The best ways to generate leads for your business in 2017

The best ways to generate leads for your business

The best ways to generate leads for your business in 2017

A lot of people have been asking me lately about the best ways to generate leads for your business.
So I went out, did my research, been testing out a few platforms for a week and this is what I got.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to find people who want your product or service, or to build a home based business. But before you start posting your business in forums and social media, let’s start by answering a few questions.




1.) Who is the most likely buyer of your produce/service or business plan?
What do you sell and who needs it? Do you sell fitness plans ? Who needs fitness plans ?
Remember, a guy who has a cat is not looking for a dog food.
All marketing for any business starts by identifying your target market.

2.) Where can your target market be found at?
This is the second question you have to ask yourself. Where does your target market hang out at ?
You need to aim for the source. The people standing near you or reading the newspaper may not want or need what you’ve got to offer. If you sell health and wellness products, talking to people in a gym or writing a guest post on a fitness blog are the better options. These are just the examples so you can fully understand the question and get the point.

3.) How can you entice your market to want to know more ?
You have to remember when talking to a customer it’s not just about you and your product.
It’s about them and how you or your product can help them get what they want. You can do this by learning about their problems and then providing a solution. The fact is most people don’t care about your company, product, etc. They care about finding a solution to their problem.

I want you to answer these 3 questions right now, identify your target market and think about where you can find them. Write it down if you have to. Make sure you do it and do it properly.

The best ways to generate leads for your business

1.) Generate leads using a personal website/blog.
Before you even start building a website, you will have to check for your company’s policies about websites.
If you can, aim to make your own because you want to separate yourself from your competitors.
If you’re not allowed to make a website directly talking about your business, make one covering a topic related to your business. For example, if you sell fitness plans/products, start a fitness blog. 
2.) Have a “Tell Me More” or “Opt-in” option.
Majority of the people who come to your website are not ready to buy what you have to offer right away.
Some of them, on the other side, might be ready to hear your pitch. Make sure to include a “Tell me more” or “Opt-in” form on your website, so people can either contact you or subsribe to your list. If you provide a good value in your follow-ups, give them a solution for their problems, they will buy from you.
3.) Use the power of social media.
First things first, this is not about throwing your affiliate links everywhere you possibly can and tweeting things like “join my team”. This just doesn’t work. Nowadays, by far the best social media platform you can leverage is by Instagram. Just check this picture out and you will get what I’m talking about. I have made an e-book explaining absolutely everything you need to know. By reading it, you will save hours of learning on the Internet and also prevent yourself from making mistakes I covered in this e-book.

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After you read this, you have to learn how to market on Instagram. Don’t worry. Yet again, I made an e-book so you can avoid more mistakes you would have made without reading it.

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Now, don’t just read through this blogpiece and close it.
Read the e-books I provided you with, and slowly but surely start applying. Remember, the key to success is MASSIVE ACTION !

The best ways to generate leads for your business

The best ways to generate leads for your business


Well, this would be just a half of the pie you can’t transform these people into actual leads and subscribers.
To be more specific, to capture these leads you will need a landing page and a sales funnel.

If you are new to marketing, you might be asking: “But Geraldo, what actually is a landing pages and a sales funnel?”
Let me clarify this and make thing clear for you.

A Landing page is a form where you enter your email in exchange for something which you get for free. This way you can collect actual email adresses and start to build your most important asset, the email list.

A Sales funnel is a simple sequence of pages that will convince people to buy your product or service you offer.

Yes… I know what you’re saying right now. You don’t know how to create these pages on the Internet because you have zero programming skills. Don’t worry, I don’t have them either, in fact, I might be even worse with technology then you are. The good news is ,you don’t have to be a programmer anymore to be able to create such things.

All you do need is a simple system in which you can simply customize a landing page by dragging and dropping few things while being hand helded through the entire process by a series of training videos.

If you don’t know such a program, don’t worry yet again. Check this link below that I’m using to generate hundreds of leads from all sorts of web pages every day.

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