How to gain confidence and self esteem

How to gain confidence and self esteem Boost your confidence with these 7 Tips – Everybody wants self-confidence.. but sometimes even the most confident people second guess themselves. In this article you will learn how to boost your confidence so you can ‘’save’’ yourself within this society. Read along and discover how to gain confidence and self esteem.

What is self-confidence

The fundamental of confidence lies in your self-esteem. Do you think positive about yourself? Do you often wonder how other people see you? What do you think about your abilities and talents? Ask yourself these questions and you’ll learn more about your self- esteem. But the most important question is: Is my self- esteem high or low and how can managing this help me boost my confidence?

But before I’m going to give you the tips and tricks, it’s important to know that confidence isn’t always defined by intelligence or talents. It doesn’t matter how successful you are.. Everybody is insecure sometimes. That’s human.

For example: You’re a professional tennisplayer, but you feel uncomfortable when it comes to talking to a stranger in the mall.

Self-confidence where does it come from?

Some say it’s in your DNA others say it is the way you grew up.  I personally think it’s a little bit of both. Maybe your parents taught you (unintentional) to think more negative about yourself or maybe the other way around. 

The answer to this question isn’t that important. The question that’s important is how to boost your confidence?

Self-confidence is like a muscle. If you treat it well and do the right exercises it will grow!

Important to know is that you don’t need drugs or alcohol to gain confidence. It might be nice when you’re at a party,  but in my eyes addiction brings more cons than pros. If you’re already at this stage you’ve got 2 problems: 1. You still need to gain self-confidence without the drugs/alcohol and 2. You need to get rid of your addiction.

The advantage of self-confidence

First things first .. when you don’t have self-confidence, the chance that you will grow and achieve success in life is a lot smaller than if you do have confidence. 

The advantage of being self confident

  • Better self- reflection. Mastering this allows you to depend less on what other people think about you. The better you are, the more you’ll automatically suppress the feeling of having to prove yourself to others.
  • People around you love you more. If you got confidence, you reflect this to the world. It’s seen as a talent. When people recognize it, they are more likely to like you and be interested in you. It’s even better for your relationships.
  • Remember ever being very secure and confident? If you do.. you know that being confident is the key to getting tasks done more easily. You’re more likely to accept certain challenges and solve more difficult problems. 

The 7 tips to boost your confidence

Now you know the advantages of self-confidence and what it can do for you.

In advance we provide you with 7 tips to boost your confidence and give you the opportunity to enjoy life even more! I personally use these tips when I’m feeling down and they’ve worked! Hope they’ll work for you too!

1. Accept the inner voice

Sometimes the voice from within your head gives you that little push you need when you want something. Other times it lets you think about your fears and comfort zone you don’t want to leave. Key point: The inner voice can help you all the way up but can also pull you down.

When your inner voice is ‘bullying’ you, it can make your self-confidence disappear like grass in the wind. When you notice this,  it’s time to cut the crap and have a nice little conversation with yourself.

  • Accept the fact the voice is there and instead of fighting with it, use its power to convince yourself you can do it. You cannot ‘’ignore’’ the voice because it will talk anyway. Sometimes it’s better to listen, because it will save you some unpleasant moments. Just like the confidence itself… You need to balance it.
  • Train the voice. Be and think positive repeatedly and the voice will be positive.  If you get an assignment and your first thought is ‘I can’t do this’, change the thought ASAP. Ask yourself more structured positive questions like: ‘’What must I do to achieve this?’’ or ‘’How can I enjoy this so I can get this thing done!’’

2. Lower the challenge barrier

Being a perfectionist has it’s upsides just as it definitely has it’s downsides.. especially in combination with a low self-esteem. Best thing to do is to get to know yourself. Make sure the task is challenging, but also make sure it’s within your  area of expertise. 

3. Remind yourself how awesome you are

Try to remind yourself how awesome you are and be grateful. Appreciate yourself of who you are. If you walk around in a park. Enjoy the little things… Look around and search for little things that make you happy. Be grateful for your health, be grateful for your food, be grateful for anything and tell yourself every morning when you wake up.

4. Stay loyal to yourself

If you want to lower your self-esteem DON’T stay loyal to yourself. If you want to gain confidence stay loyal. I mean if you promise yourself to do something, then do it and don’t lie to yourself.

If you know a task will be too hard for you, find help and then accomplish you goal.

When you write down a goal , it’s powerful. When you share your goal with other people, it will be even more powerful, says Robert B. Cialdini. 

5. Challenge yourself

It doesn’t matter what it is. Small or big. Overcoming challenges gives you confidence. Even a small little puzzle can work wonders. There is always a small problem(challenge) you can solve. If you start to solve your smaller problems, you’ll gain energy. The more small problems you solve, the more energy you get in return. This energy can then be used for overcoming bigger obstacles. Just try it and see for yourself.  

Key Point: When you solve a problem or win a game it gives you confidence. Even the smallest wins will help you in your journey to gain confidence.

6.  Turn motivation into habits

Turn motivation into habits to achieve your goals. Just do it. Wake up 5 minutes earlier. Eat healthier. Make little adjustments step by step and you will get closer to your goal very single day. Try new things to get to know yourself better and most importantly.. If you have a plan you need to take an action!

Don’t be the thinker type.. the ‘1000 idea’s but never do something type’. Rather have 1 bad idea and execute it than have 10 good idea’s and do nothing at all. 

7. Learn from your mistakes

Every time you make a mistake, accept it. Life is all about ups and downs. The thing is, you need to be strong when something goes wrong.  Every time you make a mistake, you learn something new. The next time you won’t make the same mistake again which feels absolutely great! 

Same goes for challenges .. Whenever encountered with a challenge. Take it like a kid would.. with fun and curiosity. If it doesn’t work the first time, it will definitely work the second time. 

That’s that .. I strongly recommend you to check out the following Step -by- step video tutorial made by – How to be more confident

Let me know about your experiences. Tell us about a moment you felt great, took a challenge and nailed it!


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Good luck and Enjoy! 


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