Tips and tricks for writing your first kindle book

tips and tricks for writing your first kindle bookTips and tricks for writing your first kindle book – One of the best ways to make money online today is selling Kindle books, something you could hear about everywhere and now we are giving you a close insight, useful advice, tips and tricks for writing your first kindle book. The whole procedure might seem simple – write and publish. However, it is far away from easy to become successful. You need a strategy that will take you directly to the top with your eBook.

If your dream was to become a writer and you weren’t in a proper environment or the timing always seemed wrong, it is time to stop asking for excuses and create your own book that you could also profit from by selling it! Is there anything better than doing something you love and get money for at the same time? Probably not.


Tips and tricks for writing your first kindle book

  1. Create a scheme of content. Do not let it become the never-ending story. If it’s fiction, specify how many chapters there will be and what each chapter will contain. Be clear about the final chapter especially. In case of non-fiction, list the topics you want to try and avoid covering everything. It is impossible to tell everything you know in a single book.


  1. After choosing the theme and the “roles” you’re going to play, do not leave anything out. The reader has to have the feeling that he/she has bought a closed package, which does not close the door to possible continuations in fiction or expansion of specific points in nonfiction.


  1. Spend a fixed time every day to your eBook, at least five days a week. Write  a paragraph or a sentence, but write. Discipline is the best way to reach the goal.


  1. Listen to the ideas of others, but do not let that influence your book completely. Only you know what you want to include in it.


  1. Write first, edit later. Ideas are fragile and if you dedicate yourself to correct mistakes as you type, you’ll lose that “trance” every writer experiences.


  1. Always bring your notebook or download a notebook app. You never know where you’ll find inspiration.


  1. Pay attention to the ideas you get in the shower or at night. It’s funny and strange but you may get the best ideas a few minutes away from falling asleep.


  1. Take your time to write each day without any distractions and stay completely focused on your eBook. Put the phone on silent, disconnect from social networks and ask everyone not to interrupt you.



Tips and tricks for writing your first kindle book


Correction tricks


  1. Copy your original file and save it in a safe place. Use the copy for spelling and grammatical corrections in addition to modifications.


  1. Make at least two readings of your eBook and make the necessary changes. You may have missed some parts in the first revision, make sure you correct it in the second or third.


  1. Search and replace the numbers corresponding figures for their words when writing fiction.


  1. Search and replace the double dots “..” for the single point “.”.



The cover

It is important to know that the cover is very important when publishing your book. If it’s interesting and compelling, it will attract the buyers. If not, your book will not be as successful as you might have planned. For this reason, if you do not have graphic design skills, you should hire a professional. There are multiple ways to hire one, such as finding him/her on the Freelance websites.


eBook distribution

Being conscious of all the effort you’ve put into your eBook and wanting to profit from it is understandable. However, since this is your first book in Kindle, you should first build a good reputation and then sell your next books for a higher price. You should even sell it for the lowest price possible or free on certain days by using the benefits of Kindle KDP Select program until everyone hears about it.

Select the categories that people will be checking frequently and add your book.

When choosing the right price for your eBook, use this trick:

Amazon does not allow you to put your eBook free if you are not in the KDP Select program we’ve mentioned before. However, it will match any offer you see in other libraries so you can put your free eBook in iBooks that Amazon will put the same price.34rtg


Promotion and marketing

  1. The cheapest marketing you can get is through advance sales. All bookings made during that time counted as sales on launch day, catapulting your eBook to the bestseller lists.


  1. Do not pay for advertising, but if you do, choose a social network where your audience is. The most profitable is usually Facebook. You can notify all your friends, family, and relatives about the launch and promotion.


  1. Create possibilities for people to buy your book for a lower price if they do it in the following hour or day from the moment you post an advertisement.


  1. There are many other marketing tactics for freelance editorial writers you can use to promote your eBook.


  1. There are no magic eBooks to promote solutions. Distrusts who promise much for “little” money. Many pirates out there loose.


  1. To write and publish an eBook on Kindle does not mean that everything should be digital. Host a physical presentation of your book, where you can meet other people who are interested in your topic and give them cards, discounts, signatures your book covers, etc.

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The most important of all, enjoy walking along the path! Many times we are stubbornly achieve our goals and we forget that the road is also the reward. The more relaxed you are about the whole eBook idea, you will be more creative and won’t feel any pressure to create something good, which will make you create something amazing! Kindle is waiting for you, what are you waiting for?

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