The most effective way to use Instagress in 2017

The most effective way to use InstagressThe most effective way to use Instagress in 2017 –  After our Instagram Mastery E-book release, we received a few questions regarding the use of Instagress and the proper, most safest/effective way to use it. After using it for 8 months in a row and getting over 50000 followers within this period it’s safe to say we know most ins- and outs and we’re glad to share them with you!

If you’re not familiar with Instagress, here’s a small introduction.

Why Instagress?

We often see accounts grow by hundreds of followers a day, but when you dive into their accounts, you notice they’re all fake accounts. This is NOT what we want because the power of marketing is to have an active follower base that actually responds to your content. The best way to reach these followers is by actually engaging with their pictures. Luckily for us, we can also automate this, and you’ll actually be engaging and creating a following while asleep!

How? By using Instagress!

Their main goal was to create an user-friendly Instagram automation tool that mimics one’s natural behavior. In fact, many Instagress users say that they’re able to make connections with new followers who they would actually follow if they were using Instagram manually. That’s the power of Instagress. It’s like creating a small robot clone of yourself with the same interests and style, and then letting it work for you on Instagram. Some people just turn on Instagress while they’re sleeping, and love waking up to see all their new followers, likes and comments on their Instagram account. Of course, others choose to run Instagress nearly 24/7, just like a specially dedicated team of interns. That’s the beauty of Instagress—it’s all in your control.

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The best thing about it — real Instagram followers. There are tons of competitors that allow you to buy followers, but they’re usually fake accounts. With Instagress, you’re connecting with real people.

Now you know a little bit more about Instagress, let’s talk about the proper way to use it. In the end we’ll also tell you how we used it to get our brand’s name out there.

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The most effective way to use Instagress

How to start using Instagress

Of course instagram doesn’t like automation programs as much as we do, because they often cause spam when not properly used. That’s why before using Instagress it’s very important to do some research and make sure you don’t get carried away by all the amazing features it has to offer. Luckily for you, Instagress itself already did this for you!

To start off, add your account and go to the settings section. From here on you’ll have a variety of options. Do not start using Instagress until you have an account with a profile picture, bio, and at least 15 posted photos and/or videos. In other words, it’s important that your Instagram account doesn’t look fake or spammy. We strongly advisThe most effective way to use Instagresse you to start with likes only for the first week. Also use the quick start guide. It will give you certain guidelines about adjusting your settings when your new to Instagress.

After you’ve done this, scroll down and set the activity speed option to slow. How tempting as it may be… keep it at a slow speed for your initial startup phase (around two weeks should be enough). This to ensure Instagram won’t flag your account as a spam account for suddenly performing fast activity. 

How to continue using Instagress after two weeks

After getting used to the system and more importantly Instagram got used to your account as being an active user, you can turn up your speed to normal and add a variety of actions to your account. Because of safety reasons we never exceeded the ‘normal speed’ phrase, so I wouldn’t recommend doing so. In my opinion, the normal phrase is fast enough when used with the right actions and tags.The most effective way to use Instagress

Now a lot of people asked us : ‘How do we get the best results?’

Well to be honest this is different for everyone. First of all it’s important to figure out what you want to achieve. Do you want more followers? Do you want more engagement with your followers or likers? Do you want to automate your activity in an engagement group or like bomb group you’re part off? (If you don’t know what these are I’d strongly recommend you to download our free Instagram Mastery PDF, becauseyour missing out BIG time).

Once you’ve figured this out, it’ll be a lot easier for you to adjust the settings to your preference and get the most out of the program.

To help you we’ll give you an example of a setting we used to get more and more followers to our page.

Step 1 – Turn on all your actions

Let’s be straight. More actions meaninstagress-image-2s more exposure, which means more engagement. So to start off, lets just use them all! From now on, your account will be liking, commenting, following and unfollowing people while you’re asleep!



Step 2 – Focus to tags

Set your primary focus on tags. Find tags within your niche and add them to your tag inventory to engage with people that share the same interests. This will increase the likeliness they’ll eventually engage with your pict
ures or in the best scenario follow you.instagress-image-3

Step 3 – Set your filters

This might seem a bit confusing at first, but when you take a good look it’s pretty straight forward. We recommend you to set the media age filter to newest. This way you’ll react on the newest posts within the selected tags(More about tag selection below). Interacting with recently posted media looks most like normal human behaviour.

Furthermore we recommend to put your max like filter to 200 and max comment filter to 20. When exceeding these numbers the chance you’ll get a response is very low and the higher the numbers the lower it gets. This is alsowhy we recommend you to use the maximum follower filter to 10000. Bigger accounts get used to getting engagement and more comments on their posts. This is why there’s a smaller chance of them getting back at you when commenting and liking their pictures. This is why you should focus your engagement on the more smaller accounts at first.instagress-image-4

Next off is the ‘user relation filter’. This is a very profitable filter as it give
s you the possibility to engage only with people you don’t follow or who don’t follow you. If your goal is to find new followers make sure it’s set on ‘both’.

Step 4 – Set your commentsinstagress-image-5

First of all make sure to check the ‘Don’t comment same users’ box. This way you’ll minimize the chance of accounts reporting you for spam. Second make sure to have a big variety of engaging comments. Try not to be too specific.. I mean what’s more horrible than responding ‘ great picture!’ to a video. This is the reasons the comment tool is one of the most dangerous tools within Instagress. Use it wisely and be creative.

Step 5 – Create a follow/ unfollow cycle

Within Instagress this is one of the most profitable features. This is because this feature follows, and unfollows people for you.. on autopilot! How many you people want to follow before you start unfollowing them is up to you. Personally I like to keep my page and followings clean, this is why i’ve reduced the cycle to 30. Meaning after following 30 people it will automatically change to unfollowing the first of the 30 people it followed. instagress-image-6Make sure the unfollow source is set to Instagress. This way you make sure you don’t unfollow people who you manually followed and deserve to be in your feed. Also make sure to mark the ‘Don’t follow same users’ button. This will keep you from auto- following a same user again after unfollowing them within the cycle.

Step 6 – Setting your tags

Choosing tags to perform activity on needs a fair amount of research and consideration. In general, you want to be performing activity of tags that are popular, but not so popular that they are targeted by spammers who post inappropriate or adult content. Look at other steadily growing accounts, find what hashtags they are using and search them within the instagram app. If you want to learn more about tag orientation download our free Instagram Mastery e-Book. It will guide you through the process and provides you with a step by step walkthrough about choosing the right tags.

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Tips & Tricks

Enable notifications from Instagram

Ensure you’re using a current email with Instagram so you’ll get email notifications onyour account status. If you’re unsure about which email you used to sign up for Instagram, you can check this information on the Instagram website or directly in the Instagram app by clicking Edit Profile.

Scheduling your Activity

Use the Schedule to randomize your activity. We recommend that you start out scheduling up to 6 hours a day of activity, which you can gradually increase over time. Be sure to randomize the times each day so your Instagress activity looks natural. Be careful when using Comments Use a variety of creative and short comments. Aim for 4-5 words maximum. You can also add emojis. Make sure you use more than 10 comments. Using less than 10 comments is very risky. Don’t be spammy with your comments. Do not include any URLs or phrases like “check my profile” or any other advertising information. You can put this type of information in your Instagram profile bio. Note: If you’re using really spammy comments, your Instagram account could be blocked by Instagram.

Important use warning

Do not use Instagram on any of your devices while Instagress is running. Do not use other Instagram automation services while your Activity is running on Instagress. This can cause your account to be temporarily or permanently blocked. Learn more about creating natural engagement in our next chapter!


Thanks for reading and if you haven’t already..  Download our E-book for all the Ins- and Outs about Instagram Growth!

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