How do I make Money giving away a free e-book

Make Money giving away a free E-book –

Hey there,make Money giving away a free e-book

My friend and business owner of Audemarstone Jewelries asked me question about how I make money while giving away our free Instagram Mastery E-book. This is why I’ve decided to write a short blog piece about it so not only my friend, but also you guys can benefit from it. Read below to learn more about  how I make Money giving away a free e-book

First of all, it’s all about creating a list of subscribers. The reason I give away a free E-book within the Niche of Instagram is, because I want to generate an e-mail list filled with people whose interests are similar to mine. This way I can build a network of likeminded people, build a bond with them and ultimately offer my products to them.

Next to this it isn’t only about offering your products to your list. In my opinion it’s about value, bonding and commitment. It’s a way to communicate with your audience. Knowing this, not every e-mail I send is about my products. Like 80 % is free value and the other 20 percent is about products I ought to be beneficial for them. If you’re a member of one of our lists you’ll know the base strategy I use is engaging with my e- mail list.

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Why you think?

Once again, it’s all about bonding and delivering the right value to our subscribers. This is why I often ask what kind of value our subscribers want and how we could benefit them even more.. I mean .. what better way to deliver the right value than popping up In their e-mail box with value they requested by responding to an earlier mail you send?

Key point: The value is in the list. The more value you give them, the more value you’ll receive, the bigger your list gets, the more money you’ll eventually make.

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