Many owners of blogs or e-commerce stores want to get more traffic and think that SEO is the way to go. After working days or weeks on their SEO, they see no result, or at least nothing spectacular. It is one of the most frustrating things to do, spending so much time on something with so little return, well this is normal!

SEO is a long-term investment for your blog or store, so how about getting results now instead of waiting a couple of months before you see the results?

That’s exactly what I will teach you in this post (and in this series); how to increase traffic using Referral traffic.


So what is referral traffic?

Referral traffic is nothing more than all the traffic that visits after clicking a link to your site on a different website.

For example, if you’re product, service or blog post catches the eye of someone, they might refer to you in their blog and often add a link to the piece that caught their attention. The people clicking the link on the website will be directed to your site and count as referral traffic. Traffic that comes to your site through pay-per-click advertising count as referral traffic too, which is explained in the post below.

How To Increase Traffic: Paid advertising


The importance of referral traffic

First of all, referral traffic is important because the quality of leads generated. Visitors that are coming to your site through a website they know and trust will assume the website won’t post about shady websites. This will make them trust your website a lot easier too. Another important thing is that the referral traffic will be interested in your product, whether it is because of the interesting guest blog, a review or an online directory. And as a bonus, referral traffic increases your Google ‘page rank’, and this will boost your Google search results.


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5 Steps on how to increase referral traffic

So as you can see this is an important aspect of getting traffic. It’s free, gets you quality leads and improves your search engine results, but how do you get started? Below I’ll describe 5 of the opportunities.


  1. Guest blog

So in my previous post, I’ve stated how important it is to provide value on your website. But now I’m going to tell you; it’s essential to provide value off your site too! By writing blog posts and linking back to your site on blogs that are in the same industry as your store or blog, you will get high-quality traffic, without spending a penny. Need help finding the right fit blog? Try using


  1. Publish your website to online directories

Publishing your site on online directories is a great way to get more referral traffic, but make sure you don’t post to all of them. Publishing your website on as many lists as possible will generate a lot of useless traffic, instead, post on relevant directories that get a lot of traffic. A great way to find the right directory for your niche is Moz.


  1. Commenting on blogs

So commenting on other posts has a bit of a  negative reputation, due to all of the people spamming their links in the comment section of blog posts, YouTube videos or Instagram posts. But it is an easy and fast way to get some more referral traffic. To get good referral traffic by commenting on posts you need to make sure you follow these simple guidelines given by Leapclixx:

  • Target Relevant Websites
  • Leave Thoughtful Comments
  • Don’t Advertise
  • Use Naked Links or Branded Links
  • One Link per Comment


  1. Leverage social media

Get active on social media! A report made by Social Media Examiner shows us that 89% of marketers said that social media increased the exposure of their business. 75% even said their traffic increased because of the effort put in social media. So being active on social media is one of the top drivers of traffic. Not sure which social media to begin with? These are the top 7 platforms to go with: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest.


  1. Publishing Infographics

This might be an unfamiliar option, but creating and publishing infographics is a great way to increase referral traffic, as long as you can link back to your site. An astonishing 37% of the internet marketers say that visuals are their most important form of content. This, of course, isn’t without reason; a picture can explain thousands of words in just seconds. Infographics specifically are very useful to explain complex things with simple visuals. So create your infographic, and get it out there. Make sure your goal is to get the infographic to be shared, liked, and maybe even embedded in other articles.


So if you’re looking for a free and effective way to increase traffic and it’s quality, make sure you try out one of the techniques (or all of them). I hope you’ve learned some things you didn’t know yet, and if you would like to know something else regarding this subject let me know in the comment section below!

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