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Today businesses operate in a highly-competitive environment. Since the majority of brands are focusing on online channels, the scope of the battle for customers has significantly increased especially in the last several years. A company has to compete not only with local foes but also with global ones. This poses a significant challenge.

Whether you are a new company or already have some experience, marketing strategies are worth studying. You can find alternative, more efficient ways to connect with your target audience. Different types of marketing strategies fulfill different purposes. Some help to reach potential clients, others facilitate retaining the existing ones.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

Customers become more and more demanding. Unfortunately, Fortuna Step and Repeat Banner printing, as well as any other marketing tool alone, can’t increase brand awareness significantly. You need to embrace the scope of tools and techniques. Here are 8 marketing strategy examples worth trying in 2021.

1. Videos Keep Driving Bold ROIs

Video content has been trending among marketing specialists for several years. Users like watching videos. They are easy to comprehend. At the same time, they are highly entertaining. As the statistics show, this type of content has become the most commonly used format in content marketing. It overtakes even blogs and infographics. 

With the rise of social media, short videos are becoming more and more popular. What is more, customers are more likely to watch them till the end, comparing to longer ones. Just make sure to embed a strong, meaningful message!

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2. Hire a Chatbot

The future where smart algorithms and robots will help us in day-to-day tasks is already here. Chatbots are amazing customer service representatives. Although they are a paid digital marketing strategy, the results are worth the expenditures. 

Chatbots offer personalized support. This saves you time, money, and resources. In other words, humans can focus on more meaningful tasks. Apart from that, bots are always there for customers. They don’t need rest and can communicate with clients 24/7.

3. Listen to Your Customers

Some say we should listen to our inner gut when making a decision. Well, in business, you should listen to your customers. They are willing to give you feedback regarding the service, product, and overall impression. Utilize this to improve.

Feedback allows us to adjust a marketing campaign according to the specific needs. Personalized touch never hurts. At the same time, such an approach facilitates building a deep, strong relationship with your target audience.

4. Focus on Micro-Levels

Details matter. That’s the ultimate truth in life. Since customers are becoming more and more demanding, they evaluate every interaction – even the most insignificant. Remember that people’s attention span is very short – 6 to 8 seconds. That’s why they will remember tiny moments. 

First of all, you should work on every touchpoint with your clients. Start from your customer support and delivery man and finish with website interface and social media design. 

Pro-Tip: Micro-Influencers have stronger relationships with their audience and they are significantly cheaper for brand deals. If you’re looking to connect with your target audience, make sure to utilize micro-influencers in your next campaign.

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5. Embrace the Opportunities of Voice Search

Voice search is becoming an integral part of a digital marketing strategy. Why so? Customers all over the world rely on smart speakers and voice assistance more and more. In fact, some studies prove that 60% of smart speaker owners turn to them four or more times per day.

To reach this audience, you can do two things:

  1. Advertise on smart speakers. Remain invasive: it’s better to launch ads in a customer-friendly way. 
  2. Optimize for voice search. Voice search is growing in usage. You have to reach this audience.

6. Advertise on Social Media Platforms

Today, it’s hardly possible to deny the importance of social media. Mobiles and the internet are penetrating deeper into our life. Customers use social media daily – and not even once. The most popular platforms for advertisement are Facebook and Instagram. Since the latter belongs to the former, it’s pretty easy to manage marketing on both.

7. Personalization Is Key

Personalization is one of the best marketing strategies of all time. Modern technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, in particular – help to drive meaningful insights. They allow studying behavioral patterns and use them as a basis for marketing decisions. 

A brand has to deliver a message the way customers want to receive it. This includes the type of content, a channel, and even timing. You can go even deeper and learn what exact message a customer wants.

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8. Go for Visual Content

According to numerous studies, people prefer visual content. This explains the popularity of videos. Besides, you have to focus on images. People will want to read your content if they see colored visuals. It attracts attention and affects attitude. That’s why posts with images have higher engagement rates.

What strategy do you consider the most effective? Do you have successful marketing strategy examples?

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