Are Instagram Shoutouts a waste of money?

are instagram shoutouts a waste of moneyAre Instagram Shoutouts a waste of money? –  Hey everyone!To start off,  we’ve been studying Instagram Algorhytm for a while now and what a lot of people don’t know about is the Instagram Edgerank ..

Yes .. you’ve heard it right ..

Question of today:  Are Instagram Shoutouts a waste of money? 




Facebook, the leader of the social media world, was the first to introduce an algorithm with the introduction of EdgeRank back in 2009.

EdgeRank was The Social Network’s first effort at sorting user feeds by relevance and was developed in response to the influx of ‘low quality’ content which was infiltrating the platform  .. Promotions .. Clickbait articless .. you name it..

Now  .. next to Facebook edgerank .. also Instagram is ‘edgeranking’ .. If that’s even a word .. lol ..

Meaning that the Instagram algorhytm is in charge of what you see and what get’s priority in your timeline.

Now what does this have to do with shout outs you say? 

Well shout outs are considered promotional posts .. and we’ve just covered what the Algorhytm thinks of promotions .. 

Actually .. Instagram has been lowering engagement BIG TIME on promotional posts including shouts to other pages.. 

Meaning that it doesn’t take shout outs only to get maximum results on engagement.. (The unfortunate truth) 🙁  

So most of the time you buy 1 or 2 shout outs for a few hundred dollars .. the effect is minimized and you often come to the conclusion you’ve spend some dollars without getting anything in return. 

Ouch .. 🙁

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Now you’re probably thinking .. but what has this headline (+1000 Active, Engaging, Real Followers within 18 days (Instagram Algorhytm) to do with it? 

Problem solved!

Luckily we’ve found a solution .. 

What makes us differ from others within our niche is that we actually want to help our customers with more than shout outs alone. 

What we want to do: 

* Shout you out on a regular base (3 times a week) 
* Fully automate your Instagram account (Like, Follow, Unfollow, Comment, DM) on a Daily base .. 24/7, 365 

We’ve been split testing this with a few of our Loyal customers and have had amazing results so far! 

On average we gain about 1000 real followers in about 12 days .. 

NOTE: These are niche targeted, real, active, engaging followers ..

How do we know? 
We only target Instagram’s most active users .. People who are interested in your niche and have proven to be actively engaging every single day..

This is the one of the most trustworthy .. if not the most trustworthy way to buy shout outs, because you pay for an end result and not for the amount of shouts you get. 

So if you’re considering boosting your page bigtime..  These are our rates:  * Shoutouts until 500 real followers gained (5 days) = €75,- (Automation included) * Shoutouts until 1k real followers gained (10 days) = €75,- (Automation included) * Shoutouts until 5k real followers gained (50 days) = €297,- (Automation included)

To top it off, we have several vouches of clients who loved our service and are looking forward to boost your page aswell! 

Are Instagram Shoutouts a waste of money? 

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