Before 2021, there was no such thing as Facebook reels. Even at its emergence in 2021, reels were limited to only the USA. It wasn’t until 2022 that Facebook reels spread to over 150 countries.

The reels feature gained popularity from other social media platforms before its adoption by Mark Zuckerberg’s protege. This enchanting feature is thrilling and gives global users a vibe. Reels are everything; fun, educational, and entertaining.

Key Takeaways

Facebook Reels are brief videos that can have you engrossed. Whatever end of the line you’re on, a reel maker or watcher, it’s a win-win. Most upcoming influencers, comedians, and entertainers use reels as a way to gain popularity.

For watchers, Facebook reels app banishes boredom from them. Anyone can make a reel with just a phone, a Facebook account, and editing tools. Reels are fabulous as you can monetize them.

What Are Facebook Reels

Facebook reels is a recent feature that has gained popularity and acceptance within its short introduction period. It is available on Facebook for both IOS and Android devices. The captivating feature makes time spent on Facebook worthwhile.

The thrill it brings is addictive as some people can spend their whole day binging on reels. Yeah, it’s that fascinating. So, if you’re unfamiliar with reels, I’m sure the question on your lips right now is, “What exactly are reels?”

Interestingly, you’re on the right page, where you’ll learn what reels are and everything about reels.

Think of reels as shorter and upgraded versions of skits. A reel is an attractive and inspirational video that combines AR effects, text overlays, music, recordings, and other graphical features to create short videos. Similar to video clips, the difference is that they capture the full story.

Reels are interesting and fun to watch as they pass messages along. When a user creates reels, they grace the eyes of the public in two ways. First, Facebook displays reels either on your fans’ newsfeeds or in the reels section where new audiences can see them.

Reels are useful to promoters and social media influencers as they draw more followers and fans. I must say that they make an exceptional PR tool. If you’re out to gain rapid publicity on the blue app, the easiest way to do so is by taking advantage of reels.

How to Create Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels


Creating reels is a task that’s easy to maneuver. Another interesting thing is that they aren’t cost-intensive to produce. With your mobile device, you can make reels from the comfort of your home or whatever vicinity you choose.

There are two ways to make Facebook reels. You can make reels with a live video clip recording or a series of video clips. However, if the previous method isn’t appealing to you, you may choose to upload a previously recorded video from your gallery.

Those who want to try both methods simultaneously can also combine live and pre-recorded videos to make a reel. Facebook gives users free access to certain editing tools to make their reels better. Content enhancement goes a long way.

While editing with reels Facebook tools, you can increase or decrease the speed of your sound at certain parts of your video. You can also add a song from the Facebook collection to liven up your reel. Another audio option is to use your own created audio, for which you will receive credit.

Do you think that’s all? Oh no, we’re just starting. There are more interesting tools at your disposal. For example, users recording and uploading a series of clips can interchange filters and effects to produce a wowing result.

If you’re just getting started on Facebook reel making and have no videographer or proper equipment, Facebook has made this easier for you. There’s a self-timing feature with which you can record your clips hands-free to get a perfect view.

Honestly, I won’t be able to mention all that you can do with Facebook’s editing tools. You can trim your video length, add text, and more. It’s all mind-blowing.

One important thing when creating reels is your profile/ page type. It’s important because your page type determines the steps you’ll use in creating your reels.

You can even use helpful tools like realistic images using AI to bring your reels to life and create attention breakers that keep people engaged.

     Creating Reels For Classic Pages

I’ll give a step-by-step rundown of this so you can easily assimilate it.

  • Upgrade your Facebook to the latest version and open the app
  • Go to your classic page. For speed, you could search for it using the search box tool
  • Scroll downwards until you see an option that says ” create a post.”
  • Select reel and add a video by tapping the ‘record video’ below. You can also upload a pre-recorded video by tapping the photo icon, which takes you to your gallery.
  • Type in your reel description and select an audience if you don’t want it shared with the general public.
  • Click on share, and voila, you just made your first reel.

     Creating Reels for New Pages

The differences here aren’t much different from the above. However, here they are:

  • Open the updated version of your Facebook app
  • Go to the reels section and tap on create or click the camera icon that appears at the top when watching a reel
  • Add a video the same way you would if you were using a classic page.
  • Insert any creative editing tool of your choice
  • Write a description, select your target audience and share your newly made reel.

If ever you encounter a problem such as your Facebook reels not showing, do not hesitate to contact help and support.

Can I Monetize Facebook Reels?

Many people watch reels on Facebook, but I’m sure that if they knew the financial freedom makers enjoy, the tables would turn instantaneously. While introducing your content to a new set of audiences and expressly entertaining your fans and followers by displaying your creativity, you can make cool cash.

You may wonder how this is possible? I’m here to tell you just that. Let’s go over how you can monetize your reels.

     In-stream Ads

In-stream ads are video ads set to play at the start, middle, or end of your Facebook reels for those who don’t understand the term. Those that qualify to use in-stream ads in their content get paid for it. In-stream ads feature three kinds of ad placement: pre-roll, mid-roll, and image ads.

You are at liberty to decide the reels you want to monetize. With the use of database marketing, the ads are now tailored to specific audiences. You can do this using the creator studio tool.

     Overlay Ads

Qualification for in-stream ads equals automatic eligibility to use overlay ads. Overlay ads are banner and sticker ads placed on your reel. They do not obstruct your content, and you get paid for them.

     Brand Collaboration

You can partner with brands for collaborations and get paid. The partnership may require you to promote a brand’s products or services to your fans, which you will earn from. Click here to learn more.


You get more money when your followers and lovers of your content subscribe to your reels. You can end your reels with a catchy CTA and add a subscribe button to foster this act.


Apart from reels on Facebook being fun and easy to make, there’s a whole world of opportunities there. You can monetize reels and make fast cash as a side job any day, any time. The benefits are: it is fun and unstressful.

Why let your creative side go to waste when you can showcase it to the world and get rich trying? Sounds like a plan, right? While enjoying reels made by others, jump on this business to have a taste of the National cake.

Facebook reels are quite the catch. It’d be nice for you to share your experiences with us in the dialogue box below.

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