The Power Of Instagram Analytics

One of the most powerful features on Instagram is the analytics tab. With the ability to see follower trends, impressions, reach, engagement and so on. The ability to consistently provide powerful content at peak times for maximum engagement is uncanny. Unlike many social platforms Instagram, absorbed by Facebook, understands that a large portion of their users are brands, companies and business alike. These business/brand accounts thrive off data collection and utilize it to build some of the best accounts possible. But one thing Instagram has yet to provide for it’s users is an Instagram Engagement Rate.

What is an Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram Engagement Rate is a powerful metric that tells you the percentage of followers that interact with a specific post. This metric can be used to value the worth of your Instagram Page, the effectiveness of your content, and the performance of the competition. With Engagement Rates across Instagram as a whole at an all new high, it is imperative that you come to understand how to calculate such a rate and that you strive to consistently increase it as your following grows.

Instagram Engagement Rate

How do I to Calculate My Engagement Rate?

There are two types of Instagram Engagement Rates that factor into the effectiveness of an account. Just below I have given a full description of what they are.

Types of Engagement Rates Per Post Average EngagementThis involves calculating your total engagement for a set of given post and dividing that number by the total number of post utilized. For example, if you had 10 post that had 785 likes and 46 comments then: 785 Likes + 46 Comments = 831 Engagement Acts 831 Engagement Acts / 10 post = 83.1 Avg, Engagement per Post This mean score is what the average post is expected to get in engagement (around 83 likes or comments). You can measure this data across given sets of post to see where there have been increases or decreases in engagement. Further more, understanding these trends gives you insight in what your followers respond the best to. This information allows you to consistently develop content that is high quality and engagement rich.

Engagement Rate Per Total Following: This method involves calculating your average per post engagements over a given time period and dividing that by your total following. For example, with an account that has a 1.2k following and over the last 10 post has an average engagement of 120, then: 120 Avg. Engagement / 1.2k following = 10% Engagement Rate Per Total Following Now this percentage is exceptionally powerful for getting an understanding of how well your competitors are doing. An effective way to see how the competition is performing, is to find their Engagement Rate Per Total Following on their top 10 post. This gives you current data to see just how well they are doing. Leveraging this percentage can give you insights as to what they are doing effectively or what they lack. Understanding their strong points or weak points can assist in bettering your own profile. Learn from their mistakes and take what they are already doing well and improve upon it.

What if I Don’t Have the Time?

If you don’t have the time or energy to expend on doing this for multiple accounts. There are tons of services that create user friendly dashboards that allows you to view multiple accounts with access to powerful analytics. Some of the top ones that we recommend are Crowdabble, Agorapulse, and SproutSocial. The pricing differs from company to company so find one that works well within your budget. If you want to do it the old fashion way and do the work yourself (I recommend doing this), creating an Excel Spread sheet is an easy & effective way to do this.

What is Good Instagram Engagement Rate?

How can you tell if your Instagram Engagement Rate is up to par? Well there is no definitive number but on average people see around .5%-1% engagement rate per total following. Now you may be asking yourself “If Instagram is the most highly engaged social media platform, then why are the average Instagram Engagement Rates so Low?”. This is due to an enormous amount of factors but they all boil down to most people are simply not checking your feed every second of the day. Think about it, just off the top of my head here are some examples:

  • They could be driving
  • At work
  • Responding to someones DM
  • Watching a Video
  • Creating a Post
  • Trapped under something heavy
  • Asleep (80% of Instagram is outside the US)
  • Trying to hit their workplace crush

The point is they could be doing anything else, other than looking to see what your latest post is. Instagram is used my hundreds of millions of people, spread out all across the globe. The amount of content upload every minute is astronomical. So the possibility of your post getting lost in users feed is highly likely. However, just from experience and my own personal research a good Instagram Engagement Rate percentage is anywhere around 5-10%. This means that your users are highly active and respond well with your content. However, it could also be due to your ability to post effectively. Utilizing all the data at your disposal,  post quality & engagement rich content at the peak times to maximize engagement. In addition, when you know how the Instagram Algorithm works you can leverage this sudden influx of engagement to boost your post to the explore page. Where it will continue to show up on people’s feeds and increase engagement.

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