Having an online course idea but not sure about how or where to begin with? Well, an idea with no care plan of action might go vague. So, it is important to go through the necessary steps which would guide in the creation of the desired online course. From preparing course content to figuring out technical details for getting paid online, there’s a lot to consider. This article aims to provide in-depth guidance on how to create online courses.                  

Before discussing the steps of creation, it is important to understand why we create an online course?

The following are the few reasons which explain why we create an online course. These reasons would help us construct our online course accordingly.

  • Some people create an online course to earn money out of it. In this, people have to invest their time once in the creation of the course. Later he gets paid whenever a new person joins.
  • Sometimes people create an online course to promote their products and brand. A person who got benefitted from your online course will build trust and would like to explore more of your products and services.
  • Another important reason behind the creation is to have a positive impact on the world. Some people want to work and help others, so they create an online course to achieve their objective of helping others. There are cases when people send feedback and admit how a particular course has changed their life in one or some ways.

Most Important Steps to Creating an Online Course

create an online course

After the discussion about the reason why we want to create an online course, it’s time to discuss the necessary steps which would help in the creation of a perfect online course. The following are the steps given.

1. Select a feasible topic

The foremost step in the creation of an online course is to select a feasible topic about which we want to make an online course. It is always good to select a topic of your interest, a topic you are passionate about, or a topic about which you have immense knowledge. 

It is important to validate that your idea is unique and entice people. People must find it interesting and feel worth paying for it.

The following are some of the ways of validating your idea:

  • The best way of validating your idea is to check available topics or subjects on your idea. If you see that there are plenty of topics based on your idea available on the internet. Then you must drop the idea as the market for the same has already been flourished and people are making good money out of it.
  • Another perspective could be that you can find a different angle or approach to the available internet topic.
  • Another way is to check the market gap. You can deploy your online course resource in the market which lacks the most.
  • You can ask the audience using social media platforms about the topic in which they would be interested. This would be the best way to gathering ideas for your online course.


2. Create the content for your online course

The next step after the selection of an idea for the online course is to create content for the same. This is the most important and time-consuming step of the whole process. Making structure for the online course would help in easily creating the course content. The best step in course content creation would be to focus on the results that you want your students to achieve. Once you figure out the goals for students, you will eventually get the content when you move backward.

The following steps might help in the creation of course content:

  • First, you should draw a course outline. This will serve as a structure for your online course.
  • The next step is to create content according to the pre-decided outline and goals.
  • Next, you must try to build engagement with the students. The students understand and learn better when they get actively engaged with the learning content.  


3. Upload the content

After creating the content, the next step is to upload the same online. The students would be able to have access to the course only when it gets uploaded online. You can host your course content with the help of the following options:

  • You can use WordPress and host the content yourself.
  • You can also use an online platform to host your content.


4. Set price for an online course

Once you create an online course, you need to take the necessary steps before finally launching it. The most critical task in course creation is to set a price for the same. One needs to consider various factors while deciding on the price for an online course. The following are some of the pricing tips:

  • It should be kept simple and enable you to earn quicker.
  • It must have a low cost in the beginning to attract more customers.
  • Get your idea tested among potential customers before investing your money in it.

  You must keep changing your price over time. You have to adjust it as per the changing factors, business growth, and other business environmental conditions.

5. Make a sales page for an online course

The next step is to create a sales page for your online course. This page will inform the customers about your created course and will also insist on them to purchase the same. This page will inform customers about the problems to which this course would be a solution, what will be the things that they would learn and what goals would they achieve after the completion of the course.

6. Make and sell your created course online

The next step is to market the online course. It is important to advertise the market and sell the course if you want to be successful in your invested efforts. One can choose various methods such as social media platforms, blogging, paid advertising, etc to market the online course. These methods would help in increasing sales for an online course.

These are the steps that you guide in the creation of an online course. Following these steps would result in better execution of the desired content plan. People can make create various online courses that suit their interests. They can create online courses, career guidance tests, etc. to help students achieve their goals. 


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