Viral social challenges have been making big waves across different social media channels. These viral challenges on social media have served as a great marketing strategy for businesses and brands. The purpose of this article is to guide you on how to create a viral challenge on Instagram, TikTok, etc.

We have provided you with effective tips for creating your first social media challenge just below. Creating social challenges can help you market your business & grow your brand, but it must be done the right way. Without further ado, let’s get down to how you can setup a viral social challenge.


How to Create Your First Viral Social Challenge 

Step 1: Create a captivating challenge topic

The first step to successfully create a viral challenge on social media is creating a catchy topic that will captivate your audience. The topic selected must bring value to your target audience & relate to your agenda. Your “challenge topic” should address a fundamental concern like raising awareness for struggles or issues in your locality.

There are certain questions you need to ask yourself before choosing a viral social challenge topic. Can the topic you chose give immediate insight into what your target audience should do from the start?

The success of any social media challenge is hugely dependent on choosing a suitable challenge topic. A good example is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The name already tells you that it involves a bucket of ice, and the rest is not difficult to figure out. Also, you have to consider how your chosen topic can help create awareness and promote your cause. People are more likely to take on a challenge when they know what should happen and the challenge’s purpose.

If your viral social challenge topic is difficult to explain, it will be more difficult to make it go viral. However, if you have an easy to understand social media challenge topic, it will be more likely to go viral.

Step 2: Give a detailed explanation of your challenge

The second step to successfully create a viral challenge on social media is to provide details upfront on what your audience needs to do for any subsequent actions. When you do this, you let your audience know why they should participate in the challenge. It would be best if you let your audience have an understanding of what they can gain from the challenge.

The recently viral “don’t leave me challenge” made people realize that they can “play” with words and still pass a good message in a more fun manner. It is advisable to make it very clear what participants get out of the challenge.

Step 3: You must learn to leverage emotions

Human beings are more emotional than rational in every sense of the word. Learning how to create a viral challenge on Instagram, TikTok, etc. involves knowing how to make a positive emotional appeal. The emotional appeal can either increase or decrease the virality of your challenge, depending on your approach.

Before we go any further, you must understand the different classes of emotions. 

  • Positive emotions combined with low arousal can lead to content feelings, therefore decreasing the chances of having a successful viral social challenge.
  • When negative emotions are coupled with high arousal, it can birth anger and anxiety within your audience. Therefore, it reduces your ability to set up a viral social challenge.
  • When you combine positive emotions and high arousal, you often always create awe, excitement, and amusement.
  • Negative emotions, coupled with low arousal, elicit feelings of sadness.

To make a viral social challenge, you will have to strike the perfect emotional chord to encourage participation and sharing. People will be more likely to participate and share content with their friends if it is exciting and fun.

Step 4: Get someone popular or a celebrity to participate in your challenge

This is one trusted way to create a viral challenge on social media successfully. When you have a celebrity that can participate in your social media challenge, it encourages more people to take part in your challenge. These celebrities have millions of followers who are always happy to be part of whatever they do.

You may not have the same number of followers as these celebrities, hence the need to get them to be part of your challenge. If you can get the celebrity to participate voluntarily, it will be a plus to you.


Benefits of Viral Social Challenge On Your Business

Having a viral social media challenge is beneficial to your business in many ways:

1. It gives you foresight. 

Creating a social media challenge around a business you hope to offer in the future provides you with a platform to test how interested your audience is in what you have to offer. It measures how your audience will interact with your business offer and if it will be worth your investment.

2. You create a pitch

When you successfully create a viral challenge on social media around specific products, you create a sales pitch. Although it might not seem like a sales pitch, it does the job of a sales pitch.

Every good social challenge serves as a pitch to sell something or a way of testing the waters. You don’t have to be famous to create value, and that is exactly what challenge on social media can do. It would help if you thought about the exciting offers you have or the potential offers you want to create. Afterward, you will then decide on the subject to help put such offers in front of your audience.



We have provided you with all the information you need to create a viral social challenge on Instagram, TikTok, etc. It is left for you to put these tips to creating your first social media challenge. You must have a clear “call to action” while ensuring your social challenge is easy to perform. Got some questions or comments? kindly use the comment box below.

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