So you’ve read the previous post on how to use social media to generate traffic but got one crucial thought after reading that post:

How do I set up Facebook ads that will increase traffic to my website?

I wouldn’t be me if I would not be sitting at the tip of my chair, ready to give some tips on this topic! So in today’s text, we’ll go through some tips on how to increase your traffic by creating appealing and engaging ads.


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 5 Tips on how to increase traffic:

Tip #1: Use social proof!

This tip is often overlooked! Provide social proof when advertising. People tend to follow the crowd, and if you manage to prove that people like you, you will see the results increase.

Tip #2: Target Audience

Without knowing who your target audience is, it’s near impossible to get any results. You might get traffic, but it probably will not get you any sales or interested readers. So get to know your customer. Do some surveys, use Google analytics or look at the profiles of people who’ve already purchased or read something on your website.

Tip #3: The offer will make or break your campaign

 Think about it, either you see a nice discount, or you see that every purchase helps poor children. Which one are you more likely to check? For most people it’s the option that helps children. This is because at the moment they will have a good feeling after purchasing.

Tip #4: Placement of Facebook advertisement

This actually is the first thing you will have to Look at before setting up any Facebook campaign. Often it’s better to design your ad for one of the placement types instead of trying to focus on all three.

desktop news feed

Probably the best, but also the most expensive way. Best results for acquiring a lot of traffic, because you can use bigger pictures and write longer copy. Also, consider your target audience. If your target audience mainly uses their desktop because they don’t tend to use their mobile phone a lot, focus on desktop feed ads. Your main focus when choosing to use the desktop feed will be converting traffic to sales and creating leads.

Mobile news feed

The mobile feed is the perfect place to use for discovery and lead generation. As the prices are often cheaper than the desktop feed, you can reach more people and give your website a boost in traffic.As research showed, people tend to see a product or blog post on their mobile phone one day and decide to purchase or read it the next day on their desktop.

Desktop right column

This is the kind of ad you would use for a retargeting campaign. This ad is a bit out-of-sight, so most people won’t actually see this ad unless they’re familiar with the content offered in the ad. There is one thing to keep in mind when using this type of ad (it should be done with all types of placement, but in this case, it’s even more important). When using the desktop right column for a Facebook advertisement, be sure to use copy and a specific picture that’s designed to be used in this feed.

Tip #5: You don’t create successful ads; you build them

When starting out in the field of Facebook advertisement, many of think there is this secret formula for successful facebook advertisement. While this is not secret, there only is one way to create the perfect ad for your target audience. The first part is obvious, you will need to create an ad. After you’re done with this it will need some time to get results and data about the potential customers.While collecting this data you can easily edit your advertisement by adjusting a few settings to boost your results. The thing I  had to say about the one secret formula, it does exist but you need to build your own.

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