Get more done | What would your future self think?

Get more doneYou’ve heard people say what’s your 10 year goal, you have to have a 5 year plan ect, I like to think and teach a different way to shape my actions to eventually Get more done. 

How would what I am doing right now affect the me of 5 years in the future? What would the future me think about my decisions?  When you start to think and evaluate your actions in this way, things can really start to change. Your short term goals multiply fast and turn into the epic life changing medium to long term goals that we all crave.
I use this theory in all areas of my health, wealth and business.
Is what I am learning and my personal development program helping with where I want myself to be in 5 years time? Is it making my coaching flow better? Am I studying new, more in depth principles that my future self will be able to enlighten clients with and communicate my message better?

Are the resources I spend my money on of good use to me not just now but in the future am I gaining anything from them? I spent years just buying things because I thought I wanted them in that moment, think a little deeper and you’ll find you waste a great deal less money.

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Is it better in the current economic climate to invest money or to put money in a savings account, and would the future me be pissed at me or happy with the decision that I make?
You get the picture right – without sounding to crazy I like to think of having the future me on my shoulder and before making any rash decisions I just check in with how it will have an effect.
If you tie this way of thinking in with your short and long term goals, the amount of meaningful action you take will increase massively, long term goals can seem too far away to realistically see for most people and some don’t yet know what they want in 5 or 10 years from now. So using this method of tying in short term goal setting with how all of your actions will affect your future self can help to bring more clarity and you can build on your long term vision from there. As long as you have a topic of interest that you feel passionate about and take positive action towards being the best at it you can be every single day, we can sort out the rest of the pieces along the way to eventually get more done.

If you’re ready to fulfil your potential and create the lifestyle you dream of get in touch…. Your future self will thank you for it.
Thanks as always for reading, if you have any comments or questions let me know on here or on social media. #Teamtakeover #Get more done lets go.

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