If you have been watching the cryptocurrency markets recently, we have seen some serious volatility. With the crash of bitcoin down to the €9,000, now sitting at €11,700 as I write this article. The volatility of this market can bring great profits, but it can also bring great losses. In order to make educated investments with a higher probability winning, you need to combine fundamental research with technical analysis. Combining these two powerful fields of market analysis will undoubtedly create a more thorough and more efficient trader. Today, we are going to put this mentality into action! Just below we will be going over one of the hot crypto’s on the market today, Walton Coin. In this article we are going to dive deep into the information we can unearth about the company Waltoinchain. In addition, how their implementation of blockchain technology could benefit huge retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.


Waltonchain Project

The Waltonchain project is a company based out of China, formally named after the inventor of RFID technology, Charles Walton. Waltonchain looks to combine blockchain technology with RFID hardware. Their mission is to create a more efficient and ergonomic storage, tracking and distribution system. The Waltonchain project looks to implement this technology on a global stage to large scale manufacturers, distribution centers, retailers, and so much more.


What is RFID Technology?

RFID or Radio Frequency Identification has been evolving in the 21st century. To see how this technology has been integrating it’s way into society, let’s look at the hotel door lock. Originally starting with a key and lock method, requiring the user to initiate the locking mechanism with the turn of a key. Next, evolving into the magnetic strip key card, allowing users to swipe the card, in order to initiate the automatic unlock of the door. To present day, where key cards have RFID chips in them that allow the user to simply present the card within 5-6 cm of the lock to automatically unlock the door. As cost for hardware continues to decrease the implementation of RFID will continue to rise. We have seen RFID make it’s way into payment systems, tracking, storage and logistics.

in addition, the reason RFID is taking the place of magnetic systems is due to the fact that RFID does not need any physical contact. Thanks to the radio frequency that is utilized, their only needs to be a general distance in order to read the chip. We will see later why this factor plays a huge role.

Waltonchain RFID

Throughout their white paper, Waltonchain speaks of bringing RFID Blockchain technology to storage systems. Currently, most retailers or distribution centers manage their inventory with QR codes. This allows individuals or machines to scan a specific barcode and update the ledger in the computer system. Waltonchain is looking to drastically increase efficiency and security in this space with the introduction of their RFID chips.


Increasing Efficiency

With the implementation of Waltonchain RFID chips, items can be manipulated in the inventory system every time their is a delivery. No longer will humans or machines have to scan each QR code in order to manipulate inventory. Sensors can now be placed on the entrances and exits, so that when trucks arrives with a delivery or vice versa, items can be counted and logged.



Waltonchain will also be increasing the efficiency of the reordering system. The data that is collected from the chips of arrivals and departures of shipments can help manufacturers understand how their assets are moving. This data could then be manipulated by a software system that reorders the assets and is constantly being updated by the flow of inventory. This will reduce the risk of over or under ordering when it comes to inventory.

in addition, retailers that implement RFID into their products can understand the customers better. By collecting data on when an item is removed from the rack or taken to the dressing room. This will allow the retailer to analyze what items are receiving the most traffic. So that they can adjust their inventory accordingly. Thereby, increasing retailer’s sales by ordering items that the customers have the most interest in and cutting the ones that have the lowest performance.


Ergonomic Storage System

Not only will data be collected of arrivals and departures of shipments, but in addition data could be collected on overall storage facility operations. This data can then be utilized in order to make a more efficient and ergonomic system. For example, if the RFID chips where showing an increased amount of orders for a specific item that was in the back of warehouse. While another item that was closer to shipping was depreciating in sales. The facility operators could use this new found information to swap locations of the items in order to increase efficiency and decrease labor. This is just one basic example of the possibilities that could arise from data collection of storage operations.

Fixing Cyberattacks

Storage facilities may seem like a poor target for cyber attacks. However, the malicious manipulation of inventory, delivery and prices can bring a very healthy company to it’s knees. With the current system in place when a storage facility undergoes a cyber attack trying to patch the hole is extremely laborious and difficult. The software that was written to manage the storage system is typically a single copy. In order to fix the bug, the programmer must go through each line of code and try to correct the problem. This is made easier if there exists another accurate copy of the software program, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Waltonchain’s implementation of blockchain technology into this field will make use of the public ledger. Having this open source distributed ledger ensures that an accurate copy of the software program exists amongst different nodes. In addition, the Consensus Algorithm will ensure all copies are accurate and up to date. Thereby, diminishing the time it takes to find and fix a problem in code.


Waltonchain has already completed it’s alpha testing and has taken the constructive feedback they received in order to improve their product. In an updated road map, they should have the Gensis Block completed as well as all the Master Nodes completed by early 2018. Finally, Waltonchain continues to be jumping on different exchanges all over. This will only continue to drive up the price of the coin due to the new influx of buyers.


Technical Analysis

Waltonchain (WTC) is a small cap company with a current Market Cap of about €892 million with a circulating supply of coins around 25 million. The current price per coin is roughly €36.00 with a 52 week high near €43. It has seen serious growth looking at the overall price action. Throughout the last month we have seen 2 major break outs, the first from €10 to €36, then from €17 to €43. The growth and backing behind this coin has it running like mad. There have been no serious dips, even during the bitcoin crash a couple weeks ago, WTC was still one of the top performing coins. The volume, growth, and price action has this coin as a slam dunk when it comes to technical analysis.


Negative Aspects of Waltonchain

Waltonchain is a Chinese based company. This means that they are governed under China’s government and must adhere to their regulations. Due to China’s segregation from world at large many companies with great promise have failed due to government intervention. WTC is another victim of this type of circumstance. On Sept. 4th 2017 WTC was shut down during the banning of ICO’s and Cryptocurrencies in China, it wasn’t until Sept. 26th 2017 that the company was allowed to continue on with their work. Will China permit WTC to go global and continue to grow exponentially or will they disrupt the company with more cryptocurrency crackdowns? The truth is one will have to wait and see how China will react in the near future as Cryptocurrencies become more readily adopted.

Price. When it comes to investing in high priced stocks like this, the overhead needed for entry in order to get a sizable position can deter some investors. I personally have a higher winning percentage in stocks/cryptocurrencies that are under €10. This not only allows me to get a sizable entry position for drastically less. But also, smaller market cap cryptos have more volatility on average.

Consolidation. Due to WTC’s massive uptrend with little consolidation, the question has to be asked. “Where will this coin consolidate price wise?” No asset will uptrend forever, there has to be consolidation and breathing in the market. That means that currently WTC is going to consolidate soon. Whether this will be in the mid €40’s or low €20’s is anyone’s guess. But chasing a running stock is a bad behavior to learn.


This is in no way financial/investment advice, or a promotion to drive the price of the coin up. However, I do hold a stake in this company (roughly 100 coins). I want to show our community was fundamental and technical analysis looks like when they come to trading. Research is essential when it comes to being a successful trader. The more research you do, the higher your win rates will be. Take this article as an example of in depth research on a coin. Utilize this as a template in your future trading endeavors. For all those that are on cryptocurrency exchanges, I would definitely recommend to have WTC on your watch list for this entire year. There are going to be big movements for this coin, keep an eye on how it progresses over time.


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