The Facebook verification portal is the web page section where the verification of accounts takes place. Also, there are laid down guidelines that make this procedure easy, fast, and worth it. As you read on, you will find out more about how the portal works.

So, if you are reading this article, it means you are already conversant with the Facebook platform, how it works, and its rules and regulations. Therefore, to access the Facebook Verification Portal and be verified means that all your necessary data (phone number, postal address, email address, etcetera) are authentic and accepted by Facebook. Thus, in this article, we will guide you with everything you need to know.


Key Takeaway

The aim of every business is to reach as many customers as possible. In fact, they can do this by looking well organized. Thus, to assist users to conveniently verify their profiles, Facebook has provided a media support team accessible from the Facebook verification portal. Although they work with only honest and authorized persons and businesses, getting verified on the Facebook portal can help accounts gain credibility and a better search presence.

 Note: Your Facebook profile needs to be complete and accurate. In your “About” section, you should include your website and make sure your profile is public so that other Facebook users can follow you.


Media Partner Support Portal

Getting verified sometimes can be more challenging than it looks. For this purpose, the Facebook team put together the media support to help clarify complex issues or steps that seem not so comprehensible.

This portal provides a one-stop point to access the Facebook media team directly. Although this team has been put there to help in clarification of issues, they don’t help individuals or personal accounts. They are strictly on businesses, media organizations, and public figures. These teams have to follow strict guidelines to ensure they perform their duties perfectly.

Some of these guidelines include:

     1. Only authorized personalities should submit reports:

These media teams are assigned to particular organizations that they represent. That is to say, someone in the media support team who hasn’t been assigned to submit reports for your verified account cannot and will not be allowed to issue on your behalf. Simply put, every verified account has an assigned media support team.

     2. Requests are only submitted on behalf of public figures, organizations, and businesses:

As earlier stated, personal or individual non-verified accounts cannot access a media team. Therefore, only the groups mentioned above can be represented by media support teams on the Facebook platform.

     3. Honesty:

The media support team shouldn’t and cannot submit reports they are unsure of. This could lead to blocking or suspension of accounts.  


Partner Portal On Facebook

A Facebook partner, also known as a Facebook marketing partner(Fmps), is a group of tech industries, agencies, and companies that Facebook has vetted. And, these companies have been well certified for their excellence in helping advertisers get the best of their campaigns.

Fmps help Facebook pages, public figures, and companies get verified by running adverts for them, thereby attracting publicity and the followers they need to make them qualified for submission of verification proposals. Indeed, the make facebook verification portal hassle-free

If you are looking to become a Facebook partner, it is very easy. In fact, there are just a few easy steps to follow, which are stated below.

  • Create a “Gaming video creator” page or convert a current active Facebook account into a creator page.
  • Stream at least 4hours over at least two days within the last two weeks.
  • The page must have at least one hundred followers.
  • The page must be active for 30 straight days.

When all of these are done, then congratulations, you can go to the Facebook media portal and apply.


Layout and Groundwork for Facebook verification portal

Every building needs a foundation. Therefore, there are also groundworks or foundations you need for the layout before verification on Facebook. These layouts help you get prepared for your page verification. They are:

  • Authenticity: An account getting ready or applying for verification on Facebook must represent a registered entity.
  • Completeness: Your account must have an active presence on the platform.
  • Notability: For your page or account to be verified, you have to be well known, or your products must be popular.
  • Uniqueness: There must be something different and attractive about your account that makes it need verification.


  • Content: Your account must have excellent and credible content that attracts the attention of the public.
  • Facebook profile: Your profile must be well filled out and the “about you” section well filled out.


Why Get Verified?

The Facebook verification portal may be a bit confusing for beginners, but having a verified Facebook account comes with many perks. The advantages, in fact, cannot be over-emphasized. Some of these perks include:


     – Improved brand credibility:

A verified account is always termed credible because of all the processes involved in getting the account verified. As a result, this makes people worry less about getting low-quality services and goods from you, thereby giving your business a considerable rocket boost.  


     – Reclaiming of lost impressions from impostors or lookalike accounts:

Since Facebook is an app that has room for free profiles, many impostors are trying to get attention and sometimes money from your followers on the app. Therefore, getting verified on Facebook helps people identify which of the accounts really belongs to you, and this helps your business as there will no longer be trust issues from customers.


     – Improved search presence:

When an account is verified on Facebook, the account appears first each time a related search is done. This gives your account the publicity it needs to attract customers to see what your verified account is all about.


How To Get Verified Through Facebook Portal

Facebook verification portal

Finally, we get to the steps involved in getting verified. These are guidelines that will help you step by step to get your account verified.

  • Make your profile public.
  • Have at least five hundred followers on your account or page.
  • Go to the verification request page.
  • Choose verification type. (page or profile).
  • Select page or profile to verify.
  • Now, select the category of the page or profile.
  • Select country (preferably country of current residence).
  • Attach necessary and requested identifications (Examples include, National identity cards, business registration numbers, and certificates, etcetera).
  • Detail why you want verification.


Having a verified Facebook account is an added advantage for you. It can help your business in so many ways. In this piece, we’ve treated everything you need to know to get verified. Therefore, it would be best if you access the Facebook verification portal and get your account ready as soon as possible.


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