To get a top rank in search engines may seem something like a daunting task to many. But if we understand the secret technique that SEO experts use, it is not that hard to break the code of ranking higher and better in search engines. The basic reason for the success of an SEO company in being able to highlight the site to Google, in general, is it being able to present what exactly a search engine wants from a particular site. Thus we can also make our sites rank better in search engines if we do follow the same approach, i.e. presenting the search engines with what they expect us to showcase. Let’s find out if deep link ratio is truely the secret technique to enhance Google ranking


Spilling the secret to rank higher in search engines

The major secret to ranking higher in search engines is all about what measures we choose to optimize our site. Optimization means the best we can do to make something look close to perfect. Various factors make a website rank better than the other one. Of all the factors that help in the optimization of the website, the most important factor is including “deep links” to your site. The deep linking factor alone can make your site rank the highest in search engines.


What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking in the language of the World Wide Web states the process of “how the search engines with the use of a hyperlink can help a user reach the web content directly instead of taking the user to the home page of the website”. This way, the user can access the information required for related searches.


How does the deep link ratio affect the organic search rankings?

Let us begin by understanding what exactly deep link ratio is at first. A deep-link ratio is a way to measure the inbound links present on the different pages of the website to the total number of inbound links present on the homepage of the website.

Let us understand the concept of the Deep link ratio with the help of an example below:

For example, there are a total of 1600 inbound links present on your website.

Of which, let us assume 642 are the links to the homepage of your website.

And the remaining 958 are the links to specific pages of your website.

Now let us calculate the deep link ratio :

Deep-link ratio= Deep links to specific pages/Total number of inbound links




The deep link ratio for this consideration is 59.5%.

By this percentage of deep link ratio of 59.5%, we get an understanding that this percentage of the deep links highlights better in search engines as an organic link profile in comparison to a website that has almost all its links attached to the homepage.


Evidence that proves that deep link ratio has interrelation with ranking factor in search engines

A specific mention of deep links is not found anywhere officially by Google or any other search engines.


     1. Google’s suggestion to rank better in search engines

  • To naturally rank better in search engines, you should focus on creating high-quality content. Quality is a way for you to stand apart from the crowd. This way, you will not only be unique from your peers but also get more crowds to your web page.
  • Good over average, i.e. if you create good content, eventually your content will highlight in the reader’s column. By creating good content, your readers will want to read your content, and it will rank better in search engines.


This shows that the approach is in close vicinity to the concept of deep links that we discussed earlier, but it does not specifically mention the concept of deep links. Also, there is no such statement or claim by Google on the concept of deep links.


     2. Evidence that talked of deep links in the past

  • In the year 2004, a mention of deep links was there for the very first time by a link-building agency. The concept of deep links did showcase for the very time in the form of an example on how to calculate deep link ratio but no proof of it being a ranking factor in search engines is mentioned anywhere.
  • In the year 2006, (a platform that advises on search engine optimization) also came up with an example to calculate the deep link ratio following the footprints of the article of 2004. This article, too, didn’t give any statement on deep links and search engines rankings interrelation.
  • In the year 2006, a study on link-based characterization and detection of webspam showed an interlink between homepage links with spammier websites. By this study, we get a hint on the linkage between deep links and search engines rankings.


Our verdict on deep link ratio as a ranking factor in search engines

To rank better in the search engines,  any reputed SEO company would suggest you on building varied links to your website consisting of both a mix of links attached to the homepages of the website and the deep links.

Having understood the concept of deep links, we can say that deep links are directly proportionate to the higher search engine ranking.

Google uses deep links for checking webspam. By following the footprints of the deep links attached to a webpage, one can reach the web spammer.



Until Google gives an official statement on deep links interrelation to search engine ranking, we too cannot claim this observation. But we, as an SEO company in Kolkata, are aware of the fact that it doesn’t make a difference what the count of the total number of inbound links attached to a webpage is. Quality does rule over quantity! If the total number of inbound links does not make any difference in the rankings of the search engines, we can assume that deep links attached to the website do make a difference, considering both total inbound links & deep links are the only determining factors in calculating the deep link ratio.


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