It comes to no surprise that video content is taking over social media. By 2019, video content will become the major driving force behind social traffic. Currently, in 2018 Social Media Marketers everywhere are placing a heavy focus on creating video content for social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube. Although creating video content is much more time consuming, it’s also highly more efficient at generating reach, engagement & traffic. Viral Videos are one of the best & fastest methods for organic growth, increasing sales, & establishing a community. But how exactly do you create a viral video? Just below, we are going to cover 5 Viral Video Types that People Will Want to Watch & Share.


When it comes to establishing your brand, one of the best methods for creating viral videos is to tell your story. Creating a narrative of your brand or business is a great way to establish an emotional connection & trust with your audience. Trust is something that is incredibly hard to establish without personal physical interactions. However, using a brand narrative opens up your business to the audience, providing transparency which is essential.

Check Out this narration of The Spot Coffee Shop

Key Take-Aways:
  • Justin was able to creatively establish his brand. He spoke of the differences in customer service, atmosphere, & quality that you’ll receive when you go to his shop over major brand competitors.
  • He refers to his community as a “family” which creates a strong emotional connection. In addition, he puts all his money back into his business to better serve his customers.
  • His story of starting his shop with the last €20,000 to his name inspires people to support local businesses.
  • The video does not focus on Justin speaking the whole time. Instead, by using Justin’s voice as a background narrative, while daily footage of the business plays on the screen. He is able to make the viewer feel as if they are right there in his shop.
  • Justin uses CTA’s to entice people to visit his store nearing the end of the video. He says “customers cannot wait to come back!”

Silent Action

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth a million. Sometimes the best way to convey a message is through actions instead of words. Back in the beginning era of T.V., almost all videos were silent. Entire skits & stories were expressed in black & white with absolutely no words. Body language was the key to helping viewers translate actions into comprehensible situations. Body Language is a powerful thing that can be used to evoke very deep emotions.

Check Out Emotional Video:

Key Take-Aways:
  • The soft & slow music in the background helps to emotionally connect the viewer. It sets the mood of sadness & guilt for the events are about to take place. Getting the viewer in a proper mindset is imperative for the best delivery of the content.
  • Staring at the starving old man, the viewer is hit by a tidal wave of sad emotions. The reason for this is the facial expressions that the main character shows: she loses her smile, her overall demeanor shifts from elated to gloomy, she pauses & looks at her food with a look of uneasiness. All of these small actions build up to extremely powerful emotions that are transferred straight to the user.
  • The overall presence of this poor, starving & old man further reinforces the depressing mood. He is outside leading the viewer to believe he’s homeless. He longingly stares inside the cafe, pushing the idea that he is famished but probably has no money. His overall body language could be described as weak, weary, & depressed.
  • Finally, the build-up to the huge message, which is “help out others”. This is perfectly displayed throughout the closing minute of the video. The entire setting shifts from depressing to uplifting, the music melodies start to increase, their body languages shift, & their facial expressions become significantly more positive. This closing scene is the CTA for this video. It is showing that taking the time to make others happy will, in turn, make you happier.


What do you always send your friends in group messages? Memes & Funny Fail Videos! Humor is bar far one of the biggest contributors to viral content. Take a look at some of the most influential Instagrammers: King Back, Nash Grier, Logan Paul, etc. all of them have insane communities built around their ability to make people laugh. Positivity has a higher likelihood of being shared, therefore, content that makes people smile & laugh will have a higher rate of sharability.

Check Out this Twerk Fail Video

Key Take-Aways:
  • This took an already viral topic, twerking and merged it with an even bigger humor community, fail videos! This video became explosively viral generating millions of views.
  • Jimmy Kimmel was able to appropriately put in his branding to direct the traffic to his brand. Allowing him to speak to a whole new & younger audience and direct them to his personal brand.


Value is essential when creating viral videos. Informational & educational content may not seem like having a high rate of viral ability but with the proper delivery, it can be monumental. One of the hardest things about the education industry is that for most people they find it boring. For instructors, finding a way to make learning fun has been the hardest obstacle to overcome. However, with the emergence of social media & unique video editing, the educational content has seen a total revitalization.

Check Out 4 Meals Anyone Can Make

Key Take-Aways:
  • This video from Buzzfeed’s Tasty does an incredible job of taking a long drawn out process like cooking & compresses it into “snackable” sized chunks of information for the user to consume.
  • Without the use of any speech, they are able to convey full recipes in a mouth-watering fashion.
  • The music choice is simple & light setting the mental mood that cooking this food is really easy!
  • The camera angle is perfect for making the viewer feel as if they are right there cooking the meal.

Stop Motion

By far one of the most creative viral video styles out there. This method is extremely time consuming and very difficult to pull off, but when it is done correctly it is breathtaking. Stop Motion involves the process of creating a video from photos alone. That means you’re taking every photo to be 1 frame of a movie and typically there are 24 Frames Per Second (FPS) or 1,1440 Frames Per Minute.

Check Out this Advert for eBay

Key Take-Aways:
  • Without the use of any speech is able to show every single feature in detail and in an extremely creative way. For example, the bid feature was explained as a thumb of war battle.
  • It sets the perspective so the viewer feels they are sitting in front of their computer using eBay themselves.
  • As they search through products they go through a wide range. Letting the viewer know that there is a vast variety of products on the platform.
  • Music is peaceful & light which sets the mood that this platform is easy to use.

Wrap Up

Viral videos are a mix of creativity, value, & emotion. Being able to hold the viewers’ attention, invoke some sort of emotion and then call them to action is incredibly powerful. These 5 Viral Video Styles will ensure that your content gets out in front of users. Not only that it will help you to create strong content that drives the traffic back to your brand or business.



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