Facebook is a digital entrepreneurs dream. For most people Facebook is utilized to check how relatives are doing or to see the latests cat meme video. However this platform gives you the power to: market your product, generate leads and create a community around your business. All of this is achieved in simplistic bliss. All brands or businesses have to do, is create a Facebook page, add content, and utilize Facebook Ads to drive traffic. Of the millions of people that surf the social media platform daily, many of them with common interests to your page will see your advertisements. A big contributor to growth on Facebook is money spent on ads. Millions upon billions are dumped into Facebook Ads from businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world. However, could this priority on advertisement and business on Facebook come to a screeching halt? Just below is an excerpt from Mark Zuckerberg talking about the future of Facebook for 2018.


One of our big focus areas for 2018 is making sure the time we all spend on Facebook is time well spent.We built…

Geplaatst door Mark Zuckerberg op donderdag 11 januari 2018

Breaking Down 2018

Once a social media platform geared towards creating connections and interactions. Facebook has evolved into an omnipotent digital marketing machine. This massive influx of advertisers and businesses over the years has taken some of the “social-ness” out of the platform. Thus causing many users to spend less time on it or simply use it less.

However, Facebook is in the business of big data. When they see irregular movements in data, for example, user session time decreasing or number of successful user logins. They strive to find the problem and fix it accordingly. That is exactly what is happening with this 2018 road map. Facebook is changing back to the old school platform so many people fell in love with. The focus will no longer be on ad placement and group promotion. Rather it will be oriented towards generating stimulating conversation and creating connections between users.

A major feature that will be altered in the coming year is the News Feed. The current News Feed shows images from the most popular pages or the most engaged content on the platform. This system deprives the platform of diversity. If certain content is constantly performing higher than others, then the content on the platform will become saturated with viral content. Many of us have already seen this occur on the platform. The News Feed will be changing to show post that create conversations and interactions.

How this will affect existing Facebook pages

With a limited amount of space on the news feed, Facebook will show more posts from friends and family. This movement away from advertisement prioritization will likely result in a decrease in traffic, engagement, leads and overall growth for businesses or brands using Facebook to market. This transition will greatly impact Facebook Marketers.

In recent years, one could simply through out a simple ad with some targeting an get clicks, leads or engagement. However, this transition is going to make it much more difficult to reach the same results. This is going to cause many new entrepreneurs to move away from the platform to other avenues. While the professionals and long time Facebook advertisers will be able to still produce decent results. This group will still see a negative impact on ad results due to the 2018 transition.

What does this mean for existing Facebook Pages? You will see a sharp decline in the number of Facebook pages and groups. Pages will have to either evolve or become extinct. The market place for generating revenue from Facebook is going to be very competitive. Only the strongest pages with the financial ability to spend higher premiums on CPC will last. Facebook is going to become a cut throat business world, many will have to find new avenues or strategies to become successful on the platform.

Interaction and discussion

With the coming update, interaction becomes even more critical than now. One of the metrics posts are going to be ranked by is ‘back-and-forth discussion’ created in the comment section. Another metric will be people sharing the post.  To create such content, a simple picture of a product with a simple description of the service offered is not enough. Just below Walmart has created a unique way to spark conversation and share-ability of the content they post.

The perfect engagement example

This is a perfect example of how simple it can be to get people discussing within your post. People love to give their opinion and debate it too. Combining this with a like/share poll will result in significantly higher engagement.

Another way, to create engagement opportunities, is to start using live videos. Show a part of your service, or some of your products in a live video and make sure the option to comment is turned on. This does not only give your customers a raw and unedited view of what they’re interested in, but it also raises the customer interaction.

See First in News Feed Preferences

An option Facebook offers, “See First in News Feed Preferences” is not used by many Facebook page owners. This option, enables content from certain pages to be pinned to the top of your the News Feed. With the coming update, this will be a feature you want to promote on your Facebook page, to ensure your loyal page followers won’t miss out on any of the content your page’s posts.

A more detailed analysis of the update:

Facebook Pages End of Days??

BREAKING NEWS: Facebook Zero? Is this the end of the Facebook News Feed for pages? with Michael Stelzner

Geplaatst door Social Media Examiner op donderdag 11 januari 2018

and a more detailed breakdown by CBC news:

The upcoming update will be sure to make a significant difference. Make sure to keep an eye out for future news on the update, and certainly make sure to update your marketing strategy in time. And of course, feel free to share your thoughts on this subject and this update in the comment section below.


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