We all know the value behind a loyal following on Instagram. The ability to generate a passive income simply from a large following is like never before. But how exactly can you turn followers into leads? In this article we will be going over 5 Ways to Generate High Quality Leads on Instagram. 

What is a Lead?

First off, what is a lead? A lead is an interested individual that match certain criterion who may have a need for a certain product or service that you provide. Leads can be acquired in a vast majority of ways but typically they come from exposure to your brand. Whether it be through Instagram Ads, Content or Free Gifts an individual that is interested in what you have to offer is considered a lead.

How to Perform Lead Generation

The act of searching for leads is called lead generation. Almost all large brands, business and corporations have some sort of lead generation. They wish to communicate with leads in the hopes to convert them into clients. But in order to communicate with them you need to have the proper tools to do the job.

how to generate leads on instagram

In order to attract leads you need to give them incentive to communicate with you. Whether it be through free goodies, a contest, etc. you have to provide value to them before they even start the communication process.

Landing Page/Sales Funnel

This is where you collect information on your leads, typically an email and their name. This information is vital to collect in order to communicate appropriately with leads. Without a sales funnel or landing page you may as well just throw the incentive out to everyone in hopes of nothing in return.

Email Autoresponders

Email Autoresponders are the bread and butter when it comes to lead generation. The information you collected from the landing page allows you to start the communication process with leads and in time turn them into clients. The email autoresponder is a previously established line of communication that keeps in constant contact with leads without the need for constant management. This is what allows business/brands to scale and focus on gaining new leads without having to constantly manage preexisting ones.

In conjunction, it is these 3 key tools that are needed to create a well oiled money making machine. Now that we understand the tools that are needed to generate leads and turn them into clients. Let’s dive into How to Generate Leads on Instagram!

5 Ways to Generate High Quality Leads on Instagram

how to generate leads on instagram

1. Linking Like a Pro

There is nothing worse than misusing links on your Instagram Accounts. What do I mean by misusing? I define link misuse as the act of sending a potential lead to an irrelevant page or to a page with no sense of direction. For example, have you ever clicked on a free offer link, only to be taken to the home page of the website. This forces the lead to work for the free offer and scatter the website looking for it. This will drastically reduce your conversions and cause many leads to avoid clicking your links in the future. That double edged sword is hard to come back from, losing lead trust is a big opportunity lost!

Instead utilize your bio and bio links as the beginning of the sales funnel. Add some creative language to drive the social traffic to click on the bio link and have it take them to the appropriate site. This is what linking like a pro means. As the marketer you have to do all the work for the lead. The less the lead has to work the better.

2. Videos Tell the Best Stories

Although photos do receive typically more engagement on average when compared to videos. Videos gain a lot more social reach and have a higher chance of going viral on Instagram. In addition, video is becoming the preferred way that users want to intake content. Meaning that not only is it easier to gain attention but the actual story telling is much easier to get across than a picture. Incorporate video into your marketing strategy and get creative. The ability to create mesmerizing videos with little professional background is easier than ever. There are so many ways to tell a story and to capture it in live action creates the emotional bond that turns viewers into leads. Try creating a sales video or a brand story video to increase the amount of leads you generate on Instagram.

how to generate leads on instagram

3. Showcase Products in a Natural Way

I see so many accounts on Instagram getting way to sales-y with their posting. The post they create to showcase their products are rigid and driven to promote the product as loud as possible. When it comes to Instagram subtlety and consistency are key to promoting products. Instead of blasting your feed with “BUY ME NOW!” post, instead showcase your products in a natural fashion. Have models showcase your products in real life to help followers understand the lifestyle that is acquired when they have your product or service. An even better way to accomplish this is to utilize user generated content! This is the best way to showcase satisfied customers that then encourage new followers to become clients. In addition, this increases your reputation, strengthens your community bond, and produces testimonials for your business/brand.

how to generate leads on instagram

4. Creative Instagram Stories

Instagram stories is one of the easiest ways to generate leads on Instagram. It enables accounts to continually pump out content that drives traffic off Instagram without cluttering the feed. Story Links are inherently useful here. This is what allows you to take viewers of a story directly to a landing page with nothing more than the swipe of a finger. In addition, a way that I use my Instagram stories is the same way that I perform my email automation. I provide two engaging post that hype up the offer that is about to come. So for my stories I break it down to provide two post with value followed by an action. The goal is to peak the viewers curiosity without giving away the full details. In addition, it creates a sense of urgency because the story post itself is only there for 15 seconds at a time and only live on the account for a full 24 hrs. This means if users want to act, they have to act fast! It is this type of fast action that generates massive amounts of leads.

how to generate leads on instagram

5. Provide Value Everyday!

Whether it be through posts or contest. It is vital to provide your followers with a consistent flow of value. This type of action stems from a psychological perspective that is inherent in most human beings. That is when you provide value to a person they feel the necessity to return that value to you. For example, if your friend buys you lunch you would feel predisposed to give them something in return, maybe dessert or you buy their movie ticket. Whatever the case may be when someone provides value to another there is an inherent predisposition to return the favor. The same is true on Instagram! When you consistently provide value to your followers you will see an increase in engagement, following and lead generation. It all stems from how much value you are willing to provide. The more the merrier!

This wraps up the 5 Ways to Generate High Quality Leads on Instagram. Utilize these tactics to start making a passive income from your following.

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