A lot of people are curious about how to make money on Instagram or monetize their instagram account. In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about how to make money with your Instagram.

First things First, do you have an audience or following to market to?

If you’re just starting out, earning your first Instagram dollar will be tough because you have no influence and no community. Either of which is the only way to generate a passive income from Instagram. You’ll need to grow your Instagram enough to be in a position to monetize.

However, if you’re an established account on Instagram. Establishing a way to make money on Instagram can be as simple or complex as you like it. Just below we are going to cover 7+ Proven Methods on How to Make Money on Instagram or Monetize Instagram. 

8 Proven Methods on How to Make Money on Instagram

Are you tired of spending so much time & energy on Instagram and never seeing a single dollar?

Some Instagram Influencers have been making millions on Instagram by monetizing their audience. There are Influencers that are getting paid up to €10,000 for a single post!

However, sponsorship isn’t the only way these Instagram accounts are making their income. A lot of accounts are able to establish niche products and dropshipping stores that generate hundreds of thousands each month.

When it comes to finding a way to make money on Instagram. There are a ton of different approaches one can take, we are going to break down the best and most successful methods below!

1. Digital Real Estate – Selling Instagram Accounts

Looking to make a sizable side income off Instagram? One of the best methods for making money on Instagram is by selling Instagram accounts.

As Instagram Influencers, we possess the skills necessary to establish & grow Instagram accounts in record time. We understand the massive amounts of time & energy it takes to build a well engaged & active audience. Most of all we know the value that a community like this holds for a brand or business.

For businesses, brands & corporations they are looking for cost-effective, efficient & easy marketing avenues. Building an Instagram account from scratch takes an enormous amount of time, energy & resources. Most businesses want instantaneous communities, they don’t want to spend months or even years growing an Instagram account.

Digital Real Estate sells the idea of convenience & high ROI. The Instagram accounts you grow will be full of highly targeted niche specific users. Meaning that businesses will be able to instantly begin social marketing campaigns, increasing brand awareness, traffic & sales.

Here is a list of platforms where you can sell your Instagram account:

2. Content Creator

make money on instagram

Get paid for creating posts on Instagram!

Content creation is something that many Instagram Influencers excel at. The constant daily uploads make for great practice.

However, many social media managers & brands struggle with creating breathtaking content on the daily. They either don’t have the time or skills necessary to devote to content creation.

This is where Content Creators come in great use!

Your mastery in content creation & publication can help accounts provide more value to their community on a consistent basis. Understanding content factors like peak posting times, content type, & CTA’s can help to increase overall community engagement, growth & trust.

Your Instagram account feed can serve as a standard basis for content quality. The quality pictures, detailed captions & constant attendance will have brands desperately reaching out to you to produce content for them.

Here is a list of platforms to sell content on:

3. Growth Hacker

One of the most frequently asked questions that Influencers get is. “What is the best way to grow my following?’

Instagram users everywhere are constantly searching for the best methods of growth. Everyone is looking to establish enormous followings at breakneck speeds.

While there is no full-proof way to generate a massive community overnight, your experience with Instagram has given you in-depth knowledge on how to grow Instagram account’s fast & efficiently.

Being able to establish communities of highly engaged & active niche specific users is an incredibly powerful service. Brands, Businesses & even other Instagram account owners will pay Instagrammers big money for sustainable community growth.

Growth hacking is a perfect way to use your knowledge to make money on Instagram. Becoming a Growth Manager can be a lucrative side hustle on Instagram.

NOTE: Make sure to always have results & reviews of your services. This will give you more transparency and credibility.

4. Engagement Booster

how to make money on instagram

One of the best ways to monetize Instagram is by becoming an Engagement Booster.

What’s one thing everyone wants for their content on Instagram? To increase their Engagement Rate & Go Viral!

In the case of going viral it’s the more the merrier, but the sooner the better.

Going viral on Instagram requires content to be flooded with high-quality engagement within the first 45 minutes of posting. Most accounts don’t have the skills or engagement networks established to help facilitate going viral.

This is where you as the Engagement Booster step into play.

Utilizing your knowledge of engagement boosting tactics, you can help accounts of any size achieve insane engagement numbers. Increasing their overall account exposure & follower growth. They will be sorry they hadn’t switched to your services sooner!

5. Social Media Manager

Already spending hours on end creating content, growing accounts, boosting engagement & so much more?

Now, you can get paid for all the time & energy you spend on Instagram by becoming a Social Media Manager.

There are plenty of entrepreneurs out there who want to harness the power of Instagram, but don’t have the time to manage or grow it effectively.

Individuals & companies will pay Social Media Managers to take over their Instagrams. Which will reduce some of the stress on their plates & ensure their Instagram account is in good hands.

As a Social Media Manager, you will help establish the brand on Instagram, increasing their following & community engagement.

You will build the brand’s voice & character through interactions with the community & influencers. Your account management services are highly valuable, do not sell yourself short. This method can help you become profitable on Instagram

6. Affiliate Marketer

Want to make a passive income off Instagram by simply driving traffic to products? Thanks to affiliate marketing you can earn commissions off the sales that you generate.


Through bio links, story links & product tagging Instagram Influencers have been able to produce extremely profitable posts.

What’s perfect about Affiliate marketing is that Influencers are able to find products that they actually enjoy or use. Bringing more of an authentic approach to the buyer’s journey for their following.

Since you’re not out an upfront cost in inventory you can try out a wide variety of products. It’s best to search for products that would bring value or help your end buyer. Check out this list of the Top Selling Affiliate Products.

If you want to monetize your audience on Instagram, but don’t want to create a product yourself. Then affiliate marketing is the perfect method for making money on Instagram. All you need to do to start making commissions is drive traffic! It’s simple, easy & effective.

7. Brand Sponsorships & Shoutouts

One of the best methods to monetize Instagram is through Brand Sponsorships & shoutouts. When Instagram accounts reach a certain level of influence in a niche, their feed becomes a hot spot location for hundreds of thousands of niche-specific eyes.

Making their feed extremely valuable to businesses looking to market a product or users looking to gain more followers.

Selling shoutouts is exactly like selling ad space on your account feed or story.

Clients will purchase a posting slot in your content schedule that will last a specified amount of time. Their post is used to generate more followers, brand awareness, traffic, etc. Shoutout prices vary based on account size, engagement rate, activity & much more.

Brand Sponsorships are slightly different from Shoutouts. Selling shoutouts is like freelance work while becoming sponsored by a brand is much more official and long term. Brand Sponsorships typically imply that you receive free gear or merchandise, in addition to an affiliate code to earn commissions. In exchange, you will promote the brand on your Instagram account to increase brand awareness and sales.

Both of these methods are lucrative and can make you some serious money on Instagram.

8. Influencer Marketing

Already have an established community with an active and engaged audience? You might be eligible to enter the field of Influencer Marketing. Content Creation, Brand Sponsorships, Shoutouts, Advertisements, and so much more all fall under the umbrella of Influencer Marketing.

Influencers are now able to start collaborating with brands. Brands are utilizing these audiences to increase their overall reach, as well as solidify possible brand ambassadors to help promote their products/services. Influencer Marketing is yielding huge returns for business and Influencers are starting to cash out.

Want to start connecting with Influencers or Brands? Discover the Brand New YrInfluencer Marketplace

The YrInfluencer platform is a place for brands and influencers to meet to do business in a trusted and safe location. On this platform, influencers can create gigs which allow you to connect with brands and other sponsors. Not only that we have just unveiled a new premium dashboard on the influencer network that holds special features.

Wrap Up

In order to monetize Instagram in 2018, you have to market your knowledge & experience as an Influencer. Brands, businesses & even other Instagram users will pay for your expertise as an Instagrammer. Your services offer them convenience, efficiency, & peace of mind.

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