Using Instagram For Your Business


Back in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg and his company (FACEBOOK) acquired Instagram by nothing more than 1.000 billion in cash and stock. Mark probably knew that if he doesn’t make Instagram as famous as it is today, somebody else would. Now, 8 years later… This platform has become the leading social media platform with a major significance in the business world as well.

In this article, you will learn how to monetize your Instagram account.


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Build a strong relationship with your followers

The business utilization of your Instagram account largely depends on the number of your followers. In this case, quantity does matter! The more followers you have, the more chances your brand has to be seen and recognized. Once you build your reputation and gain followers that will look at every post and promotion of yours, you will have a reliable audience that will lead you to major success.

There are multiple effective strategies to gain followers on Instagram, such as:

  • Like and comment on photos of other accounts similar to yours. These accounts should be in your niche so their followers may visit your account as well and become your followers!
  • Organize sweepstakes or contests. Users can stay on your account and keep up-to-date with the events and promotions if they are interested in your niche.
  • Create custom hashtags and encourage people to use them. With captivating hashtags, your photos will be visible to more users.
  • Socialize with users and other accounts of similar themes to yours. You will be able to promote yourself through them, meet new people, get new contacts and ideas.
  • Encourage your followers to take part in your campaigns. When your customers feel like they have a role in your business, they will engage with your products or services.


Share images of high quality

Instagram has always been a network to share artwork with a good definition. Thus, to keep good habits, follow this advice without hesitation. A good photo will attract more potential customers and it will result in multiple economic benefits. You must try to draw attention to the visual senses of users. By creating photos with compelling messages or stories, people will relate to your content and give it a chance. Pictures of high-quality will make users think that your products are of high-quality too, whilst bad-quality gives a bad image of the business. Make sure you represent the art, visual effects, and unique style.


Monetize your instagram account


Use videos

Since short videos have proven to be very successful and efficient, you should use them the best way you can. Instagram only allowed 3 to 15 seconds of video length in the past, before changing it to one minute. Moreover, this platform introduced IGTV, which allows uploads of longer videos. Use your one minute to create a video that people will replay to take in all the details and messages you send. You can promote your material by showing a specific part of the ad or simply announcing the launch of your product! Do not add unnecessary things that will bore your viewers in less than one minute! You can see many examples of Instagram campaigns on accounts of famous companies, such as Oreo, Pantene or Coca-Cola.

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Put a link to your blog/website

It is important to link your Instagram account to your blog/website. At this moment, links to pages are not allowed in the photo’s description. However, you can put the link of your blog or website to the description of your Instagram account or share the link on your Instagram story if you have over 10,000 followers or a verified account. Do not forget to put a hashtag that will make your product visible to more people and you will be able to monetize your Instagram account successfully.

Involve your followers

There are many people willing to support a brand in exchange for a little recognition. This is an amazing method to engage your audience and share other content about your brand. You can invite your followers to take a photo with a specific product, write a certain quote related to your product or whatever else could come in hand, depending on your business. After they do what you’ve asked them to do, you can publish their pictures or videos on your page and make them feel special! You can be sure that there will be more and more contestants every time you make a new contest or call them to participate in a specific campaign.

Get customers’ testimonials

Having many photos and videos of happy customers is priceless. After ensuring the quality of your product satisfies the customers’ needs, you can ask them to talk about its benefits and use it for your promotion! One image (or video) is worth a thousand words! Make sure you have many thousands on your page and you will learn step by step how to monetize your Instagram account as well.


By sharing promotions and coupons with your audience, you can get more followers because they will be tempted to use the benefits of your coupons.

Share your profile

Since you are working hard on your product’s promotion, you should use all the advantages of online marketing as well. One of them is the possibility to promote yourself whenever you want! If Instagram is the main source of information about your business, share the link of your profile everywhere. From your Facebook page to your YouTube channel, direct your buyers to your Instagram account and get more attention.

Keep your profile up-to-date

Once you get the loyalty of your audience, do not take it for granted. Remember the way you got their attention and don’t change your ways of communicating with them or promoting your business. Leaving your profile blank or not posting for days will make your followers unfollow you. You have to stay loyal to your customers in order to make them stay loyal to you.

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I hope that this article gave you enough material to start growing your business on Instagram! Still not enough?

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