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So now you know the basics. You know what pictures to post, how to connect with your audience and how to automate your activity.There’s only 1 thing that still escapes you –The explore page. It’s like the front page of Instagram. In my opinion,getting your picture there gets you, by far the most real, active followers within a short amount of time. It’swhere the best content of the community goes. The most popular and trending video’s and pictures are seen here. It goes without saying that getting your content up here will benefit your page in more ways than one. The reach your page will get is huge! “Formerly, you could hit the popular page with a certain type of image that got the right levels of engagement over the course of a certain timeframe,” writes Instagram expert Aaron Blevins.

“But Instagram’s seemingly figured out the reposting trick,” he continues. “And the popular page doesn’t act like it used to. It’s now more of an “explore” page that shows you photos it thinks you’d want to see from the pools of people you engage with the most and the photos they post or engage with.”

So how does it work? How can you improve the chances of getting seen and featured on the explore page? How can you ensure your brand’s content winds up being shared with Instagram’s wider audience, as opposed to your small circle of followers?

Just what is it that makes Instagram decide something is ‘popular’? To be honest, we’ve been doing research for quite a long time and failed many, many times. After trying many different methods, we finally found a few things that really work and got our page up there more than 1 time which made it go viral. For you to do the same, we’ve listed some of the tricks used below. Read along and if you want the full E-book –> It’s free! | Instagram Mastery 2.0 | Reach explore page.

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How to get your brand featured on Instagram’s explore page

  1. Post what’s already going Viral

Of course, tricks and shortcuts aside, the best way to get your images onto

Instagram’s Search & Explore is to just post pictures that already go viral. Figure out what it is your target market enjoys – what sort of images do they typically love seeing? Focus on providing them with those types of photos. Watch your competitor’s photo’s and videos. See what went viral for them and try it on your own. By knowing what content your community is sharing and which of your posts create the most engagement, you can begin to predict and replicate the success of your posts. Each of your posts should match the themes that your community shares with while still following the patterns you identified which create the most engagement. It’s difficult to be featured on the Explore Tab without good content to be featured. Along with the photo itself, include thoughtful captions with targeted hashtags to these posts to help spread their reach.

Bonus: Check your explore page regularly to see what’s trending. Post this. Instagram is more likely to let your post make the explore page when it’s already

trending in the explore page.

  1. Get likes from big accounts within the first 30 minutes

This is one of the most, if not the most important factor in reaching the explore page.

This is the reason I’ve finally been able to reach the explore page multiple times within a short amount of time. and.. This is what happened.

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When your followers like a post you’ve shared it’s now possible for that post to be seen in their follower’s Explore Tab. This creates an environment for increased relevancy in the content discovery process giving you the best (if not only) way to gain viral reach with the content you’re sharing on Instagram. That being said it’s important for you to know how to get these likes of gold from bigger accounts. Well, the easiest way is to join like bomb groups with big accounts to help improve your chances of going viral. Network and talk to everyone asking if they have a group for you to join, or know someone who does. Enjoying? –> It’s free! | Instagram Mastery 2.0 | Reach explore page.


  1. Engage the right people

Understanding who your community is and what they like will help you with the next step of interacting with your community. One of the most important factors Instagram looks at to determine relevancy are the interactions that link different Instagrammers. Like and comment on your community’s posts to build a common bridge between you and establish the relevancy of your content to be discovered by their followers.



  1. Trial and error

It’s hard to execute these steps flawless the first time. It takes practice and the regular right actions to be featured in the Explore Tab. Constantly measure your efforts to know what’s working with your posting and interacting. Rinse and repeat each of these steps to gain more followers on Instagram. Also talk to targeted influencers within your niche. Just ask them. What worked for them and they might give you some extra tips that’ll benefit you.

Now .. open your Instagram app. Get your ass over to the explore page section. Choose a picture within your niche that’s already going viral. Repost it. Share it with at least ten engagement groups and a like bomb group. Sit back and start gaining!

Thanks for reading, hope it helped and if you truly want to know everything about Instagram’s algorhytm and how to triple your chances on reaching explore page, click the link to get your free PDF –> It’s free! | Instagram Mastery 2.0 | Reach explore page.

A proven step-by-step system that will help you monetize your audience. Click here to take a look at our strategy…


By the way, before you go I also strongly recommend you to check out the following video.  I will explain how to get on the explore page and how to get more likes on instagram.

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