Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the world. Every seller is trying to integrate AI into its product and service. AI is more than just an over-hyped topic. It analyzes data and patterns to make predictions for better decision-making. So, what are AI tools?

AI tools are software that uses Artificial intelligence to solve problems, answer queries, and perform any specific task. They work by gathering human intelligence and machine learning. AI tools are used in almost all industries: education, health, finance, marketing, content creation, etc.

Why AI Tools?

The best thing about AI tools is that they can analyze large amounts of data in a short time. It is easier to make decisions based on this analysis. AI tools can automate the process by eliminating the need to do everything manually.

These tools can be used for repetitive tasks, saving a lot of time. Thus, it enhances the productivity. Many tools are available online to help you rewrite already written text to create unique copy of content with the same context.

Content creation is made easy with Chat GPT. It made the researching and writing process hassle-free. Generative AI tools like Chat GPT can generate text in seconds. Chat GPT went viral for the convenience it can provide. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Chat GPT

Chat GPT has a conversational interface. It is a Chabot that can generate any type of text, whether it’s an essay, article, coding, or any information. Since it answers conversationally, it is easier to ask follow-up questions.


Everything comes with pros and cons. Here are the limitations of using Chat GPT for content writing.

  • It cannot generate information about anything that happened after 2021.
  • Chat GPT sometimes writes unclear or irrelevant text.
  • It unnecessarily drags or over explains, which makes it vague.

To overcome the limitations of Chat GPT, other tools can be used. You can integrate other tools with Chat GPT to improve its output.

AI Tools

5 AI Tools Beyond Chat GPT

Here are 5 tools that can expand the efficiency of Chat GPT in content writing. Use these tools to save time and enhance productivity at your workplace.

1. Grammarly – Error-Free Writing

While writing any content, it is clear that everyone can make spelling or grammar mistakes. Any written work with these mistakes does not give a good impression. It gives the intuition that it is not original.

Grammar mistakes may alter the actual context. Or the tone of the content may need to be more specific. To remove ambiguities, you can use the online AI tool Grammarly. It has the ability to detect all spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. It also suggests corrections based on AI.

Open Grammarly in any search engine and download its extension. It will suggest corrections whenever you are writing something. You can also upload your file and correct your mistakes, staying true to one writing style.

2. Scite – Your Research Partner

Scite is an academic research tool. It has transformed the learning and research process. It analyses the citations in the research papers to evaluate their credibility. Scite helps in the research process, but it is different from Chat GPT.

Scite extracts the most credible research papers and information for users to read. This way, the time to find credible resources is saved. The quality and impact of the research paper are determined by using some defined metrics.

3. Paraphrase Tool – For Paraphrasing Text

There is a pool of information on the internet. So, it is no wonder that finding unique topics to write on is difficult. Also, two people may have the same ideas and writing style. It will be termed as copied or plagiarized data.

Plagiarism is not allowed by search engines. Students are supposed to write plagiarism-free assignments. To get a unique copy out of an existing text, you can use It can provide plagiarism-free content. You can set a specific tone (formal or academic) while paraphrasing.

This tool can reword any text by using synonyms and changing sentence structure. It will retain the originality of the content. You can create unique topics for your essays, blogs, or articles. Or paraphrase a whole paragraph.

4. Zotero – Citations

Academic writing may include adding facts or statistics. This way, the content seems authentic. Adding actual sources of information is very important. It will increase the credibility and reliability of the content.

Writing a thesis, dissertation, or essay may require adding many source links. It isn’t easy to keep all the links sorted. You can take the help of the leading AI-powered tool, Zotero.

Zotero helps in researching and citing. You can keep all your material (PDFs, notes, webpages, etc.) in one place. Zotero has 1000 citation styles. You can choose a style that suits you best.

5. Copy leaks – Plagiarism & AI Detector

We all use AI for planning, researching, writing, and editing content. Completely relying on AI and generating text is not appreciated. Whether you write text for your assignment or your website, AI-written text is not allowed.

Search engines don’t accept plagiarized or AI content. However, with too much online information, it isn’t easy to think of a unique text that is not already discussed. To be on a safer side, always check your written text using a tool named Copy Leaks.

Copy leaks is an algorithm-based tool. It can detect AI content in your document. It even shows which part of the text looks like AI-generated text. It has an easy-to-use interface. It has a freemium version that allows you to use it without signing up.

Integration of AI Tools

AI tools are based on machine learning, with a very low error rate. Each tool has benefits and limitations. It is best practice to use multiple tools to improve the outputs. For example, Scite can be used along with the Paraphrase tool. This way, the researched topics can be paraphrased, and a unique copy will be created.


AI Chabot, Chat GPT, is used everywhere nowadays. However, it has some limitations that are easy to overcome by using other AI-powered tools. These tools are providing comprehensive solutions to the audience.

Incorporating AI tools while creating content is of great use. These tools have automated the process and workflow. They can improve productivity by saving time.

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