When you scroll your social media feed, you come across many articles, ads, educational posts, news, photos of friends, and others. But you stop across a few ones that besides a magnetic headline, they come also with an impressive design.

Design is an important part of everyone’s life. Some people like to think that only architects or designers create pieces of design, but this is not true. Content writers, marketers, bloggers, or technical writers also create visuals to enhance their content. Visuals have turned out to be in the last few years the one that attracted the attention of people. As the attention span is constantly decreasing, brands and companies are trying to find ways to attract their target audience.


Content writers already have the creativity and skill they need to write compelling stories and hook the audience. They already know to write in such a way that makes their target audience pause scrolling and read their article or blog post. But people learn easier by seeing the information expressed in a visual way, in the form of a graphic, infographic, or creative design post. These visuals can convince the audience to read more, but it also helps you boost traffic and attract more leads.

Here are 5 essential design ideas for outstanding content creation. 

Essential Design Ideas For Outstanding Content Creation

1. Write Your Bio and Add a Photo of You 

You may write amazing content that reaches its audience, but to be remembered by your readers, you need to help them associate the text with the person. Many writers create content because they do not have to physically expose themselves in front of their audience. They expose their ideas, arguments, opinion, feelings, or emotions through writing, so this is the main leverage writers have. For this reason, many of them are not comfortable with sharing their contact details or photos.

But actually doing this will help you enrich your content creation. If you have a bio where you add a few things about your experience, skills, what you hate or what you love, people will get closer to you. You can choose to present yourself however you want, but you can do it in a creative way. Unleash your creativity and create an amazing design.

2. Text on Photos 

One of the easiest ways to send complex information to your public is through incredible and inventive designs. Depending on the topic of your content, you can choose how to do it. Many content creators choose a photo or create a visual element by themselves and then add all kinds of icons and pieces of text. All these can result in outstanding visuals that can enhance your content creation, only if you follow some rules.

Image source: Unsplashed

And one of the most important rules is to limit the number of words you add on your visual elements. Why? Because you should select only the most important information. People will read your content to find out more details, but you can’t copy-paste your article on a photo. At the same time, it is essential to not forget to repeat the numbers or information you present in your visuals in your text too. And add a few more details, in case it will help your readers understand it better.

3. Be Original

Copied content or design ideas do not attract people, nor do they enhance your content. This is why originality is very important and it can add your content that human and personal touch people are yearning for. How to create amazing designs to make your content outstanding? You could start with a few recommended templates on Canva, a free design tool. You have plenty of elements to add and their database is huge. Then, unleash your creativity and create something that represents you.

4. Make Use of White Space

White space is important not only in design but in content creation too. If you have a website where you share your content and also create design visuals to enhance it, then you should take care of how the final article looks like.

Image source: Unsplashed

Something that all content creators aim for is an increase in the number of people that read their content, follow, and share it. Besides the actual information sent through your piece of text, or emotions and feelings, you need to make your content easy to read. This means that you should avoid packing all the sentences in a paragraph that is endless. Make use of white space to give your content and design a different feeling.


5. Adapt Your Content

Social media and the internet are the ones that could help you reach more people. Considering the fact that the global pandemic left many people without jobs, many of them shifted to online businesses or remote jobs. People spend more time on social media than ever and here you can make your content creation known.

Besides the visuals and white space, it’s important to adapt it to every social media channel. For example, on Facebook the emphasis is put on the text rather than on photos. While on Instagram is exactly the opposite. Take into consideration that every platform has a limit of words you can write, so make sure you adapt your content to every social media platform.



Content creation has become more accessible to people, as more and more are looking for remote and flexible jobs. No matter you create content for your blog, business, or just to promote some products, content creation can be enhanced by following a few basic rules. To make your content clear and readable, you could make use of white space. Adapt your content to every social media platform you are active on and unleash your creativity when you create your designs. Do not add too much text on photos and share your bio and a photo of you. Like this, your content will be both outstanding and memorable.

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