cancel the Payment through either Paypal or your Bank.

Don’t worry though. Our services can be cancelled anytime!

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