In this world, there are three types of jobs. There are those that are amiable, the ones that are aloof and the ones we likely have not heard of. These jobs are extremely underrated that we seldom hear of someone working in these jobs. One job that counts as such is Content Creating. By creating brochures, blog posts, and many more, content creators are involved in the contributions of information to all media platforms, with digital media being their main focus. With that said, if this sounds like your job description and if you carry the job title of a content creator, here are the tools you need to equip yourself with. 

What You Need

As a content creator, you have an array of opportunities that ask for your job skills. Everything from marketing, writing, designing, etc.  Tools become necessary in tackling a day-to-day job to-do list. They will simplify communication, speed up the creation and ease everything else in between. Here is what you need:

content marketing tools

1. Slack

Slack is perhaps every business’s number one essential tool. It streamlines daily business communications and makes for a great platform that will enhance efficiency all while facilitating decision-making. This communication platform will grant its users a channel that will encourage collaborations, as it expedites the process greatly. It has been proven to be more effective and more efficient than email. 

content marketing tools

2. Adobe

Adobe is every content creator’s secret weapon, which has been regarded as the staple tool for creating content by many. Enabling its users to produce paramount results, this graphic design agent is indeed a must-have. From video-editing, photo-editing, web development and everything else, it’s highly essential. Just as a fencer needs their épée a content creator needs their Adobe Creative Suite. 

3. Digital Asset Software

If you wish to “make work seem less,” then this tool is exactly what you will need. Content creating wizards explain that digital asset management software by IntelligenceBank happens to facilitate your work. This type of software is a content creating agent that works especially well for marketers who hope to manage digital assets, creative content approvals and many other things. Featuring a marketing workflow and marketing approvals with calendars, this tool will help you easily manage your creative content. 

content marketing tools

4. Google Chrome’s Eyedropper

In content creation, finding the exact colors of your business is imperative to the nature of your operations. This tool will help you to do so by generating something that is known as a HEX code. This gets you the exact color you are after by just hovering the eyedropper cursor over the color you desire. 

content marketing tools

5. Spredfast

When a tool is used by worldwide leading marketing and media agencies you ought to be sure of its importance. This unique tool will improve the process of executing your social strategies, which in all honesty is crucial to your work’s advancement. That said, a tool of this power and magnitude will help you reach your audience, and will help you do so faster. 

content marketing tools

6. Skimm 

In this competitive line of work, where your job is depending on the success of your creativity, keeping updated with the trends is mandatory. The way this tool works is by delivering new and up-to-date trends to your inbox. This way you will always be kept in the loop of what is happening in the world of content creating. 

7. Trint

A great part of creating content involves dealing with transcriptions, which can often prove to be a rather tedious task. Seeing as how you can get lost in the overwhelming amount of speech, this tool will provide assistance and support in making sure you avoid any mistakes. This is done by enabling this tool’s speech-to-text feature, which will correct any typos and mistakes made when transcribing. This can also help you save some time, and instead have your hours invested in a different task by just simply plugging the speech into Trint. 

content marketing tools

8. Salesforce

In content creation, your job requires you to interact and collaborate with your customers. This tool does just that. Facilitating customer relationship management, this tool will increase productivity and quality with complete and utter ease. It also updates your revenue information and workflow automation seamlessly as well as integrating with any platform, making for an awesome must-have tool.

A content creator’s job is open-ended and versatile, always introducing its natives to new and profound work experiences. For this reason, all comrades-in-arms of this field must ensure that they are well-equipped with these tools of survival. Of course, make sure you have a powerful marketing tool, as to “make work seem less”.

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