The clubHouse app is the new social media sensation. Everyone craves to join its private discussion rooms, looking for new ways to connect and share information. For brands looking to maximize their ClubHouse experience, it is essential to get things right. Here, we’ll be discussing how to leverage Clubhouse for business.

The pandemic created the need for new ways of communicating. Businesses switched to video conferencing services to continue with their daily activities. The public social media space craved for a new form of communication.

There came The ClubHouse app.

The clubHouse app is a new social media sensation with its unique twist – a combination of live streaming podcasts with a touch of Snapchat. The platform allows users to join chat rooms across a wide range of topics, all audio-only. The discussions held here are audio-only conversations that delete immediately after the session ends.

Created in May 2020, the app has since gained popularity even among top celebrities. Oprah and Chris Rock have been spotted on the platform.

So, why do we think you can leverage Clubhouse for business?


ClubHouse for Business Owners

While there have been several social media platforms in the past and present, Clubhouse shows no signs of slowing down. Although its predecessors boast of celebrities and tech giants, Clubhouse is changing the social media marketing game.

Here are some reasons why Clubhouse may be the next big thing for business owners.

  • The clubHouse app focuses on encouraging valuable conversation rather than produced content.
  • ClubHouse Users are very intentional about who they invite into the platform. This means they are already loyal and protective.
  • It gives a unique platform to connect with celebrities and experts across different fields and niche.
  • The clubHouse app is less focused on algorithms and more on spontaneous rooms with real-time conversations across various topics.

Now that you see the opportunities Clubhouse offers your business let’s talk about scaling your business with Clubhouse.

clubhouse for business

How to Use Clubhouse for Your Business

As a brand looking to expand its nest across multiple social media spaces, Clubhouse is the new app to conquer. We understand that this is a new platform, and it might not be apparent at first. So, we have gathered some relevant tips for you.

Here are some Clubhouse business tips to help you scale your business with Clubhouse.

1. Have Community Building Virtual Events

2020 saw an increase in virtual events and summits. However, there was the fear of privacy issues and the cost of getting everyone together in a live setting.

Clubhouse solves this problem. The platform offers an intimate, exclusive community that can allow your business to hold virtual and in-person discussions with attendees without worry.

2. Help Potential Followers Understand Your Value

As a brand looking to use Clubhouse for your business, you should take every opportunity to get on the “stage.” So, to get the most of the platform, you should endeavor to put yourself out there.

Join conversations that relate to your brand ideas. Once you notice an opportunity to join the conversation, you can request to join the stage. This way, you get to talk about your ideas (while making sure they are relevant to the discussion).

If executed correctly, users who find your information useful to them would check you out and most likely follow.

clubhouse for business

3. Leverage Clubhouse to Build Your Other Social Media Accounts

The Clubhouse app provides users the ability to link their Twitter and Instagram accounts to their profile. You should make use of them!

One of the mistakes most brands make is limiting their reach within a single platform. You shouldn’t. Instead, link your other social media accounts (as permitted by the platform) and see your followers growing simultaneously.

This move would help yield results from the conversations you’ve had within the platform. Interested audiences can quickly locate you on other platforms and follow up.

4. Interact with Industry Experts

The primary aim of Clubhouse is to help provide new ways for users to connect and share information. You must take advantage of this opportunity to help your business grow.

You can connect with industry experts, request to join on stage, and make meaningful impacts in conversations. By doing this, you can command the attention of a new audience, celebrities inclusive, and build a more extensive network.

Remember, this is not limited to your niche alone. Partaking in conversations outside your place could help you tap into a wider audience.

5. Focus on Providing Value

Like we said earlier, the Clubhouse app was built to provide people with new ways to connect and share information. It’s not about pitching or selling your products. So, if you are looking to use Clubhouse for business ideas, you might want to rethink that.

Build conversations around great experiences, discussions, and expertise while giving your audience the ability to connect. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t pitch your business here.

We recommend that you keep the conversation as productive and informative as possible. If it is relevant to the discussion, you could subtly bring up your service or product. Interested audiences will find you on other platforms and connect.


Leveraging Clubhouse for business is good. However, it would help if you did it right since this is not the primary aim of the platform.

Therefore, when looking to scale your business with Clubhouse, we recommend that you focus more on building a community of targeted followers. To achieve this, we have gathered Clubhouse business tips and ideas to help you connect and maximize your experience.

The tips in this article would show you how to promote your business on Clubhouse effectively.

We look forward to your discussions on ClubHouse. Cheers.

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