The Internet nowadays is the biggest source of every kind of information there is. There is more on the web than you can consume in several lifetimes, and it is growing every single second. Many people spend huge chunks of their lives on the web. It is only natural that many aspects of human life have adapted and found their reflection in the virtual world.

Blogging is one such aspect. Sharing your writing with the public has never been easier. When you finally can reach your audience directly – there is nothing stopping you from becoming the writer you always wanted to be. Or is there?

Blogging is a very competitive field. To make your writing stand out among the sea of white noise and information is not easy. But it’s not impossible. There are a couple of techniques that can help anyone establish and maintain a connection with their readers. Just below we are going to be uncovering 5 Blog Writing Strategies 

Best Blog Writing Strategies

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1. Quality Content

Before we go into more obscure tips and tricks, let’s make one thing clear – no amount of marketing is going to cover up for the lack or poor quality of the content you offer. At the end of the day, you are trying to woo your readers with your writing as a blogger. While you can make them look – you can’t make them see. Bringing in some extra page views will do you very little if your blog is empty and useless.

This is by far the most time-consuming part. But there can be no slacking off. Take your time and make sure your material is ready before you let it out in the wild. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it absolutely has to be good.

The time might be a problem. Especially for students who are making their first steps in blogging. So when you are forced to choose between meeting the deadline on your assignment or finishing a blog post – it’s better not to choose at all. If you find yourself hard-pressed – get some outside help from reliable online essay writing services like Essay Pro.

So before taking any shortcuts – make sure the core is up to speed.

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2. Headline Mastery

There is a lot of talk about how people’s attention span gets smaller and smaller with each new generation. It’s a sort of an adaptive trait that helps separate white noise from useful information. So in order to get someone’s attention, you have to have a very strong opening. In the case of blogging, it’s your headline.

A good headline should jump out at you, and provoke some sort of emotion. You’ve probably seen hundreds of what’s called ‘clickbait headlines.’ It’s some sort of absurd or over the top headline that you can’t just skip through. It’s frequently used by modern journalists; for a good reason – it does bring in clicks. Whether these are clicks of curiosity or outrage – doesn’t really matter.

Keep your headline focused, short, and intriguing. Think of what your potential reader might be looking for, play off of their expectations, don’t be shy to exaggerate just a little bit. There’s a difference between ‘My thoughts about fishing’ and ‘Top 10 best fishing tips and tricks for beginners’. One of them is honest; the other will give you more exposure. Take your pick.

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3. Formatting

Spacing is everything in today’s world. Reading takes an awful lot of time. One look at a wall of text can dissuade a reader from staying and actually giving it a try. But there are plenty of ways to trick your mind when it appraises the text. All you have to do is make it easier to read.

Short paragraphs are way easier on the eye than an uninterrupted stream of sentences after sentences.

Giving your reader a short break every three or four lines can help them stay in it for a longer run. Not to mention, it also helps them to better understand the text itself.

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4. Bullet Lists

Another way to captivate someone’s attention is bullet lists. It’s yet another cannon to shoot focused information at your reader even before they actually get into your post. As they skim through it trying to determine whether it’s worth their time, bullet lists jump out from the rest of the writing.

  • Make bullet lists short and focused;
  • Address the needs/hopes/fears of your audience;
  • Design bullet lists as headlines;
  • Assume bullet lists are the only thing a reader will see.

Your bullet lists might be the only place they will actually stop by. Use it along with your headlines to reel a reader in. Give them some of what they are looking for. Let them know this is exactly the place they need. You don’t have to try and cram the entirety of your article in a list. Just show that you have the answers to their questions.

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5. SEO Tricks

Search engine optimization is a relatively new thing that was developed to help increase the exposure of certain pages on the web. An average person is unlikely to dig further than the very first page of search engine results. SEO can help you land as close to the top of that ladder as possible. Which, in turn, drastically increases the probability of your specific page getting some traffic.

The principle is simple – you anticipate the keywords that are likely to be used when searching for certain topics. By implementing these keywords into your page you automatically get a chance of popping up in someone’s search results simply by virtue of using a specific word. Of course, this is just a small fraction of factors that go into an average search engine algorithm.

It might seem like a guessing game. Luckily there are tons of information on the common usage of words in search engines out there. And plenty of software that will make the process of search engine optimization easy and intuitive for you.

Final Words

Just like most things – blogging too can be tweaked and tuned to improve the end result. Utilizing these best blog writing strategies will improve the effectiveness of your blog.

Some of it has to do with the actual quality of your content. Most of it is about playing into the strength and weaknesses of the system modern bloggers find themselves in.

But at the end of the day, if you are willing to adapt to the everchanging standard – you’ll always be able to find your place under the sun.

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