Shopify is the worlds’ leading best online platform for eCommerce stores. Shopify apps do wonders in helping businesses enhance the functionality, and success of their online retail. Below are a few things That Shopify apps can help businesses with:

  • Adding customer reviews
  • Improve email marketing
  • Facebook and Instagram post boosts
  • In-depth analytics of online retail and so much more!

Shopify has thousands of apps to help you with whatever you need, but often business owners are confused as to which apps are the best ones? Which app would give them what they and their store need? Well, to help you make this decision, we have outlined 10 Shopify apps that you can’t go wrong with. So take a look and choose one, to create Shopify app for your business.


1.  Oberlo

In a list of dropshipping apps, Oberlo comes out on top. If you are in search of a supplier, Oberlo can actually help you source one. It also has the advantage of helping prospective entrepreneurs with small business ideas, as well as searching marketplaces for products that can be imported directly. With the help of Oberlo, when you receive an order on the Shopify store, you can easily fulfill it through the drop-shipping supplier via the app. It will directly ship the product asked, to the customers without any issues. You won’t have to worry about delivery or packaging at all!


2. Shopify Email

Emails are a great way to promote business. The Shopify Email app is an amazing marketing app that helps businesses manage their online email presence and campaigns. They keep track of the mailing list, update it, edit it, and keep customers apprised of all the special deals. The app sends out branded emails to all the subscribers in no time. It has pre-made templates that you can easily edit with your logo, description of products and images. You can also customize texts, colour combination and more. This app provides the first 2500 email free every month! After that, you only have to pay $1 for every 1000 emails you send.


3.  Better Replay

Better Replay is a 100% free Shopify app, that helps improve customer care and understanding. The BetterReplay Shopify app allows businesses to view the live recordings of shopper sessions on their app so that business owners can see the interaction between the customer and the store. This allows them to get a better idea of how the customers view the products and what problems they might be facing. With the help of this app, business owners can easily rectify any issues and lower the abandoned cart scores on their stores. This app allows for 5000 sessions per month without any coding required.


4. Advoz

The Advoz Shopify app is the best for all retail owners that require help with social media marketing.  Advoz creates a direct line to a professional, which creates customized posts and ads for Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The professional also helps to set up a new audience that will equate to more leads to the store. All you have to do is pay a weekly ad budget, and have a Facebook business account.


5. Jebbit

The Jebbit app is awesome for all those who want to enhance customer engagement. It helps create amazing shoppable quizzes that help a customer figure out which product they are best suited to. The quizzes also help increase sales and enhance a customer’s shopping journey. You can create all kinds of quizzes from simple surveys to personality questionnaires and lead gen forms.


6. Friendly Accessible Tool

Every customer has their own individual way of shopping. This is why to make sure that your store is easily accessible to all kinds of customers, we have the Friendly Accessibility tools plugin, which can help you create an accessible Shopify app. With this plugin, you can easily adjust settings, by changing font size, text size, color combos, and more. In addition, the best part is that you’ll be making these changes in real-time!


7. Fancy FAQ

FAQ pages are key to the success of every store, especially online stores! Fancy FAQs help make it easy to create search-friendly and attractive FAQ pages. This tool helps create trust with the customers and encourages them to make purchases.


8. Tip Quick

If you want to build a great give and take relationship with your customers, then look no further than Tip Quick. This particular Shopify app allows your customers an option of leaving a quick tip for the store. The option can be anywhere in your store, like a pop-up button, or a small window near the checkout page. It can be a space for customers to share any issues and provide feedback.



This particular Shopify app is free of cost! It helps to create videos for products that ultimately drive up sales for the stores. These product videos are minimum effort! All you have to do is choose what kind of video you want, and the product you want promoted. will pull up all existing images of the product from your website and create a gorgeous promo video for you to share everywhere.


10. Pre Order Alpha

Last but not least is the Pre-order Alpha app. You can use this app to sell your pre-orders, your out-of-stock products, and your coming-soon products. This app will help promote and highlight products for your customers. You can add pre-order buttons to your product pages, and tag them in your admin. This way you can easily keep track of all the orders. This whole process doesn’t take more than 5 minutes!



If you got value from this article, then contact us at MPS and we will help you create an app for your own Shopify store. Trust us, once you start using the app that we’ll create according to your specifications, you will never look back. We’re here to make sure that all your wishes are taken care of by creating the best app for you.


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