Every feature and tool on the Instagram platform seems to be very carefully planned and incorporated so as to help the business owners and marketers alike a great deal. Right from the photo editing and filters feature to the Instagram analytics, from Instagram Stories to Instagram Stories Highlights feature, everything seems to be exceptionally useful for marketers for brand and product promotion.

Rightfully so, this photo and video sharing app is the most popular and favored one for the business marketers one which has the largest number of fans following, tuning to the excess of one billion currently according to research.

Use of Artificial intelligence

Moreover, the advent and use of Artificial intelligence will make Instagram and influencer marketing more useful and sensible with more data available for analysis and use. AI will help in ways more than one including:

  • Making the complicated process of tracking ROI of your Instagram investment easier and at the same time 
  • Help you and your team to find out both qualitative and quantitative touchpoints of your marketing process.

Therefore, AI is the right kind of technology that will help you to make the best use of the platform as well as all its features and tools for you to take advantage of. It is one of the most valuable tools that will facilitate influencer marketing and integrate social media and Instagram marketing in the best possible way.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you see a growing trend of using more progressive teams and artificial intelligence agencies by business owners and marketers like Blastup alike. This will help them to clarify their ROI and so shall you benefit if you use it as well.

AI Instagram Live

What the experts are saying

The experts have a great opinion about Artificial Intelligence and its use in marketing, especially influencer marketing. This is because they say that influencer marketing is all about incongruent numbers that include different parameters of some of the most important aspects of business marketing such as:

  • The reach of the posts
  • The target market and audience
  • The demographics of the audience
  • The budgets allocated for marketing
  • The timing of the posts and mots more.

All these things make machine learning quite a challenge for marketers. This is because machine learning is all about:

  • Asking the right questions and knowing the right answers and solutions
  • Running the right algorithms depending on the data gathered and analyzed and 
  • Making the right hybrid approach to machine learning.

All this will ensure that you are offered better, more effective and newer insights for your campaign across the entirety of it.

Quite naturally, Artificial Intelligence is the best thing that could have happened to influencer marketing in this given business scenario where everything from communicating to closing a deal, from product promotion to making a purchase transaction is essentially digitized.

Improving your relationships

Surprising as it may sound to you, the use of Artificial Intelligence in influencer marketing will enable you to improve your relationship within your organization as well as outside with your influencers and the followers.

What you should do ideally is:

  • Gather and look at all the data you are able to collect
  • Analyze the data using the latest technology and analytical tools
  • Find the loopholes if any in your strategies and rectify them at the earliest.

When you have a better relationship established with your audience as well as your influencers, it will be much easier for you to measure the success of your influencer marketing efforts.

Just make sure that you treat your audience and your influencers right so that they will be more inclined to work for and with you and perform the necessary actions in the future.

Continue to grow

Just like the importance of influencer marketing will continue to grow in this modern market, you will be able to grow your fan following as well with the help of your influencers. For example:

  • When the influencers work with different brands in general or even for a specific event and get great treatment, they will actively look for better ways in which they can help the brands. 
  • When a business, on the other hand, wants to use an influencer just for an introduction or for writing about the brand, they can see right through it and are far less likely to promote for that particular brand.

Therefore, to make the most out of influencer marketing, it is essential that you understand the major trends and be prepared to take them up in your Instagram marketing efforts.

The best way to know about the current trends that you may be missing out on is by looking at your competitors and the trends that they are following. Ask your influencer to follow the same trends, if not some better ones so that you achieve the same results.

AI Instagram Live

The Instagram Live feature 

Sometimes, it may not be enough to get your point across with the simple use of your best Instagram photos, videos or stories. It is during these times you should be bold enough to experiment with the Instagram Live feature.

This feature will enable you to post a live video in real-time. There are several different ways in which you can use this feature for your best benefits and to achieve Instagram success. 

  • You can consider covering a live event
  • You can host a question and answer session
  • You can host a live show
  • You can conduct an interview and even 
  • Blogging.

There are several brands that are still experimenting with Instagram Live; however, the unique thing about this feature is that you need not make it perfect to make the best use of it. Since content in this platform is transitory, this feature gives you the opportunity to present your brand by highlighting your brand voice and personality.

This will enable you to find a place in the market as well as make a stronger and longer impression in the minds of your followers by introducing a new product with more punch packed in your video as compared to any standard post.

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