There is a first time for everything, from your first steps to starting your own business or blog. And sometimes a first attempt to do something won’t go as smooth as we would like it to go. When combining these two factors it might result in someone’s first few e-commerce mistakes. Whether it’s a small mistake like forgetting to upload one of your dozens of products descriptions, or a bigger mistake like not changing a price when drop shipping an imported product.

Every e-commerce store owner has made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes. Yet the difference between the ones that succeed and the ones that fail is whether they recognize, acknowledge and learn from their mistakes. I bet you have heard this many times, failures are a part of success. But does this mean you have to make all the mistakes others have already made before you? Of course not, so today I will share some common mistakes made among starting e-retailers (and some will be recognizable for bloggers too!).

Mistake #1: Focusing On Too Many Things

Could you imagine what disaster it would be when 1 cameraman is filming 2 different movies at the same time with only one camera? The image you would get would be blurry and half of each movie wouldn’t be filmed. When starting out many e-commerce store owners tend to focus on too many projects, new website apps, ad campaigns etc. which might lead to a blurred vision of each aspect. It’s an e-commerce mistake you might have experienced. And as you might have guessed, you wouldn’t be able to oversee every project because you’re alone. In most cases, this doesn’t lead to positive results.


The solution to this common mistake is simple. Finish one project at a time, test one new app at a time, try one social media platform at a time, you get it. Do this until you have the stability to move on to the next best thing, or platform. The second option, is pretty obvious, instead of doing fewer projects alone, do the same amount of projects as desired with a bigger team.

Mistake #2: Not Focusing On The Product

Almost every high-end brick and mortar store has a shopping window to preview their collection. But when we look at many new e-commerce stores this is something do not always see. This is a common e-commerce mistake, which you’ll see a lot. I’m sure you have seen a website, welcoming you with a great story and some pictures of the people behind the business and nothing else. The story or text is great but you don’t really know what you can expect to purchase on this website. This works great for blogs, but for e-commerce stores, it’s better to avoid this. The customer visits your website to see or purchase a product but doesn’t see what you have to offer. So when a visitor doesn’t see any product related to what they might have been searching, the chance of them losing their interest will rise. This will definitely increase the chance that you aren’t getting an optimal conversion. You will lose many visitors attention, which results in less chance of the visitor to check other pages and purchase a product.


The solution is simple; Upload some product photos on your front page, or add the product to the front page. This will directly give the visitor the chance to see what you have to offer instead of having them leave because they’ve lost their attention.

Mistake #3: Don’t Insist On Creating an Account

Selling products should be your number one priority. I’ve had a lost of frustrating check outs where I actually intend to buy one thing and that’s it. Yet at the moment I want to check out, this annoying pop up shows: ‘please log in to continue’. While this might be a good way to gain some email leads, this will decrease your conversion.

The solution couldn’t be more obvious: Don’t insist on creating an account. Just make it optional, if the customer has the intention to buy more they will create a account. A small tip: add value to creating an account, like a discount or a reward system.

Mistake #4: Doing everything yourself

Opposed to mistake #1, this mistake isn’t about starting too many new projects like testing out some new apps for your store. This mistake is about the things that have to be done, instead of the things you want to do. Think of things like keeping your website up to date, analyzing data or anything that has to do with back-office like tasks. These tasks are very important and should be done properly without mistake. So it’s important to take your time for this, right? But that’s just that one thing many of us don’t have much: Time.


The results of not taking your time for these tasks will be obvious. And the solution isn’t too hard either, but it might be critical. Hire in some experts! This will help you reach your goals faster, and reach them with less stress and more profession. Though this might cost a bit more, it will save you tons of time and it will help in the process of making money instead of losing it without even spending anything.

Mistake #5: Lack of Customer Service

In this digital age, where more and more things are being automated, we are starting to experience lack of a personal touch to our purchasing habits. Think about it, in our earlier days when we wanted to buy something there was no way you couldn’t speak to a single person about the product or service. These days you can buy something in minutes without talking to a single person. This has great advantages, but it has downsides too. Think about it, whenever you had a question about a product, you could just talk to any salesman in the store to ask something about the product or service (and you could hope they know the answer). This is just one of the things some e-commerce stores lack.


And that is where customer service comes in quite handy. Whenever a possible customer has a question, or wants to return something, there is someone they can speak to. So hire someone to reply to your customers and benefit from an increase in conversion because of the decreasing doubt customers will experience. Please just think about mistake #4, so don’t try to do such time consuming activities all by yourself!


Here’s a short video on some other e-commerce mistakes made by starting entrepreneurs, enjoy!

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These were the most important mistakes made by starting e-retaillers, if you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave them in the comment section below.

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