Employment background screening is prominent today as more employers promote and practice them. With an array of background check information and services, clarifying the needs and reasons is vital. If an employer understands his position to assess the different options, picking the best Health Street background check service is easy. The success of background check services depends on several factors. Accuracy, estimated cost, and Federal regulations are pivotal in finding a reliable background check service provider. The article focuses on the tips for picking the best background screening provider.

Determining Whether There is a need for Background Check Service

Some common types of background checks are:

  • Credit report
  • Criminal report
  • Social media use
  • Work history
  • Reference check
  • Driving record
  • Personal information
  • Credential verification
  • Workers’ compensation record

Employers should know as much as possible and make the right decision. The laws and regulations concerning background checks vary across states and jurisdictions. Every type of background screening has specific inspection lines and maintains confidential information. Choosing one background check provider is practical as it assures the report’s validity and protects against lawsuits for negligence.

Learning about the Options

There are two options for Health Street background check services.

1. Full-Service Provider

Such providers undertake 100% responsibility for an investigation or background screening. A full-service provider conducts assessments and inspections on previous employment and criminal records. Such service providers inform about the investigation and seek consent from the candidate. Depending on the investigation time and resources, the full-service background investigation costs between $35 to $95 per case.

Investing in a full-service provider is beneficial because:

  • The providers abide by the state and Federal regulations, eliminating legal compliance hassles.
  • Provide more thorough reports because of their more profound investigation process than online services.
  • The providers enable clients to review their investigation reports via specific online portals.

2. DIY Websites

They function similarly to online search engines. With the entry of a candidate’s name, multiple records are available. Several organizations conduct background investigations through DIY websites as a cost-effective measure. The websites don’t abide by federal and state regulations and are best avoided during pre-employment screening. There is no assurance that the data and information are complete or accurate. Though the service costs are cheaper (around $15 per case), some genuine websites provide complete details. Awareness of the risks of acquiring incomplete and inaccurate data about an individual is pivotal.

Background Check Services

Assessing Options

Finding resources on the best background check providers is easy with online search engines. Selecting an ideal one should include evaluation depending on requirements.

Legal Compliance

It is the most critical factor if organizations want not to risk or encounter lawsuits for conducting illegal employment screening. Full-service providers comply with regulations and policies and are the best choices.

Types of Screening

The types of background screening differ from one provider to the other. Some engage in personal records verification along with criminal records. Others include drug screenings if the state and federal laws permit them in a jurisdiction. Experts advise reviewing the standard and additional packages to make the right choice. Most organizations aim for tailor-made Health Street background check packages instead of relying on basic investigations.


Budget is a vital factor in picking a background check service. A lot depends on how much one is willing to spend investigating a potential candidate. The cost varies depending on the details and insights of reports. For example, the cost of the service rises if an employer conducts an educational verification check along with driving records.

Turnaround Time

The time taken to complete a background check varies from one provider to another. Leading service providers take up to two days for the standard screening. Organizations should check the turnaround time before investing in a background check provider.


The prevalence of background checks is rising every day. Most modern employers realize the value of conducting Health Street employment screening, like personal information verification, educational certificate records, past employment, criminal records, and drug tests. Having insights into the candidate helps organizations to make ideal hiring decisions. Accuracy and reliability of background check providers are pivotal, and the tips help achieve them.

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