Instagram has excellent potential for e-retailers, and not only for its paid advertising functionality. Instagram is a great way to connect with the customer. It will assure you will be noticed by people who don’t know your business or by those who have heard of your brand once but never have browsed on your store. Also, Instagram enables you to show a new or updated product or service to thousands of followers and get feedback on it right away. These are just some of the advantages; there are many left like lead generation through contests, increasing sales through giveaways and the list goes on. And then there are is a way to do this with little effort: Social Media Automation.

Why use a social media automation tool or service?

Before being able to achieve these significant advantages you need to build a following which can cost a lot of time. Think of reaching out through Direct Messaging, replying to the received messages. And of course, post the right content on a daily base. Searching for the right picture or shooting one yourself. Then editing the image where needed, researching hashtags and decide which to use under this photo. And at last, posting the pic. Having to repeat this process on a daily base will undoubtedly cost you quite some time.

While this might be a fun way of spending time for some people, for e-commerce store owners, this often is an activity that costs them precious time, better spent on perfecting their service or focusing on optimizing their store and marketing strategy.

So in this article, we will guide you through some of the possibilities to ease this process and increase your customer engagement while decreasing the time spend on posts.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor social media automation

So what are the main advantages and downsides of social media automation?


  • Think about other important business, instead of posting on a daily base.
  • Reach a much bigger audience, and with the help and this service provided by yrcharisma, even the explore page on Instagram. (which will lead to tons of interested traffic).
  • Get power likes and increase the natural engagement, even when not posting content.
  • Get more results with less effort.


  • Most of the automation tools may have the effect of losing the personal feeling provided by posting everything yourself.
  • Not knowing how to set up the automation tool right may cause your page perform way less than it could (and should!) perform.
  • Some social media automation tools that offer cross-platform posting won’t consider the image size differences when posting, which could result in loss of image quality.

work smarter not harder

Less effort, better results?

While posting there are many things you should take into consideration like the best days and times to post and logging in and out of your different social media accounts. When you forget one of these critical factors, it might have a significant influence on the results achieved, which might lead to wasting precious time. To make sure you won’t miss out on any of these critical points there are two possibilities most e-retailers choose between.

First of all, you can use a social media automation tool; they have the advantage of often being low priced and relatively easy to use. This option is a great way to post the content you want to post at the right times and days, with the desired description and hashtags.

The other option: hiring a social media profile manager like yrcharisma, this has the advantage that despite it might be a bit more expensive, a service like this will give you results that just aren’t comparable to those of the tools. The posts will be scheduled and posted by a team that has years of experience, the right hashtags and descriptions will be used, and all the data will be analyzed. The data that builds up with every post that’s published will improve the way we work and improve the results even more.

What about the downsides of social media automation?

As I stated earlier on in this post, there are some adverse effects when automating the full process of posting. It might result in losing the feeling that there is put any effort in posting for the audience because it might look a bit robotic. One of the ways to counter this is by putting a bit more effort in the automatization through putting more time into personalizing the posting schedule and the used descriptions and hashtags.

Another great way to do this is self-evident: let us do this for you! Not only will this save you a lot of time, but our team will also reach out to potential customers. One of the other significant advantages is the option to get power likes, which will greatly increase the organic traffic to your Instagram page and will have a great effect on how you will rank on the explore and search pages.

If you want to know who will do this for you, check out our team page. Would you rather start increasing your following directly? Click here.


A short video about this topic on when to use or when NOT to use.


Be sure to check this if you know that it’s all about quality and would like yrcharisma to help you increase your following massively. I hope you learned from this post and if you would like to share some of your wisdom on this topic be sure to comment below.

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