Growing Your Business With Email Campaigns

 Email marketing startup (2017)One of the most repeated phrases in the online business is “Money is in the list”.

This phrase is associated with email marketing. To the quitters, it seems too difficult to gain their own audience online and make money through email marketing. To the winners, the road may not be too easy but it’s not impossible!

Let’s set one thing straight. It is almost mandatory to have a list of subscribers to your blog or online business. Only that way, your email campaign will be effective.


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Email Marketing Startup (2019)

Why? It’s very simple:Email marketing startup (2017)

  • You can promote products to your subscribers
  • You can build a relationship with your subscribers
  • You can sell multiple products and services to one subscriber
  • When a visitor subscribes to your blog, it doesn’t matter if he/she goes to another blog, because you already have a way to communicate with him/her
  • It is an asset, as it can give you benefits in the future


 How to make money with email marketing?

There is more than one way to start making money online in your email marketing startup phase. Some methods are more complex and risky; others are safer and give you a real opportunity to prosper. To start earning money with email marketing, you need several essential requirements:


1.   A list of subscribers

To start earning money with your list of subscribers, you need to have a list, to begin with. For that, you must start collecting subscribers. There are several ways to do that, here are some:


Your blog

If you have your own blog, you should take advantage of its traffic. You could collect emails with sidebar buttons and pop-ups. To boost your conversions, you should offer something of value to your visitors: an eBook, weekly tips, and a free webinar are some materials that you could be useful! Basically, anything that benefits your visitors and encourages them to leave their email with you.


A squeeze page

A squeeze page is a landing page where you offer a free product in exchange for an email. For example, if your products and services revolve around the “STOP smoking” campaign, you can create a squeeze and offer your visitors an eBook on “three techniques to stop smoking in one month”.

Here is an example of a Squeeze page:


Make money e-mail marketing

What I personally use for my startup pages is the Online Sales Pro system. Their landing pages are highly converting and affordable. Check it out here >> OSP landing pages

A proven step-by-step system to monetize your list? Click here to take a look at our strategy…

2.   Traffic

It is obviously not enough to create a landing page. I mean, what’s a landing page without traffic? If you want to create a list quickly, you can use Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, and start getting subscribers from day one.

If you are not in a hurry for money to invest in advertising, it is important to create SEO – proof blog pieces. To do this, I recommend downloading the Yoast – SEO plugin.

You can also use social networks and YouTube to send traffic to your squeeze page while positioning on Google.

If you want more information about optimizing your blog for SEO, I strongly recommend you to check out Search Engine Watch’s blog piece –> Optimizing your page with SEO

Luckily for you, we’ve also written an e-book called: My #1 Traffic Hack. You can download it below for free.

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There is an incredibly effective plugin to get more subscribers, you can easily find it online and start using it for your own page. With this plugin, you can create Squeeze pages that make 70% – 80% of new subscribers. It is called ProfitBuilder.

What can you do with this plugin?

With ProfitBuilder you have a myriad of options that can dramatically increase your profits and subscriber lists within days.

  • Home Pages
  • “About Me” Pages
  • Membership Pages
  • Launch your products pages
  • Webinar Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Affiliate Pages
  • “Frequently Asked Questions” Pages
  • Sales pages

And many more.

The only downside of the ProfitBuilder is that it costs €47. If you are not very active in the world of affiliate marketing and email marketing, this plugin may not be for you. Instead, if you devote yourself to this seriously, this plugin can literally increase your profits by up to 50% overnight.

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3.   What email marketing tool you should use?

As you know, email marketing is almost 90% automatic. You won’t have to send emails one by one to your subscribers because almost everything is automated. It saves a lot of your time and effort + it’s very efficient!

At this point, you may be thinking, “Okay, all good.  But what about the automation tools?”

There are several automation tools that you can use, such as:




I personally recommend Aweber because it has a 1-month free trial. If you’re not convinced, you can simply unsubscribe whenever you want, without paying anything.

Advantages of Aweber

  • It has a control panel easy and it’s practical
  • It has a high percentage of delivery and 0 spam
  • You can send unlimited emails
  • Automate all your campaigns with an autoresponder
  • Import and export your contact list anytime
  • Design custom subscription forms and place them on your blog
  • You have a full report with all the statistics of your campaigns (clicks received, how many people opened your email)
  • Live chat support 24h

Facebook Messenger Bot

You can also create your own Facebook Messenger Bot. This is a very useful tool and it’s very popular among online businessmen. It saves a lot of your time and as the name suggests, you will contact your Facebook friends through the bot.

The specific software I recommend is Turbo Bot Builder. This program has plenty of useful features and allows you to create more than one bot. All you have to do is install the software and implement your wishes through the administration panel. Afterward, your bot will send individual messages to all of your Facebook friends and you can get their emails without messaging each one of them separately.

Make Money E-mail marketing

4. Tips to increase your subscriber list

The act of building your own list of email subscribers will give you an opportunity to market and communicate with all of your subscribers whenever you want. List building is one of the most lucrative businesses in the online world.

A lot of people refuse to build their own list because they prefer sending traffic straight to the offer they are promoting. Personally, I think that is silly! Think about it. If you build your own list, you can promote any offer you want to your subscribers; whenever you want, with zero investment required!

On top of that, you have the ability to build relationships and trust with your subscribers. Automatically, it means that selling your offer will get easier as you will not have to convince your subscribers for too long – they will already trust you!

The key practices that you need to learn:

1. Building a high-converting squeeze page.
2. Sending traffic to your squeeze page.
3. Promoting high converting offers.
4. Knowing how to properly communicate with your leads.
5. Stay well-organized and consistent.

Here are useful tips to help you build your list of subscribers:

  • Offer something for free. That will increase your subscriptions by 300% or more.
  • Insert subscription forms in your posts. Your visitors will insert their details directly.
  • Make guest posts. Contact other bloggers in your niche and get permission to publish an article on their blogs. Most of them will surely accept, as long as your post is of high-quality.
  • Use Facebook Ads. There is no faster way to get new subscribers to your list and have instant traffic.
  • Use Pop-ups. They will capture the attention of your visitors easily.
  • Create quality content for your readers. Quality content will encourage your visitors to subscribe to your list as they will be curious about your next post.


A proven step-by-step system to monetize your list? Click here to take a look at our strategy…


If you follow at least one of the practices presented in this article, you will get a chance to earn money online. In the beginning, it may seem difficult but all the tools I’ve shown you are user-friendly and won’t be hard to use. Being ambitious, consistent and well-organized will open many doors for you! Now, stop delaying your success and get to work!

PS. I strongly recommend you to check out the following video. All credits go to Chuck from

In this video training, he’ll walk you through how you can build a massive list of subscribers even if you have no experience.

Email marketing startup (2019)

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