How to do a Morning Ritual How to do a Morning Ritual (Stefan Pylarinos) –

How would you like to achieve even more everyday?

What if you could be even MORE productive, happy and energetic on a daily basis?

There is a way… and successful people have been utilizing it for centuries.

It’s called developing a morning ritual.

Creating your own morning ritual is one of the most powerful things you can do to transform your life. Interested? Want to know how to do a Morning Ritual ? Read along.. If you’re not to much of a reader, scroll down and Watch the youtube video in which my coach and mentor Stefan Pylarinos breaks down his morning ritual step by step.

How to do a Morning Ritual

  1. Smile

  2. After this take 30 strong breaths in and out and think of 3 things(which of 2 really small, think of your heartbeat or your hands), another 30 strong breaths in and out and think of 3 things you want to achieve today, this week, this month.

  1. Drink water right after you wake up before eating.

  2. Rebounding, move your body. Jump around, take a walk, do something that activates your energies.

  3. Incantations : I Geraldo Alken will work as hard as I can and get the most out of life and while doing it inspiring others in the process!

  4. Speak out your values out loud, also do this for believes/rules for yourself

For example – I eat to fuel my body, not to satisfy an appetite

Nothing taste as good as being healthy and fit feels!

I take massive action towards my goals every day!

Every cell of my body vibrates with energy and health!

I control how I feel, I can change how I feel in an instant!

I’m at peace with all that has happened, is happening and will happen!

Everything happens for a reason and a purpose and it serves me!

I make positive healthy choices everyday!

Today’s a winning day for me!

If I’m committed enough there’s always a way!

Today is a winning day for me!

I am an amazing friend!

Everything I touch is an success!

I act promptly and decisively!

I can achieve anything that I put my mind to!

I will improve 1 percent each day and give myself pleasure for tiny progress!

how to do a morning ritual

Master the Morning Ritual 

  1. When you’re repeating things like this for like 30 days you’ll start to believe it. You’re conditioning your mind to be more positive, strong and productive throughout the days. Be proactive with your believes and say this is what I wanna believe, this is what I stand for. Whatever state that is missing in your life, try to experience them every day. Condition them in your life.

  2. Create a vision board and read them through. Because whatever you focus on, is what you’re gonna get, whatever you focus
     on is what your moving towards. What do you want to achieve in life, what is your purpose, what is important to you, why do you wake up every day.. for example.

I want to live life to the fullest and do everything how I want it to.

I want to be a leader that continuously impacts peoples lifes by sharing a vision with passion, purpose, commitment, determination, creativity, compassion and commitment.

I constantly improve the quality of peoples life’s with my projects, my blog, my youtube channel, instagram channel and my products and services.

I’m a successful blogger.

I’m a successful internet marketer.

I’m a worldclass speaker and coach.

I’m a multi millionaire with financial freedom living my life on my terms.

I’m healthy,muscular, lean and fit.

I’m emotionally happy and everyday I’m focused on growing and learning.

I never settle for anything less than I can be, do, get, create or give.

By anderand to become more of myself I’m setting a strong example to what’s possible for others.

  1. Run through your goals and reflect on your goals you’ve achieved yesterday, last week and last month. What am I proud of?

Im proud of my lookshow-to-do-a-morning-ritual-3

Im proud of my determination

Im proud of my brain, my insights, my talent to inspire people

Im proud of my style

Im proud of my .. whatever. 

  1. What am I grateful for?

  2. What am I excited about?

  3. What am I passionate about?

  4. Feed your mind! Feed your mind with whatever it is you want.

  5. Reach the peak state, Jumping up and down, putting on some music, pumping yourself into a peak state and do the most important thing of the day FIRST while in this state. After this reward yourself, pat yourself on the back or do something that makes you happy. Because rewards make sure you do it again.

  6. Plan out your day in a journal.

  7. Use a timer when you focus on that one important thing and put away all distractions.


A Morning ritual works! Don’t do everything everyday, because it might get bored. Just do some of the aspects. Start with something small. Start with a 15 minute ritual and just implement it in your life. Do something. The bottom line is that you’re worth it. Remember fulfillment is more important than success. You’re already more successful than most people on this planet. Take or make the time for yourself to experience this. Give yourself this gift. When you take care of you, everything else is going to be transformed. If you want things to change, you’ve got to change. And when doing this ritual. You’ll be at your best and it will enrich your life for the better.

Watch the the video below! 



Are you serious about mastering the Morning ritual and taking your life to the next stage?

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