In the cryptocurrency realm new coins are being created everyday that evoke promise of a better tomorrow. The solutions that some coins try to solve is mundane at best. However, this new passion for the integration of blockchain technology has allowed for the culmination of great minds to solve great feats. Nucleus Vision is not your average start up blockchain company seeking to gain profit or reap rewards just by using the word “blockchain”. The team assembled is looking to take on a serious challenge that will bridge the gap between the digital realm and the physical. So buckle up and put your thinking cap on we are about to review this coin in full just below!

Nucleus Vision

The Problem

In the past couple years physical retailers have been hit the hardest financially. As online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. continue to take over the retailing sector as a whole. Less people are taking time out of their day to visit stores or perform shopping on foot. Why is this?

Convenience. We live a society where efficiency, convenience and time are a serious factor when it comes to making any decision. These are the major reasons people have switched from physical retailers to digital. When shopping online customers save time and gas money trying to reach the store. Customers will be able to search, look-around, and purchase all from the comfort of their own home. Then the items will arrive at their door step in sometimes as little as one day! In addition, online retailers gather information about their customers in order to create a customer profile.This profile is then used to create a better shopping experience for the customer. In the hopes that the invested time to learn about the customer will yield more sales and repeat purchases. This type of convenience, efficiency and time savings is unparalleled in the physical retail world.

The Nucleus Solution

However, physical retailers have strengths that online retailers will never be able to have. For example, when purchasing an article of clothing, nothing reassures you more than trying it on before you buy it. Also, when looking around a store, a sales rep can come and help you through the process, providing a level of customer service that online retailers will never be able to match.

Nucleus Visions combines these strengths to create an intuitive physical retail shop. The retail shop gathers information about customers every time they visit, purchase, or check out an article of clothing. Using customer’s unique phone signal, stores can build unique digital profiles in order to better assist the customer with each returning visit. In addition, the costumer will be able to interact with a sales representative for assistance. Thus, allowing the person to person care that many customers seek.

Here is a Helpful Explanation Video:

The Team:

The team behind Nucleus Vision in my opinion is very solid. The Founder & CEO Abhishek Pitti is an experienced engineer and entrepreneur. He did drop out of Harvard Business School however, we have seen many titans of industry not finish their college career in order to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. To speak about the whole team would take some time because they have a lot of heavy hitters on their side lines. To give a brief over view. The whole team is very strong, a lot of the team members are advanced in their fields and some are even young prodigies in the blockchain space. Many have worked at high level corporations such as Cisco and Levi’s. Abhishnek has gathered a team of experts with experience.


The Nucleus Token sale ended on January 28th, 2018. They were selling each token at €0.01 and reached their hard cap at €40 million dollars. Many high level investors were eager to collect equity in this start up. Investing firms like Draper Venture Network, Intel, INDEA, and Reliance Capital all got in on the ground floor.

Alphabit a leading blockchain investment company that specializes in providing financial for professional investors. This company specializes in searching for the most promising blockchain projects. Their CEO, Liam Robertson had this to say “We are proud to support a project of the high caliber of Nucleus Vision. They have the team with the experience and expertise to achieve their innovative vision of giving brick-and-mortar stores the same competitive advantages as online retailers. By leveraging blockchain technology to make critical improvements to the retail space, Nucleus Vision is one of the most far-reaching and revolutionary projects in the blockchain space to date.”

Nucleus Vision


In building a secure blockchain based information network for IDs captured, Nucleus Vision aims to protect consumers privacy, while mining intelligence using neural models, and integrating its nCash tokens, to create the largest global loyalty rewards network.

The Nucleus Vision project has been around since 2014. The team has used these past 4 years to finish the product in full. Their 2018 roadmap is all about scaling and growth across India and Southeast Asia. This is the year that we as investors will see if they can gain wide spread adoption or if they will remain as a start-up. Their road map extends to 2022 in the next couple years they seek to improve their product with new features as well as attain global adoption.

Nucleus Vision

Market History

NCASH the currency used to keep the Nucleus Economy going is what is publicly traded on most exchanges. The coin’s ICO price was €0.01, after hitting Binance it jumped up to €0.05. Currently as I write this article the coin is sitting around the €0.03 mark. As we have seen with coins in the past getting in on ground level could yield some amazing profits. For example TRX, ADA, VEN, XVG, or XRP are all coins that exploded in price action in 2017. As the scaling continues at Nucleus Vision so will the price. In 2018, we may see NCASH skyrocket in price just like these past coins have, but that is only if the team can fulfill their widespread adoption of the service in India and Southeast Asia. Until then, I would keep this one on your watch list, I have personally acquired some NCASH tokens, but make sure to do your own research before purchasing anything!

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