As cryptocurrency continues to rise in popularity and become widespread, crypto affiliate networks follow its lead. Crypto affiliate marketing can be highly profitable, but it’s more complex than traditional cash affiliate marketing. One of the most popular crypto affiliates is Bitcoin.


What is Crypto Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing programs are channels and systems used by many businesses to attract new customers. Affiliate marketing is a proven effective strategy to encourage potential customers to avail their services and goods. It’s also been widely used in the crypto field.

Crypto affiliate marketing is supported by a program that rewards affiliates with crypto for every customer they bring to the site, or depending on their terms and conditions.

There are usually two approaches with crypto affiliate marketing:


  • Affiliate marketing schemes support crypto payments from your acquisitions but pay their affiliates with standard currency.
  • Affiliating companies offer goods and services and pay their affiliates with crypto, most likely BTC, for their acquisitions.


How Does It Work?

When you’re in an affiliate program, you will get a unique link from the company, which you’ll give to your friends, families, and potential customers. The link will direct to the client’s landing page or a particular product listing. This allows the company to track the performance of its affiliates.


Crypto affiliate programs usually offer high payments, like Bitcoin. Other benefits include:

  • Steady and recurring revenue stream
  • High commission rates
  • Extensive opportunities for it to expand and grow more


You can earn Bitcoin by making potential customers buy your partner’s goods and services or simply visit their site. If you wish to convert your crypto to cash, you can go to exchanges like Paydepot to do so.

Niches of Crypto Affiliate Networks

Crypto affiliate networks can serve a wide range of niches. But, there are some specific business types or industries they work well with. Some of these include:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services
  • Online retail storefronts that support cryptocurrency in their payment options
  • Dating and hook-up platforms
  • Online casinos and gambling sites
  • Online and mobile games

What Do You Need To Start?

Before you start, you need to have these things:

  • Preferred crypto affiliate/referral program
  • Traffic source
  • Marketing ideas

What to Do to Earn?

If you want to earn Bitcoin through this method, follow these steps:

  1. Become an affiliate – Apply to your preferred company or business and wait for it to get approved.
  2. Create and share a link – Once you become an affiliate, you’ll either be given a link or will need to create your own. Share your link to your friends, families, and on your social media accounts to engage with potential leads as well.
  3. Earn commissions – Let people use your link. Depending on your contract, you may earn a commission once potential customers make a particular action. For example, if they signed up to the site or bought something.


Risks of Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing where you can earn Bitcoin is probably the most popular and the best choice for a crypto affiliate program. However, it’s best to remember that there are risks involved. This includes the crypto’s volatility and security.

First, it’s a fact that crypto is highly volatile. BTC value may fluctuate a lot, affecting the level of earnings you may receive. Second, crypto can easily be hacked and tampered with. When this happens, billions of crypto value can be wiped off. This will also result in you losing the affiliate commissions you earned.

Working with a crypto affiliate scheme is like a gamble because of these risks. However, it’s also worth it to stick to it because there’s a high chance of getting high payout values. The best way to protect yourself is to learn how to avoid crypto affiliate marketing scams.


Common Crypto Affiliate Marketing Scams

You need to be aware of the common scams in the industry to avoid them. Here are the most common scams you need to be aware of:


     “Fly-by-night” scammers

Since the crypto affiliate market is constantly growing, new schemes continue to emerge now and then. Some of them are outright scams without any intention of paying crypto commissions. These kinds of scammers run off and set up a new business again in the next few days, with a new name and website.


     Holding commissions

This is the most common kind of scam in all types of affiliate marketing. Affiliate schemes will not credit your commissions or find reasons to hold your earned money.


     Manipulating conversion rates

Crypto is volatile, so they constantly fluctuate. Although this isn’t directly a scam, you need to look out for schemes with no fixed conversion rates. This means that the value of your earned commission should remain the same even if the market value of crypto drops.

The best way to avoid these scams is always to read the fine print and conditions before you join an affiliate scheme entirely. Check if they provide robust security measures or choose a reputable website with an established scheme already. Once you fall for these scams, it will be hard to chase after them.


Tips for Crypto Affiliate Marketing

Here are some tips to ensure the best affiliate marketing performance:


  • Try content marketing. You need to make good content and post it on your blog or social media accounts. Sharing your crypto knowledge will undoubtedly pique the interest of many.
  • Utilize SEO. One way to source traffic is using SEO. Optimize your blog posts, so they reach a larger audience.
  • Give incentives to potential leads. Depending on the scheme, you can give incentives like discounts to encourage them to click your link and try the service or goods.



Crypto affiliate marketing is an excellent way to earn passive crypto income. It’s easy to start, but it will require effort so you can generate constant commissions. Remember that you’re dealing with crypto, and many risks are involved. Find the best and most reputable schemes to apply to avoid getting scammed.


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