Would you like to increase your traffic, and do you have more to offer than just your product? (like knowledge, tips or guidance.)

Then this post is for you!

I’m a big fan of getting free e-books, free samples, and some free advice. And I know I’m not the only one, most people are! The reason for this is of course because it is free, but there is a second reason.

How many times did you browse a website, whether it was a service provider, a product store, or a blog that offers additional paid content, just to wonder if the product offered is worth your money?

Using this and other thought I’m going to show you how to increase traffic by giving value.

So how are we going to do this?

By increasing the value you can provide the potential customers, you can fight this thought. But that isn’t the purpose of this post, in this post, I will talk you through how to increase traffic by creating and giving value.

So how do you create the right content? And what material should you form in the first place?

First and most important: Don’t create crap. The better the content you give away, the better the results will be. Would you rather get a useless piece of paper or actual money for free? This might be a bit of an exaggerated example. I don’t want to say you should start giving away free money but you get the point: Don’t create and give away crap and give real value.


Option on how to increase traffic by giving value

Well, there are multiple ways to provide value to the customer, here are the most common and useful methods:


Start a blog

This is one of the best options for e-commerce stores and services. Writing on a regular base will give people a reason to come back to your store on a daily, weekly or maybe monthly base. So instead of generating a temporary spike in increased traffic, created by paid ads, for example, this will produce a steady flow of traffic.

The ‘value’ part is created by writing useful blog posts for your audience. Think about updates in the sector you’re operating in, how-to’s on how to use your product or updates on your service.

Want to know how to write great blog posts? Check this article.


For everybody already owning a blog, giving away a free printable is a popular option. Because some blog posts don’t offer paid products, or some products have no possibility for a free version, you might think what could I give away for free? Well, a printable tackles this problem. A printable is nothing more than a document people can print out like a calendar, a checklist or a routine chart.

Want some inspiration for a printable? Check out some Pinterest ideas here.

Write a free e-book or create an e-course

This might be the option you’ve seen many times because it is a simple but efficient option. The advantages of giving away a free e-book are divided into two parts. The first part is the increase in traffic; people love to get free e-books. Some people prefer them over blog posts because they can just download the e-book and read it whenever they want. The second advantage is that with blog posts you can’t ask for anything in return, and with e-books, there are plenty of options available to make someone fill in their e-mail address or share/retweet your giveaway.

So if you decide this is one of the options you’d like to use, check out the e-mail marketing post I wrote here. And if you want an e-book but can’t write one, check this site for free e-books.


Host webinars

Hosting webinars is a great way to share your knowledge, answer questions customers may have, and of course get more traffic by creating interest in the knowledge your about to share in the webinar.

Want to know how to host a great webinar? Check out this video


A free version of a premium product

This is one of the best options for the service providers and the app developers among us. Have you ever downloaded an app where you could only use a small part of the app, or a service of which you could just use a small portion of the actual service? This is exactly what the free version of a premium product is about, give a small piece of the paid product for free, so people will come and try the service, which both increases traffic and conversion.

Read here how to create an attractive trial.

So now you have the right content, but nobody to see it yet.

For this, you have two options: either give the value in return for a retweet or a share or use the paid advertising option discussed earlier in the series to get people to notice your give-away, new blog or webinar.

But best use is to combine these two, think about it. A lot of new traffic combining the created value with paid advertising, and a domino effect created by the shares and retweets.

Whatever you decide to work with, choose what’s best for your type of product, and make sure it will be seen!

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