Hey there, have you been spending a huge amount of money on Facebook advertising campaigns, only to suffer from a very low ROI? Are you looking to build a Facebook ad funnel that saves you effort and time? Do you want to improve your Facebook ad targeting & retargeting?

If your answer to any of the questions above is YES, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll show you how to increase conversions on Facebook ads through Facebook audience targeting and retargeting.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll know how to optimize your Facebook ads by implementing Facebook retargeting and how to take your retargeting campaigns to a professional level.

For starters, it’s worth noting that one of the keys to a successful ad campaign is an excellent Facebook audience targeting & retargeting.

You could have the best products and offers in the world, but what do you think will happen when you target the wrong people?

You guess rightNo one will buy – it’s as simple as that.

When you consider that less than 2% of potential visitors are willing to buy after visiting your website for the first time. You’ll begin to comprehend the importance of audience targeting and retargeting.

Most of the visitors that land on your website isn’t ready to buy. You need to keep in touch with them till they’re willing to become your customers.

With the right strategy, you can increase conversions on Facebook ads while also lowering the cost per conversion. In fact, this is the ultimate measure of an ad’s value.

Facebook audience targeting and retargeting helps you to cut through the noise and identify your ideal customers.

It’s now time to figure out the best way to approach Facebook ads targeting and retargeting.


Powerful Facebook Ad Targeting Strategies to Increase Conversions

facebook ads retargeting

1. Use Custom Audience for Retargeting Campaigns

Undoubtedly, Facebook ad retargeting is one of the most powerful and effective targeting strategies. Connecting with potential customers who have expressed interest in your brand or product is crucial.

Through Facebook custom audiences targeting options, you can reach out to people who looked at your sales pages, people who recently viewed your website or even those who looked at your products.

On another note, you can also exclude people who are unlikely to convert again soon.

In order to use Custom Facebook lookalike Audiences based on website visits, you need first to install Facebook Pixel.

Afterward, follow the instructions below:
  • Navigate to Audiences with your Business Ads Manager account
  • Click on the Create a Custom Audience button and then Website Traffic
  • Select your pixel and set your targeting rules
  • Afterward, you can name your audience and click Create Audience

facebook ads retargeting

2. Using Facebook Audience Insights to Target Competitors Fan Base

Facebook Audience Insights offers a lot of useful data that you can use to understand your Facebook followers. You can use the information to learn how to target potential new customers and followers.

You can also use the information from audience insights to examine your competitors on Facebook and then target their existing followers.

How to achieve this?
  • Navigate to your Audience Insights dashboard and click on the “Everyone on Facebook” option
  • Click on the Create Audience button located on the left side of the page and use the fundamental targeting options like interests, gender, and age to build an audience having the same characteristics as your target audience persona
  • Click on the Page Likes tab to see the kind of pages your target audience connects with. Afterward, you can copy and paste the link into a text file or spreadsheet
  • Navigate to the Create Audience tab and type in the name of your competitors’ Facebook pages under the Interests box.
  • Check out the demographic’s information situated on the right side of the screen to see if you can find any useful audience insights that’ll help you to target your audience more precisely
  • Finally, you can create a new audience based on the demographic insights, then compare it with one of your existing audiences. On the other hand, you can click on save, and that’ll be your audience based on your competitor’s fans.

facebook ads targeting

3. Lookalike Audiences to Target People Similar to Existing Customers

Another good thing about Facebook Audience Insights is that it helps you to build a list of potential customers who have the same characteristics as your present customers.

For instance, if your data tells you that your current customers are likely to be the mid-40s moms living in the US. Then you can get a higher ROI on your advertising efforts by targeting other mid-40s moms living in the US.

Funny enough, Facebook’s tools are much more sophisticated in their audience matching. With Lookalike Facebook ads Audiences, you don’t even need to know the precise data point you’re trying to match. Facebook will do that for you.

Here’s a guide on how to use Lookalike Facebook ads Audiences:
  • Navigate to Audiences with your Business Ads Manager account
  • Click on the Create a Lookalike Audience and select your source- this is the group of current fans or customers whose features you want to match
  • Select the region you want to target and your audience size- usually, the smaller the number, the better your chances of matching your source characteristics
  • Finally, click on the Create Audience button, and that’s all.

facebook ads targeting

4. Test Several Facebook Retargeting Ads

This is another beautiful way to achieve Facebook ad optimization. If you want your Facebook ads campaign to be evergreen, then it’s essential to take steps to avoid ad fatigue.

One way to achieve this is by creating several different Facebook ad audiences and ads that are distinct.

If you’re a service business, then you can decide to create short valuable videos to your target market and end each video with a captivating CTA. On the other hand, eCommerce and product-based brands can create several different ads for advertising various products.

It’s also advisable to use multiple ad formats where possible – you can mix carousel ads, with simple text ads, carousel ads, or even image ads.

The more Facebook ads you create, the higher your chances of running a campaign to the same set of audience. Fortunately, if you create enough ads, your Facebook ads audience retargeting campaign can run for a very long period. Even without any adjustments or modifications.

facebook ads targeting

5. Get Extremely Precise with Layered Targeting

In reality, Facebook offers several targeting options. On the surface, the options are divided into three main categories: behaviors, interests, and demographics. Also, things get pretty granular as you consider each category independently.

For instance, under the demographics, you can choose to target parents. You can also further narrow the target by reaching out to parents with toddlers.

Under the same category, you can choose to target based on the job industry or relationship status. Another possible option is to target divorced parents who have toddlers and are working in management.

Now, imagine what it’ll look like to combine all these layers of targeting. All the instances above are just under the demographics.

Under interests, you could reach out to people who love beach vacations. Then, under behaviors, you can precisely target regular international travelers.

The idea is simple: always get as granular as possible, and each time you want to include another level of targeting, always ensure to click Narrow Further or Narrow Audience.

For instance, if you manage a high-end beach resort and you offer a childcare program, you can target single parents in management-level jobs who travel frequently and love beach vacations.

If your products and services are tied to life events. You can create a promotion that specifically targets people who have recently started a new job, gotten married, or engaged. You can also target people on their birthdays or anniversaries.

As you continue to build your Facebook ads audiences, you’ll notice how small your audience and potential reach has become. If you get too precise, Facebook will inform you.

This strategy is perfect for precise promotions designed to target a specific audience and not ads meant for general business promotion.

When combined with a landing page that communicates directly to your target audience, this strategy can generate fantastic results.



You’ve made it through this chapter and learned how to optimize your Facebook ads via audience targeting and retargeting.

Undoubtedly, Facebook retargeting ads are one of the great ways to boost conversion rate, sales, paid advertising ROI, and your bottom line. An excellent retargeting strategy can be a game-changer.

Whenever you’re trying to increase conversions on Facebook ads, it’s important to always create Facebook ads audiences for people you want to retarget.

While you use general best practices to create and optimize your Facebook ads, you can as well exclude people who are unlikely to convert. By doing that, it becomes easier to get more hyper-focused with your Facebook ads.

The underlying factor is to keep your brand outstanding for people who are still interested in buying from you.

With a well-structured audience targeting and Facebook ads retargeting campaign, you have no other options than to get higher conversion rates.

We do hope you found this article interesting, and we wish you the very best in your audience targeting and Facebook ads retargeting efforts.

In our next article, we’ll show you a list of Facebook ad examples that you can draw inspiration from.

Meanwhile, please stay safe and stay tuned.


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